Angelouss second brother, Angora, was rather a a cunning and bitter man—sucked in the depths of wallowing, as his beloved fiancée, Charnel De Tube, was killed by the ridden illness, brain fever.

Angora seemed to be tugging about as he entered the study.

”Angelous. ” Angora spoke, ”You haven replied to any of the telegrams or written letters placed upon you by mother, shes been worried sick. ”

Angelous with his messy hair, wearing his sleeping garments, ”What is it again? ”

Angora fussily became more short-tempered, The Butler interjected, ”Second lord, My lord has been only sleeping during the days—hence he isn awakened much like yourself and this lowly self. ”

Angora stopped pacing, ”What do you mean by that? ”

”My lord usually attends many balls, hence his sleep isn rather important considering his status here. ” The Butler explained, ”Let alone even without attending a ball. ”

Angora left the study, and Angelous headed back to his inner chambers, before sleeping again.

Later in the afternoon, the pacing of heavier footsteps can be heard, ”Your Grace, My lord is currently sleeping right now—it would be best to come back another time. ”

Richard, as he always did—hasn listened to Butlers recommendation. Instead headed upstairs, to Angelouss inner chambers, upon entering inside.

Richard sat on Angelous side, feeling his forehead, ”Hes burning up. ”

Angelous opened his eyes, ”What are you doing here? ”

”Here, where else would I be? Youve been sleeping into the clear afternoon, I saw your younger brother gambling away his money—like a reckless lower class. ” Richard commented, ”Clearly I understand now, you
e clearly with a fever. ”

A fever? Did he let his body heat slip higher? No, there isn a fever, but rather it seems a bigger misunderstanding—let alone Angora gambling, his terrible habit—it will end him one of these days.

”Richard, Im not ill, if thats what your thinking. ” Angelous explained, ”Thats merely my body heat being a bit higher than others. If I were sick, I wouldn have allowed anyone into the estate. ”

”Fetch a cloth with some cold water as well. ” Richard ordered, ”Now. ”

Angelous felt a slightly cold cloth upon his head, ”Im supposed to be attending a dining with the Earl of Kent, this evening, suppose Ill have to cancel then. ”

”Yes, you do. ” Richard remarked, ”Also the Earl of Kent? That fat pig, hes rather an unclean person—don aspirate yourself to him in the future. ”

”I assumed as much. ” Angelous replied, ”You are rather overprotective of me, despite myself being elder than you. ”

”Elder? You are? I can believe such a thing. ” Richard commented, ”But regardless, youd still be young in my mind. ”

”Suppose I assumed so, ” Angelous remarked.

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