mation beforehand? What if we refuse to pay you after you take us up? Not that were not going to pay or anything-” Aurora stopped before finishing.

This string of fortune was suspicious. She could not see the angle Michell was going for here and there had to be an angel here for Michell to attach herself to the cause. She just had to ask the question.

“What are you planning? Youre not such a benevolent soul and for you to delay payment is unheard of” Aurora asked. She could see Rita catching up with the duo and waiting for her.

It also gave her the slightest view of Michells expression. And the grin looked disturbing and greedy at the same time.

“Dont you worry your pretty head about this? Lets just say its a part of a previous deal for me that had been paid for. As long as you are willing to give me the specters location, everything would be alright” now it was confirmed.

The resistance had likely made a deal with Michell on Auroras behalf. Whether it was a bribe or a peace offering, Aurora could not tell. What she could tell was that she had Michell interested in her.

“Whatever you people are brewing in the background, keep me out of it and well have a great partnership” Michells grin widened at those words.

“Deal. Lets have a good partnership” Rita looked unimpressed at the deal but she did not object to the action. Not that it would have mattered much at this point.

The tunnel they were in was fragile and a single step would cause it to cave down. They had to move in there carefully and follow after Michell to not get lost.

Almost a few hours went by walking before Michell knocked at the upper surface before lifting it. Auroras vision was filled with green as she lifted herself out of the tunnel.

“Here we are. Now, my payment” Aurora handed the paper with information in Michells hands. She did not mind parting with that information.

The shout offinally, freedom sounded from behind the pair as Rita made her way up as well. The poor girl barely made it out, her face red due to the lack of oxygen at the end.

“Going? Not gonna question the validity of the information?” Aurora asked once she realized that Michell was starting to move away from the group.

“I dont think I need to. Being in this business gives you a third sense of such things. And besides, you wont live long if this information is wrong. After all, I dont like to lose money” as much as Michell was joking, the last words were serious.

Aurora had seen the lady gut people for less.

“How charming of her to get the last words. I dont like her at all but Im willing to give her the benefit of doubt. She did get us up” Rita replied in a sour voice.

She looked dirty and tired, but happy to be out in the sun. Aurora just shook her head at the younger actions, not paying her any attention for the time being.

“Lets get you home now. Im sure youve had enough of my company” Aurora replied, getting back a beaming smile from Rita. She was not sure she wanted to know what was going through her head.

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