Stabbed brutally though the heart, as the screams came upon, in a commonplace—

Memories recalled himself, trudging back to his estate, before appearing the next morning in a better mood.

Changing his clothes, and using a scarf to cover the bite marks on his neck. Heading downstairs wasn expected to see Richard Valet, Duke he was titled with, more like inherited…speaking in terms.

”Angelous. ” Richard spoke, ”Is there something the matter? ”

Angelous personally knew Richard, despite his posh appearance and proper tone, he was a rather observant stickler—who didn take anyone lying to him lightly.

”Hmm. ” Angelous replied, ”Sleepy, but thats rather all. ”

Angelous entered the drawing room, and sat down, sipping ”tea ” more than anything else.

”The girl my family promised upon me arrived. ” Richard explained, ”Shes the daughter of the Lord Chancellor, Delilah Armagh. ”

Angelous coughed heavily, dropping the cup as it shattered into rather larger pieces. Angelous using his hands grabbed the shards and placed them inside the handkerchief.

”Angelous. ” Richard spoke, ”Why didn you allow a servant to do that? ”

”Oh. ” Angelous remarked, ”I merely didn think about it. ”

A maid came in, taking away the handkerchief. Richard raised a brow, ”Why were you so rather shocked by my speech there? ”

How could one describe the girl he has to marry as a rather strange thing in general, shes not only a sex addict, shes not a virgin—and even worse all of all, shes a vampire.

”Ah, bullocks. I hate to break it to yourself mate but she

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