It was so cold. Every step Aurora took was a struggle to take but she did not give up.

The most important thing to do for Aurora right now was to ensure that she pushed her foot in front of the other and to not lose her concentration.

The contradicting forces inside her body were not allowing her any time to rest and to see to her situation.

“Just keep walking. I can feel Ritas magic nearby.”

Aurora had to speak out loud to keep herself conscious. All her body wanted to do was to fall asleep and never wake up. But this was not something Aurora could afford to do right now.

If she stopped walking then she would die due to the pain.

Aurora knew that this was all because of the effects of the corruption. She was suffering like this because she had absorbed some of the darkness inside the main body.

But she had no idea that harboring this magic would be so detrimental to her health.

Aurora had no idea where she was walking and how long she had walked for. The cold invading her body made it incapable of feeling anything.

She did not even realize someone small had bumped into her until she almost stepped Natasha over.

The black-haired girl looked smaller than her. Aurora had to look down at her to notice that she had gone back into her adult body.

When and how it happened was still a mystery to Aurora. Her memory of the walk was a little foggy.

“Y-Youre suffering from the corruption as well. You f-fell it too right? This is not natural.”

Natashas face was red as well and it was swimming in and out of focus. Auroras careless actions seemed to have affected her health as well.

So Aurora did the only sane things she could in her situation. She used her powers to knock Natashas smaller body out.

It was no cold sleep but it would keep Natashas suffering at bay.

As a result, Aurora felt the corruption inside Natasha trying to find a new host. It was like a parasite who was looking around to use what it can.

And Aurora was a prime vessel for it to use. Aurora was already suffering from corruption so the new dose was even more painful.

That was why she did not notice when Natasha fell toward the other corridor and was caught by a familiar face.

Ritas eyes shot a venomous glare toward Aurora before realizing how was standing in front of her. Then they softened as soon as Rita was knocked back to her senses.

“I knocked her out for now. Keep her asleep when you get out of here until I return. I will take care of her once Ive dealt with this place.”

Rita had a complicated expression on her face but this was not something Aurora could allow her to but in as she pleased.

If Rita insisted on staying back and helping Aurora out then things could get complicated.

“B-But you look like youre in pain. You are in no condition to be walking around either.”

Ritas outburst brought the other two people toward their small group as well. Alexander had a complicated expression on his face but Blain looked like he had expected this.

“Will you still insist on going ahead alone? You can ask for help from us and we will comply.”

It seemed like Aurora did look worse than she had expected to. But that was not a cause of concern for her yet.

As long as she could move, Aurora wanted to see things through alone.

“I will be alright. It was not something I need to ask for your help with. Rather, I need you to clear this place out since it will no longer be safe. This castle, it will not remain standing like this for long.”

“So you should understand what I want you to do.”

Alexander did look troubled. Even Rita had a pinched look on her face.

“I will do what you ask of me. But take care of yourself as well.”

Aurora gave a last nod of appreciation before she forced her body to move. The corruption inside Aurora was capable of finding other sources it was originating from.

Aurora had only realized it once she had stumbled upon Natasha and recognized the hum of energy she gave off.

If so, then this corruption would be the key that would lead Aurora toward the secret room where the cloning experiments were being kept.

“You have to come back alive. I wont forgive you if you died now.”

Ritas yell came out unexpectedly. Her red eyes looked moist and on the verge of crying but she was a good follower who did not insist on following after Aurora.

“I wont die because of a small thing like this. Ill see you all soon.”

If Aurora was right in her assessment, she was sure that there were two major places inside this castle the nobility wanted to protect – the cloning room and the research room.

There would be various protective spells placed on both places in case of emergency but Aurora was banking on the rooms having a transportation spell in place.

Now Aurora understood why she had been pushed by the Republicans to make this decision. She even understood why Karan had interfered to make Aurora aware of the secrets of the Northern Republic.

The Northern Palace was not a place one could walk into and roman freely. It was true for even Karan since he would be watched thoroughly.

Not to mention, Karan had the towers eyes on him as well.

In a sense, only a third neutral party would be able to sneak in here and cause the trouble which would help the Republicans gain the upper hand.

Once the research facility would be transported away with its goods, Blain would send a message and call the Republicans over. Instantly, they will have the upper hand and the resources at their disposal.

As for the cloning facility? It will not live to see another day.

This might be all Aurora would be able to do for the innocent girl she whos the body she had been occupying recently.

“Look at me, being reduced to a pawn in others plan. And I swore not to be used again.”

But somehow, Aurora did not hate the feeling of being someones pawn this time. Maybe it was because her own beliefs were similar to the people who had pushed her into the role.

“I guess Ill count it as a favor I did to Karan. I do own him a lot after the tower.”

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