Western Square is a rather cluttered place, full of people of wealthy, high borns, a place to through a ball, have a nice lunch, or possibly hear about gossip, the most infamous gossiper is a writer by the name of Mrs.H.

No one wouldve ever suspected her to be the landlady owning the apartment building in Eastern Square. In this particular instance, a womens word can be rather deadly much less gentle, and fortnight as well.

”Delilah, isn that Lord Angelous? ” Mimi inquired, ”Isn he Duke Valets best friend? Are you knowing him? ”

”Lord Angelous? Is he important? ” Delilah spoke, ”I haven heard much of him. ”

”He famous for only attending Balls he finds refined, if he doesn go to a ball, it means—your nothing but a tosser. ” Mimi explained, ”Duke Valet always attends as good friends with him, you needn worry too much about it. ”

Gossiping lassys and bitter woes, a typical lunching at Western Square, especially for Angelous, who much was in a rather forbearing pickle right now?

”Are you going to come as my best man? ” Richard inquired, ”Or not? ”

e still marrying her, regardless of how she is. Also, you
e not even in love with her, why would you marry her? ” Angelous commented, ”Perfectly amount of trouble as it is. ”

”Angelous. Why does it seem to me, you don like her? ” Richard inquired.

”Like her? God made, your blind a hell. ” Angelous spoke, ”Do you have any idea how men were just like you before she killed them, let alone how many fell for the cheap trick with the eyes, Jeez, a miracle I ain dead either— ”

Angelous cut himself off, turning the other way, crossing his legs, before hearing a slight clenching upon Richards hands, before hearing something again.

”What do you mean, its a miracle you aren dead yet? ” Richard inquired.

Angelous turns back, he could lie or tell the truth or tell an in-between, an in-between would less likely get himself dammed and end deader than a door knob, despite how hard he is to kill.

”I mean, shes a black widow. ” Angelous explained, ”does that explain anything for yourself? ”

Angelous upon noticing the sharpness of his voice could understand, one simple thing—people choose to see what they see but never hear whats the truth before them.

It riddles the and sides the shires before them all, He was puzzled, but slightly relieved by the mere fact, his anger—which had shown slightly was slowly becoming gentler and barely there any more than previously.

”Angelous. ” Richard smiled, ”I never said I would agree to marry her, Im merely—seeing the waters and how deep shall they cross. ”

Richard says, Angelous knew well enough. Words are easy to play, easy to use, and easy to decode but the true question lay, how would one use them like arrows, daggers, or a long sword to cut clean their intentions?

”Yes, Yes. I suspected as much. ” Angelous remarked, ”Anything else? I wouldve much-preferred sleeping. ”

”You don intend on getting married? ” Richard spoke, ”You are nearly twenty this year, I would imagine you must choose a potential wife at some point or another. ”

Marriage? Worn out and dead tried, choosing a wife should be the least troublesome of the choices of life before ones self.

”Marriage? Why bother with that mess? ” Angelous remarked, ”Id rather not. ”

”You can be possibly thinking of being alone, for the rest of your life. ” Richard explained, ”Even for someone like yourself. ”

Alone, no not alone, but instead of a wife, a child wouldn be such a travesty to deal with, better to raise one than marry another.

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