Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 145 - The Night Market - Part 2

The night market on floor 6th was like a hub of information. If you could pay the right price then you could have your every wish fulfilled.

But to come up with the right price was a tricky deal.

Actually, even if you called it theright price, one needed to overpay for things they wanted to. Only the desperate people did any actual trade in this market.

Since Aurora knew that fact, she did not allow anyone to swindle their group with false hope. She had already pulled Damian back more than twice and stopped him from entering shady areas three times.

Children were a rare sight in the deeper abyss but Damians lack of magic made him even special.

“Hey, kid. You are attracting too much attention. Can you tone it down a bit? This much attention is not good for us.”

Rita took every opportunity to rub salt in Damians wound. It never ceased to amaze Aurora how immature Rita could get at times.

“Its not like Im trying to attract all this attention. These people are naturally attracted to me so what can I do? Unlike someone useless here, I am much more interesting.”

“Why youuuuuuu? Damina, come back here you little punk. Ill show you what real attention is like.”

Aurora allowed the duo to maintain this playful atmosphere for some time before deciding that they had wasted enough time. The sun was about to rise beyond the horizon anyway.

And when the sun rose on floor 6, it was time for the night market to come to a rest.

“Natasha, stop those two and meet me at the gate in under an hour. We need to get out of this market before the sun rises.”


Since Natasha had a system capable of communication Aurora did not feel weird sending her after the other two. She knew that Natasha was responsible to know when to contact Aurora.

The real purpose of sending Natasha away was not to get the other two back but to have some time alone.

There were some things that Aurora wanted to take care of alone. And having anyone else with her would lower Auroras chances of success.

Since there was no guarantee for the daytime on floors 6th-10th was going to be productive, Aurora had to make do with what little time she had.

She looked up at the rapidly lightning sky-like mirage for a moment. It looked like a real sky but Aurora had seen the markets open setting in a history book once.

It was said that the abyss borrowed its landscapes from the old earth. This topic was under a long-going debate, but Aurora was sure that it was true.

At one point in time, an open desert market in a plaza must have existed.


The bell on the door broke the silence of the empty shop. There were no people inside and the owner looked like he was closing his shop up after a hard day.

“The shop is closed for today. You can come back tomorrow if you need something from me.”

The shopkeeper sounded annoyed to see someone enter his shop this close to the closing time. He looked to be in a hurry to leave the shop.

Even the material inside the shop was not properly set up at the time of his departure.

“How can I be sure that you will be alive tomorrow to ask questions? For all we know, you might as well be killed out there today. This floor is not such a kind place to allow fallen soldiers to live.”

Aurora walked deeper inside the shop but she kept her head hidden with the help of her cloak hood.

She could see that her words had piqued the shopkeepers interest and it was the right time to strike. The iron was hot right now and Aurora needed to press harder.

“I dont know what miss means by her statement. But the shop is closed for today.”

The shopkeeper even looked annoyed to see Aurora. Aurora could tell that she would be pushed out of the shop at any time.

But before the shopkeeper could force her out, Aurora took out a container.

“Now, now. Why dont we both be civil and solve this issue like peaceful humans? I am not looking to stay here for any longer than necessary either. But I heard you were looking for that.”

The shop owner opened Auroras box and picked out a bracelet.

The bracelet he had in his hand was fairly ordinary in look but it still left the shopkeeper in awe. Aurora had specially prepared that bracelet to be used for a bargain.

She had a few more copies for emergency usage and now she was thankful she had made them.

“T-This? How did you get this? Arent you a human? Did you dabble in the forbidden arts?”

“No, nothing like that. I just had a few connections that helped me get this bracelet. I can give you one more if you pay me the price I asked for.”

The shop owner looked at the paper inside the box before looking back at Aurora with a curious look. Aurora knew she had him in the plan of her hand now.

“Alright. I will test this bracelet today and then decide. If this bracelet turns out to be the real deal then I will arrange your information to reach here tomorrow. If not then dont even show up here again.”

“Alright, I can wait a day for your information.”

Aurora would have preferred to not have to wait to get her information. But she knew she had no other choice. She could not kill someone in this area and the daytime was going to be a survival test.

“And remember, dont spread this information around or youll die before tonight. I will be able to track you and end your life.”

The monster shuddered at Auroras words but he did not look as afraid as Aurora had wanted him to look.

But it was alright for now. Aurora would rather have a clean reputation and do easy business than be turned down because of her fearsome aura.

“It will take some time and effort but Ill see what I can do. Hope you survive the brilliance of the sun”

“Dont worry. I will be alright since Im a human. But you better come back and pay your dues off or Ill hunt you down to the depths of the afterlife.”

Those were the parting words before the time ran out. Aurora hurried out of the building and toward the major gate. Her work for today was done.

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