ora, carrying Angelouss body, as the panics of the servants came through—in and out, as something about a doctor coming as well.

The next memory surfaced, feeling something cold upon his head again, the pain lessened than before—his wound was healed, but he didn dare get up—fearing Richard might notice something strange.

”Your trust in people has always been something unreasonable. ” Richard spoke, ”Had I not been your good friend and always insist on checking upon yourself every so often, I wouldve found yourself and that tosser dead. ”

”You can be bitter about it. ” Angelous replied, ”He isn wrong, about some of the things he said—though he was younger than I, he was supposed to inherit the title of Lord, upon our fathers retirement many years ago. ”

Richardss tapping of his footsteps didn lighten but instead hastened, ”I can believe you
e trying to justify his attempted murder upon yourself. ”

It mightve seemed rather foolish and redundant one might have your say, but Blood is thicker than water—in this sense of course.

”Suppose I am, did you leave him there to die? I would hate to have to testify in court to ensure you wouldn end up hanging for your crimes. ” Angelous replied, ”Not that you would allow me to, to begin with. ”

”Nonsense, of course, I left him alive. I wouldn be so sure to attempt such a thing—besides this is your estate, I mind my honors about these matters clear as day. ” Richard explained, ”Nevertheless, I can imagine that Her Majesty will be pleased to hear about these events, shes in love with the articles written by Mrs.H as many people do. ”

”Yes, that does rather a make sense. ” Angelous remarked, ”I suppose Ill have to cancel my meetings at the Cotton club for quite some time. ”

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