Aurora could feel that the chains that were binding her were too loose. She didnt even need to try and snap them to get out.

The chains had been provided by Ava as a last resort to suppress her powers and Aurora could feel them working. But the improper hold of these chains still made it impossible for Aurora to use her powers.

“Y-You want me to chain you up together? But wont it hurt? The chains would bite into your wrist and arms. It might also leave impressions….”

“Rita, stop talking and chain me up. I dont want to hear your nonsense any longer.”

Auroras annoyed voice stopped Rita cold in her rambling. Her red face stared right at Auroras crimson one and Ritas throat went dry.

The more questions Rita asked, the more Aurora wanted to hide away and never emerge again.

‘This is not some kind of kinky S&M play. This is necessary to ensure everyones safety.

That was the mantra Aurora employed as she watched Rita finally get to work. The chains that were once loosely held around her were tightened up correctly.

Aurora felt pain in her arms and limbs where the chains bounded her. Rita had not played around this time and bound her hand properly.

Once the final knot was tied against Auroras chest, she tried to wiggle around to test the bonds. But they did not become loose easily.

“This will work. Rita, you can take Natasha out no..”

“Dont speak. I did not realize seeing you tied up will affect me like this.”

Rita had one hand on her face while the other was messaging the hardness in her pants. She looked turned on for some reason.

Aurora trialed Ritas gaze, only to see them fall onto her naked breasts that were being popped out due to the chains binding her.

“Rita. Dont tell me you have a binding fetish. Am I turning you on?”

Aurora made the weakest sound she ever had in her life. She could not feel her magic inside her body. The chains had reduced Aurora into an ordinary person for now.

Not that it meant that Aurora could not take control of this situation. Aurora could get out and break free of the chains if she wanted to.

But something about being tied up and being held at someones mercy felt arousing to her.

“N-No. Im not a pervert and I dont have a fetish as well. I just…feel pent up? Im sorry.”

Ritas face went through twenty shades of emotions in a single minute. It was amusing to see and the embarrassed expression she landed on made Aurora feel better.

“Fine. Kiss me once and then bring Natasha out of here to rest. We can continue our part later.”

Aurora wanted to get rid of the corruption. She could feel it lingering beneath her skin and looking for a way out and into another host.

But she was not impatient enough to not give Rita some time to compose herself. She could see that the younger needed time to gather her thoughts.

Rita did not argue with Aurora. She just yielded control over Aurora through the kiss.

Aurora bit Ritas bottom lip to finally get Rita to respond to her. And it finally paid off when Ritas involvement increased.

“Ill take Natasha out now. And then we can continue this.”

“No, dont. I like the view from here.”

Aurora tightened her hold on Ritas shoulder and hid her face in her chest when she heard Natashas familiar voice. She had not even realized that Natasha had been awake this whole time.

“When did you wake up? Arent you too tired to stay awake?”

Thankfully, Rita seemed to have an idea of what to do in this situation.

“I am tired but also turned on. I cannot possibly go at sex again but I dont mind watching you two go at it. So, can I stay here and watch?”

For the first time in her sex life after rebirth, Aurora found herself being speechless. She had never expected to be asked this question.

“You want to watch us fuck but not participate? But why?”

Rita seemed equally baffled as Aurora. The question ofwhy was written all over her face.

“I dont know. It just seemed interesting to me and you both looked hot when you kissed. Besides, I have no prior experience in these kinds of things so I want to learn. So, can I stay here while you both do what you have to?”

“Ah, sure?”

Aurora realized that she had spoken the wrong words too late. She had not meant to agree but she had not been able to stop herself in time either.


Rita had a look of disbelief when she looked in Auroras direction. Her expression said it all but Aurora could not possibly take back her words now.

“Let her stay here for now and get this over with. I heard that you have been helping her learn so its not itll be something new for Natasha to see.”

Aurora tried to make excuses to justify her agreement. And surprisingly enough, Rita seemed to be coming around as well.

In the span of a few minutes, Aurora had learned more about Rita and Natasha than she had ever wanted to. But it was not a bad feeling to be watched.

But Rita seemed to be hesitating despite Auroras verbal agreement. Aurora could see that Rita was interested in the offer of being watched but she was bound by her non-existingmoral values.

‘Fuck with this all.

“Rita, sit down on the bed.”

Rita followed the command without much delay. Aurora could not use her hands so picking herself up was difficult.

But Auroras body was strong enough to be able to sit and crawl toward Rita even without the use of her hands.

And on one single swoop, Aurora had her tongue pressed up against Ritas and the kiss turned harsh.

It was mainly done to distract her mind from the watching eyes but it soon turned slow and pleasurable.

Auroras sudden attack caused Rita to be pushed on her back while Aurora struggled to move over her body.

And the kiss finally broke when Rita let out a loud moan from the friction Auroras rubbing caused on her cock.

Rita had been heard already but the friction was making her leak out as well. Aurora took advantage of this face and rubbed her thighs together over that cock.

Ritas hands finally came out to support Ritas butt and correct her pace and positioning.

The next thing she knew, Rita had a thick rod hitting her pussy entrance and Rita was looking at her with tear-filled eyes.

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