Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 146 - Taking Advantage - Part 1

By the time Aurora reached the Main Gate, a small crowd had gathered outside it. There were a lot of people clustering together.

But despite this crowd, it was not difficult for Aurora to spot her group. They all had distinctive magical auras and then there was the system.

“Did you have any problem getting out of the night market? You did not cause any trouble in there, right?”

The first thing Aurora did was ask these important questions. It would be bad if something major did end up happening to her group.

“The first thing you do after reuniting with us is nag? Did the streak of white in your hair age your mentality as well? Stop acting like us mom and let us live a little.”

“The streak of white in my hair has nothing to do with it. It is just a result of my encounter with corruption. Stop making things up and trying to justify reasons when it suits you.”

Aurora quickly shot down Ritas pitiful attempt to distract her. Her change in physical characteristics had nothing to do with her personality.

A part of Auroras front hair had turned white after her adventure in the Northern Republic. Aurora was convinced it was because of the corruption she had taken in and controlled.

But since it did not inconvenience Aurora, she had not paid any attention to it.

“Forget this idiot. We need to figure out what we should do next. Look, the night market is disappearing.”

Damians words were true. As soon as the sun started to rise, the night market buildings started to disappear.

Consequently, the people around them had started to vacant the premise.

“Dont worry. This is a common phenomenon on these few floors. The night market will be back once the sun goes down but it will be at another location. We will need to travel to this new location if we want to participate in the auction.”

“Auction? What do we need to buy at an auction?”


The real allure of the night market was not its huge range of products but the information that circulated in those circles.

Since the night market was a place dominated by both humans and monsters, it was the perfect place to let a rumor run rampant.

This was the perfect place for Aurora to look for clues about the item she was looking for. If there was one place that knew where the item to mask ones magical presence completely was, then it was on these floors.

“Thats easy to say and all but how are we going to find the night market next? I heard some people say that the next location is chosen randomly and the chances of it being nearby are very low.”

Natasha seemed to have taken her job seriously and her sharp ears picked up on the news in their vicinity.

“Dont worry. Most people think that the next night markets location is random but it is not true. The night market follows a schedule on where it will arrive next.”

“Is that so? Then, do you know where it will pop up next?”

“I dont. But I know someone who can tell us. We are in luck as well since the location of that person is nearby.”

Aurora had made a few connections in this place during her last life. But she had never gotten to use those connections much.

But since the information was power, Aurora had done her best to keep tabs on her connections and she had a lot of dirt on them.

Even if Aurora did not have any connection to these informants in this life, she still had the dirt she had collected on them.

And based on the things she remembered, there was one person who could help her out.

“Hey, I was meaning to ask this but have you seen Damian? I was sure that he was standing near us not too long ago but now hes gone.”

Rita quickly pointed out the fact that Damian seemed to have gone missing. Despite Ritas claims that she did not mesh well with the younger, she did look out for him.

And that must be why she was the first one to realize that the kid was missing.

“Damian? He was standing just adjacent to me. He should be nearby.”

Aurora quickly took out the system map to lol around her surroundings.

There were wont a few people around them but Aurora had made sure to provide the system users with unique colors on their map

And because of this foresight, Aurora managed to spot Damian right away.

But he was not alone and he also seemed to have run quite far away in such a short amount of time.

Two possibilities ran through Auroras mind when she saw this scene –

Damian was hungry and wants to eat and look for other necessities.

He had been kidnapped and was being held, hostage.

And somehow, the second possibility seemed to be looking more and more likely. Despite everything Damian had going for him, he was a kid and a valuable asset. He was worth kidnapping and grooming.

But the bigger question was – was it the tower or the monsters that took the child away. Depending on the answer, the response time and action would have to be changed.

“Lets recuse Damian first. I am worried for his captors and knowing Damian, he will somehow manage to kill them before getting answers.”

Aurora was not the one to show sympathy to the opponents but she knew the importance of having captives that could provide Aurora with information.

“That brat can take care of himself but I guess we should go and get him back. No matter how irritating he is, he is still a part of our team.”

Rita had wanted to say something else at the start but a glare from Aurora and Natasha caused her to change her mind and answer.

Aurora would not say she was worried for Damian but she did want to finish the day early. She had invested enough in the night market that would be held the next night and Aurora wanted to reap the benefits.

“How troublesome. But I guess I finally got something to tease the kid with. It will be a fun experience to hold this over his head for some time.”

Aurora just shook her head at Ritas way to distract herself.

The redhead would never admit it to herself but she did care about people other than Aurora. But if Rita was not going to say it, then Aurora would also not say it.

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