“Sooooo, now that we have been abandoned here, what should we do next? Should we risk it and move ahead or should we turn back now? We still have time to turn around.”

Surprisingly enough, the idea came from the least likely source. It was Damian who suggested for the group to return.

“No way kid. There is no way we are turning our tails and running away now. We need to press forward and march toad our victory.”

If Damian was the one who looked at the situation with a cautious mind, then Rita was someone who wanted to march ahead without any care.

Under most circumstances, Damian was the one who Aurora would have preferred to go along with but not now.

Aurora got a feeling that Ava had abandoned their group for a reason. So it would be for the best for their group to move forward now.

Besides, sooner or later, they would have to face the complications of the sixth floor anyway. It was just better to get it over with.

“Natasha, what do you think about this situation? Do you want to go back as well?”

Aurora asked just in case. She did not want to pressure anyone into going in if they did not want to. And Natasha was vulnerable right now so her consideration needed to be considered.

“I think we should go ahead. I feel like we can still trust Ava on her words to help us.”

So Natasha had gotten the same feeling as Aurora. It was reassuring to know that Aurora was not the only one who felt like that.

But now only one problem remained.

“Damian, do you want to go back?”

“No way. If you all are going then I should as well. I am the second-best fighter here currently.”

Well, the kid was not wrong. As good as Rita and Natasha were, they were just not on par with Damina without their powers.

And the lack of confrontation that followed Damians declaration also solidified the claim of his words.

“If everyone agrees, then we should go now. Be ready to see a surprise once I open the door.”

With a smile in place, Aurora opened the door. What lay beyond the doors was not something that anyone in the group had expected.

“Wow, there are so many people here. It almost looks like a desert night market here.”

Damian let out the words escaped his mouth in amazement, but Aurora could understand his shock.

For most people who had never ventured into the deeper abyss, it was an abandoned land filled with mindless slaughter. But once you made it past the first few floors, the atmosphere changed.

“I-Is that a half-beast who is selling the herbs? And humans are purchasing them of their own free will? How is that even possible? I thought humans slaughtered monsters as soon as they saw them.”

Ritas confused words were a genuine inquiry that many people made when they first arrived on this floor.

There had been a time when Aurora had asked the same question. But unlike her current group, she had already known the cultural shock she was about to receive.

But she had still been shocked to see this mind-blowing scene.

“Its true that demons and humans have a harsh relationship. As soon as you exist in this city, you will see nothing but mindless slaughter. But not here.”

“This place is a safe spot and killing is prohibited here. You could even say that this is this floorsoverlookers personal theater where we are all actors. And there is only one rule in this play – you are not allowed to kill anyone.”

“So remember this well. Never kill anyone in a safe area or your life will end.”

Auroras words were both – a promise and a warning. She just hoped that her group took it seriously enough.


“Its been a long time since Ive seen you last, Snake. What brings you here to my domain? Dont tell me this visit is because you missed me. I wont take that nonsense from you.”

Ava stopped walking as soon as she heard the voice in the darkness. But since she had found the one she was looking for, she had pretty much achieved her objective.

“Its been a long time since we met and this is how you greet me, Zoe? I am almost offended. And please, call me Ava and not the snake. After all, we both know who thereal snake in the room is.”

Avas tone was friendly and sweet. But there was a jab in her words that must have hurt Zoes pride. Ava was sure that the green-haired bitch must be foaming at the mouth.

It was too bad that the artificial darkness in the room was stopping her from seeing that scene.

“You dare to call me out after teaming up with that newgoddess? Honestly, I cannot tell what you are thinking of gaining by using that useless piece in our game. But enough of that. I can see that you are not here to talk about old times.”

“Of course not. I am merely here to purpose a deal. So, how about it? Do you want to take me on?”

Ava was sure that she had gotten Zoe interested in this deal. And since the fish had taken the bait, it was time to execute the plan.

“Alright. What do you suggest the term of the bet be?”

And there it was.

“I heard that you have been combing your territory for Lady Claras soul fragment but are unable to find it. Out of the ten that were lost, you only have about 2. But you must have also noticed what was similar in those two conflicts, right?”

“And your master did as well. Isnt that why she gave up all the power she collected and made that deal with the abyss to reverse back time?”

Ava was having fun with her words. But she could also see Zoe struggling to control her breath.

“So, you want something in exchange for that soul fragment. I see why you sought me out like this and why you dragged that cursed child into my domain. But fine, if that is how you want to play, then this is how we will play.”

Ava let out a happy laugh as soon as Zor agreed to her terms.

“I knew you would agree with me.”

“But I must ask you one question. Why are you doing this? Didnt we all agree to let that cursed child live how she wanted to?”

Ava paused before replying.

“Its already too late to let things be. Thecurse this abyss had been protecting all this time has started to awaken inside her. And I am just following the will of the abyss so you dont need to worry about it.”

“Just relax and let me take care of things. That will be for the best.”

Ava left with those parting words but Zoe still looked stiff. It was only after Ava was gone did the green-haired girl picked up a vase and chucked it at the wall.

“For the best she says. If that curse awakens then we are all dead. I knew we should not have allowed that cursed child to come into being when the abyss suggested it.”

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