revealed that his married wife, was pregnant with a bastard child of her own—she fell in love with a courteous man, far more predominantly gentle and kind.

The only reason Angelous decided to attend such an event, was merely because he has to—if he has chosen not to show up, this would be many rumors and gossip, as the nobles despite their lavish and interacts lifestyles couldn shut up about people behind their backs, like a pack of sheep without proper brains to think for themselves.

”Angelous. ” Richard spoke, ”I can believe he died, he was only thirty-seven when he died. ”

Yes, not have a long life, and also his blood was trained and not a delight to try and eat some—regardless of that point. Angelous can sympathize as Richard can, those shows of fake tears are rather convincing—on the outside anyway.

”I suppose you could say that. ” Angelous remarked, ”But considering Earless Of Cheshire has the only legitimate seed of the Cheshire estate, this can be possibly worse some than it already contains as here. ”

Thus the conversation mellowed as the funeral procession was ending, as Angelous entered the stagecoach heading back to the estate. As the rain suddenly poured down, in hundreds and thousands, as Richard took the same stagecoach as himself.

”I can possibly head back to my estate in this weather, much less deal with the affairs. Delilah wasn certainly pleased with me after I broke apart the marriage agreement—sending many calls upon the telephone, writing letters, and even sending out telegrams, as well. ” Richard explained.

Ah, crazy women, what a gentle matter to explain that Richard here gained not only a noteworthy devotion from women but her utterly crazy flaws and factually correct obsessional controlling issues, which ironically are driving them apart more than expected.

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