Oncer Aurora had left Rita and Natasha alone, the pair did not know what they should do next.

In retrospect, Aurora was their leader and also the one who had the most idea of what was going on in this trial.

“I should get going as well. I dont know what would happen if the tower find out I was here. I am still under prohibition.”

Out of everyone present in the trial, Rita was in the most difficult situation. Since she was someone who had been sent as the backup by the tower, she was not trusted by the party.

And Rita was sure she would be cornered by Quince sooner rather than later.

“Alright. Take care of yourself.”

Rita nodded along before she left the safety of the medical hall. She did not want to go to sleep just yet so Rita decided to roam around for some time.

And that was when she a head full of golden hair top-towing around the camp. The familiar silhouette caused Rita to try and investigate why Quince was sneaking around the base.

“Quince, what are you doing this late at night? Dont you have work or something?”

The blind turned toward Rita with a stone-cold face. He had a shining stone in his hand which he quickly sneaked back into his coat.

But Rita had already seen it a feeling inside told her that this was their objective. That must be theMystic Peral the trial wanted them to retrieve.

“You dont been to worry about why I am out here. I just wanted to take a stroll and get my thoughts in order. You should go ahead and return to your room.”

Quince sounded like he was not in a mood to talk with Rita. he was hiding something for sure.

But Rita knew pushing the man right now would not be a good idea on her part. Patience was a virtue that was very helpful in these situations.

“I see. If thats the case then I should retire for the night. Have a good day ahead.”

The golden-haired man narrowed his eyes at Rita but he did not contradict her words.

Rita tried to feel for the pearls energy by Quinces natural energy cut Ritas attempts off. And just like that, she ended the encounter with the best news she could have.


Aurora woke up the next morning alone. Clove seemed to have left the bed already which brought about a wave of disappointment and relief in Aurora.

As much as she wanted a normal relationship, this was the worst time for Aurora to be caught up in her feelings.

Being alone made it easy for Aurora to slip out and head toward the meeting place she had set up with Natasha and Rita yesterday.

It was easier to sneak into Natashas room this time around. It seemed as if her maids had decided to abandon her security and Aurora only had to walk in.

Rita was already in the room when Aurora arrived and her expression was filled with relief.

“Did you get my message yesterday?”

Rita asked as soon as she spotted Aurora. She did not even give Aurora room to breathe before she begin her interrogation.

“Of course, I got your message. But Quince is going to be a problem. Knowing him, the pearl must no longer be in his grasp.”

Aurora knew her old-time friend. Something important likeMystic Pearl would no longer be with him. He must have shipped it to the tower already.

“I asked my maids to check around and found out that the next delivery for the tower will be let out in the afternoon. That will be our best chance to swipe the pearl off.”

“But we will need a big distraction to make our plan work. Any ideas on how to do that?”

Natashas information network looked strong. If her words were to be believed, the group had a lot less time than they had originally anticipated having. Aurora did not mind this change in plan.

“Dont worry about the distraction part. We are in the abyss and there are many beasts we can use to our advantage. We just need to make sure we drag one out to attack the pick-up.”

Aurora knew that she could not make a scene during the trade-off. But everything after was a fair deal in her book.

She was not looking to kill the ones coming to pick up the pearl but she was not going to pretend that no one will die.

Sacrifices were a must to survive and Aurora was just following the natural order.

“I can lead the beast over. Natasha, it will be best if you stay out of this trouble for now. We dont know what getting you involved could mean for the Northern Republic.”

The excited princess visibly dropped at Ritas words. She had wanted to help but her circumstances prevented her from doing much.

“It will be for the best. Even if you are in an adult body and have knowledge of how to use your powers, you lack experience. If you feel frustrated then channel it into your energy and learn to do better once you go back.”

Auroras words sparked a new light inside Natasha. The princesss eyes shined with new determination at her words.

It might have been a sign of momentary courage the princess had received but it warmed Aurora to see that she was able to influence the princess to such a degree.

“Rita, you will need a head-start if you want to get to the beast. Be careful of the tower patrol and be successful.”

“You dont have to tell me that. I will be back soon with good news.”

Rita left the scene quietly. Aurora also didnt linger any longer inside the medical bay.

Aurora had already shunned her duties quite enough. She remembered that there used to be meetings Aurora used to head to during this time but Aurora had not done that quite in some time.

“Aurora, are you hiding something from me? This is the second time Ive seen you wander around aimlessly. You can tell me anything you want to.”

And of course, it was just Auroras luck to have a run-in with Clove right as she exited the medical bay.

Why did these things always happen to her when she least expected them to? Now, what kind of excuse could Aurora give Clove to get her off Auroras back? And how much of it will Clove believe this time?

If any news got to Quince then Auroras plan would not take place.

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