Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 178 178: A new kind of play - part 2

‘Dont worry. We will take care of you so leave your body to us.

As soon as Aurora had heard those words, she knew she would end up between Natasha and Rita somehow. The pair had not tried to hide their intentions from Aurora in any way.

As soon as Auroras back had hit the cave, Natashas mouth had been on her own. The kiss was unlike anything Aurora had experienced from the shy girl.

Natasha was taking the initiative this time. Rita seemed to be taking this time to sit back and enjoy the view.

Aurora had not thought Rita capable enough to sit back and enjoy the view. Generally, Rita was the jealous type and she did not like to share her things.

‘But Natashas closeness to me never seemed to bother her before.

Auroras mind was a mess. She was not thinking too much about anything right now. Natashas enthusiasm certainly made up for the technique she lacked.

Even now, her inexperienced tongue was trying to get Aurora to fight back against her.

“Aurora, you are enjoying this far more than you are showing us, right? Your ears are red.”

Ritas voice was heavy in Auroras ear. She had not noticed when the younger had moved near her.

Not that Natasha was giving her much of a choice to focus on anything but the kiss. The more Aurora tried to divert her attention, the more Natasha tried to bring back her focus.

However, it seemed like Rita was done being a bi-stander. Aurora could feel a pair of cold hands making their way beneath her top and fondling her chest.


Aurora thought she was pushing her body away from the sensation. But the more she tried to push away, the better she felt Natashas coldness on her body.

A cold pair of hands pinched Auroras nipples and she instantly flinched at the sensation. It caused her back to arch into a soft chest and a pair of lips attacked her mouth.

“Rita, it must be a hard angle for Aurora. Her neck might pain if you kiss her in that position.”

Natashas voice washed over Aurora as she was kissed harshly. Ritas tongue was dominating and non-yielding.

A pinch on Auroras side caused her mouth to fall open even wider and Rita did not miss this chance to pull Auroras head back even further.

As Rita had said, it was a painful position to maintain for Aurora but it did not hurt yet.

‘Need to take back control.

Aurora felt compelled to act by her instincts. She did not enjoy defending herself, and the corruption was enhancing this emotion in the goddess part of her.

Aurora needed to let Rita know that it was a bad idea to keep Aurora unbounded. The clash of powers inside Aurora was already making her lose focus.

“Rita, the ropes. I cannot hold on any longer.”

Aurora pulled back from the kiss somehow. Her awkward posting made it difficult for Aurora to be able to move. She was even sure her feet were barely touching the ground and her back was positioned in a painful arc.

“I understand. Natasha, distract Aurora.”

“Wait, how have I supposed to-? Oh, forget it”

Before Aurora recovered from being abruptly let go by Rita, she was pulled back into Natashas arms.

This caused a sudden loss of balance and Aurora fell. She landed right on top of Natashas lap in an awkward sprawl.

“Are you alright…”

Before forcibly locking lips with Aurora once more, Natasha pulled back on her head. Before touching Auroras ass, her icy fingertips searched over her remarkably warm body.

Natasha then squeezed her there.

It was unexpected for Aurora. It was her first time being touched like that.

For all intent and purpose, Aurora had never really experimented outside vaginal sex. Even Clove had not touched her there.

It was a part of Aurora that was as virgin as it could be.

“Whats wrong? You seem sensitive there. Should I tease you more?”

Aurora wanted to ask Natasha not to touch her on the back but her words never escaped her lips.

Like a shark that had tasted blood, Natasha jumped at Auroras weakness in an instant. Before Aurora knew it, she was trying to push her body more and more into Natashas hand.

“Rita, I think I found Auroras weakness.”

Aurora tried to stop Natasha from speaking anymore but her arms felt heavy to lift. Her pleasure was making Aurora useless and it was even clouding her mind.

‘She wont get away with it. I need to push this bitch down and show her where she belongs.

Auroras thoughts were a mess. They were a mixture of corruption and her dominant instincts.

Her arms were finally moving but not under her influence. They were moving because the corruption wanted her to move them.

Auroras hands landed on Natashas breasts and she squeezed.

But before Aurora could go any further, a bigger pair of hands took her wrists hostage and her arms were bound on top of her body.

‘I wont be contained. Not this time.

When Aurora attempted to escape, she was obstructed by two sets of hands. Natasha completed the remaining knots as Ritas body covered her own.

“Back with us now? Im sorry I took my time.”

Rita dared to not even sound sorry. She did not know how close the situation had been for Aurora.

But the goddess chose not to worry her.

She could feel her instincts trying to break free and then recognizing that they would not be able to.

“Next time, do this sooner so that I dont have to worry about your safety.”

Aurora was not playing about the safety of her group. But it seemed like her partners did not care about her holding back.

“I dont mind. The worst you can do is be rough with us. I think Rita might even enjoy that.”

“I would but hey, thats not the point. Today is about Aurora so lets focus on her.”

Aurora felt like she was being ganged up upon. But before she could say anything, she was being kissed hard by Rita.

The younger girl was taking advantage of Auroras inability to move and was positioning Auroras body over her lap.

Her hardness was pressing against Auroras wet pussy but the lady was not even ashamed to rub against Aurora.

paɴ,ᴅᴀ-,cm However, Natashas hands were what Aurora was more conscious about. They were crawling closer and closer to Auroras ass.

The more they tried to caress her, the more Aurora tried to push back from them. And the more Aurora tried to push back from them, the more she pressed herself against Ritas hard cock.

“Aurora, stop trying to get away from me. I am not going to eat you alive. I just want to play with you a little.”

Natasha complained as she finally got a good hold of Auroras side.

She instantly turned Aurora back to face her while Rita sat obediently at her place.

“Hey, Rita. I think we should try something new with Aurora today. Have you ever tried anal sex before?”

“Anal? Cant say I have but are you sure? Are you offering?”

“Me? No. But I think Aurora is interested in it. Every time I touch her there, she flinches but never pulls away from me.”

Natashas voice was near Auroras ear. It highlighted the essence of her voice and made Aurora shiver at the low tone she heard.

She wanted to protest but her body seemed a little too into the idea of Anal sex. Aurora hated how easily her body betrayed her emotions.

“Aurora, I want a verbal answer from you. Are you interested in this offer? I wont do it if you feel uncomfortable with this idea.”

Although Rita said that, Aurora could tell that she was interested in it as well. Her cock got harder at the idea of typing out something new.

Aurora could see the exciting spirit Rita had and she could even see the smug expression Natasha had.

Aurora knew she should say no. Aurora knew she should not give in today. If she gave in today then there would come a time when these two would demand even more ridiculous things from her.

But Aurora did want to do something for Natasha and Rita. they had decided to stick with her this far.

She could always blame her lack of protest on her current state which was pleasure filled and making her lose her mind.

“Alright, you can fuck my ass. But be gentle because it will be my first time and….Natasha, slow down.”

As soon as Aurora had finished speaking, she felt a pair of cold hands on her back. Natasha was playing with her ass and she was even good at that.

“Natasha, you prepare her for me back there and I will take care of her pussy. Im sure we can get Aurora to come before I fuck her.”

Aurora hated how she was being handles but her body loved the treatment.

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