Aurora felt searing heat fill her inside while everywhere else felt cold. Her hand was almost blue when she managed to pull it out of the ice.

“So thats what happened to you? I cant say I expected to ever know the Northern Republics secrets like this.”

Aurora could easily gather what had happened next.

Once the royal family and the nobility had messed up and almost managed to make the Northern continent seize to be, the nobility shifted the blame to the tower.

It explained why there had always been a cold war between those two fractions. It also explained why the tower had never kicked the representatives of the northern fraction out of the cabinet.

Somewhere deep inside, lady Minerva did hold herself responsible for this incident.

But to think that there was magic powerful enough to trap gods for eternity inside it. And the tower had access to it all this time.

Aurora would need to take her next few steps carefully.

“You suffered because of one foolish mistake made a long time ago.”

And worst of it all was that Natasha had not managed to reach rest even in her sleep. The nobility had managed to find a way to clone her from the small sample of hair Lady Minerva had given to Natashas mother.

“First of all, I need to find the cloning machine. I dont know if it can only be used to make a clone of you or if it can be used to replicate other gods as well. But this is a risk I cannot take.”

Just because the Northern Republic had not managed to clone any of the other gods did not mean that they lacked the means to. They might have not found a way to achieve that yet.

It would be beyond devastating if someone ever managed to copy a major go or goddess. They could even form an army that way.

Aurora took one last look at the female enclosed inside the ice before she turned away.

Aurora did not allow herself to look back or her resolve would weaken. She might have occupied Natashas original body for a short time but it had been enough to create a connection.

If Aurora did look back, then she would regret doing something foolish. And having felt the corruption, Aurora did not want to unleash it upon this world.

It was better if it rested within Natasha and ends there as well.

Although, Aurora was feeling a little fainter than before. Her small hands and short legs made it difficult to walk back.

“I guess this is goodbye then.”

Aurora was not sure why she was speaking out aloud. No one could hear her inside the room since the only other occupant was asleep.

But somehow, speaking out aloud made Aurora feel better about herself.

Aurora pushed her hand against the icy door she had entered from. She now had a purpose to look ahead to.

Not only was this place connected to the abyss but also the tower. Aurora could not allow its secrets to fall into either ones hands.

All Aurora saw was her reflection in the icy door and only one thing stood out to her.

There was a white fringe in her blue hair, making direct contrast with her natural appearance.

And then Aurora was pulled out by a magical force and was shoved to where she had begun her journey from.

Only this time, there was no one standing on the other side. The man who had led Aurora to this place was gone.

And the cold was seeping inside her now. No matter how much her heart burned, Aurora was not able to warm her body.


“How long do we need to keep going for? I swear we passed this junction twice already.”

Natasha did not want to complain but she could not help that she was wasting time walking around like this.

Neither Rita nor Alexander had complained about this yet but they must be frustrated as well. Ritas fluctuating mood spoke volumes about what she thought of their current pace.

“I know. Weve been going around in circles for a while now but it is intentional. Its been a while since weve been followed by anyone.”

Natasha opened her mouth to ask more questions before falling silent. Alexander was right when he said that they had not been followed for some time now.

Either the guards following them had given up or they had taken another path somewhere else. When had that even happened?

“The guards had to split up at every junction to cover our path. That thinned their numbers. The others were likely caught up in the traps I set up the second time around so we should be safe now. This round was just to ensure our safety.”

Ah, so thats why the pair had decided to walk around in circles. It was not because they were lost or anything.

“Dont believe everything Alexander says. We are also lost right now because we have no idea where to go from here. Most of our paths have been blocked by the guards so we cannot leave this place.”

Rita broke the illusion of coolness Alexanders words had set up. It was a wonder that the mans face did not break at Ritas words.

Instead, his expression was close to the saying -‘ What are you talking about?

“Should we head back to the surface? I feel like were wasting time here. We should find other hidden routes.”

Rita seemed to have taken the hint but her face was still full of disgust over Alexanders behavior.

There was some serious beef between the pair but it was nice to see them relaxed and enjoying their time.

“We should head out but I feel like waiting here would be a better option. There is one person who can find us in this mess and lead us out with ease.”

Alexander sounded confident in his words. Natasha felt the need to ask more but she heard footsteps before she could open her mouth.

Rita quickly took her position to attack and flattened herself against the wall.

“Its alright. Its just your friendly assassin Blain here to help you out.”

“Rita, wait!”

Natasha called out before Rita could attack and behead the assassin who was turning the corner.

Unfortunately, the warning did not reach Natasha on time, and her body moved with the knife to attack.

“Blain, duck if you value your life.”

Steel clashed with steel and Rita saw sparks fly in front of her eyes from the action. Her blade had met something solid in its path.

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