Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 179 179: Catching a dwarf

“N-No more. Rita, stop touching my butt. I don’t like it.”

Aurora’s moans fueled Rita even more. She had not anticipated herself as a butt kind of person but it seemed she will have to re-evaluate her preferences.

‘But then again, it’s Aurora’s butt I like. It’s pale and pink, just like her skin. It is attractive just like Aurora. Maybe I should try punching it?’

As soon as the impulse came, Rita followed through with it. She could not help herself when such a prime opportunity presented itself.


Aurora was not one to moan openly during sex but it seemed like her self-restrain was nowhere to be seen today. This was the first time Rita had seen Aurora so helpless.

Natasha was not missing this opportunity either. As soon as Aurora had opened her mouth, she had found fingers inside.

“Aurora, suck them good. I need my fingers wet to stretch you out.”

Natasha seemed to be in a mean mood as well. Had it been a different situation, Rita would have reminded her that saliva did not make up for a good lubricant.

‘But then again, Aurora is slick enough to not need much preparation in her pussy. It is her ass I will need to stretch out first.’

There was a lack of lubrication but Rita did not seem to mind. Aurora was producing enough slick to use it for her ass as well.

“Aurora, lend me your pussy for now. Be a good girl and slick Natasha’s fingers for her.”

Aurora moaned at the order but did as she was asked to do. Her submissiveness was something new.

Rita’s fingers were slick and wet. Aurora was dripping today and it was making Rita feel hotter.

‘This is dangerous. This feeling of power and dominance is addicting. I don’t want to get caught up in this feeling even further.’

Rita’s mind was warning her to be cautious but her body had other ideas. Her fingers were already stretching Aurora’s pussy out and Natasha was playing with Aurora’s breasts.

Aurora was like a doll caught between two beasts who were doing their best to lead her according to their wishes.

“Natasha, I will be starting on Aurora’s ass. You should fill her up here so that Aurora’s pussy doesn’t feel lonely.”

“Hey, there is no-“

“I got it.”

Aurora sounded like she wanted to say something but the pair was not going to give her any chance to protest.

As soon as Rita took her slick fingers out of Aurora, Natasha’s mouth occupied that space. They gave Aurora no time to adjust to this change in sensation.

Natasha’s tongue was as cold as the rest of her body. It was a direct contrast with the hot wetness inside Aurora’s pussy.

This contrast in temperature was uncomfortable but it felt so good to Aurora that her body could not hold on.

One second Natasha’s face was dry, the next second it contained Aurora’s release.

“Wow, you came fast. Were you that pent up?”

Natasha’s voice had a teasing tone. Her smile resembled a predator that had found its prey. Natasha’s current positioning of kneeling between Aurora’s legs was sexy enough to even make Rita agree.

‘To think Natasha was a virgin until a weak ago. Some people are talented in these arts.’

Rita was glad to see Natasha fit in with her and Aurora. It made Rita feel assured to see Aurora have someone like Natasha with her.

‘Even when something happens to me, I’m glad that Aurora would have Natasha to keep her company,’ that thought came to Rita all of a sudden.

It was sudden and provoking. As soon as Natasha thought of it, her body froze and her fingers stopped massaging Aurora’s butt.

Her abrupt stop did not go unnoticed by Aurora.


“Of course it is. I was just giving you a moment to brace yourself before I begin.”

As soon as the thought passed Rita’s mind, she decided to forget about it. There were more important things to focus on right now.

“Stop ignoring me. Rita, come here.”

Natasha decided that she did not like being ignored. But it was weird of her to call for Rita instead of Aurora.

Aurora’s mischievous grin did not make Rita feel secure. It felt like the female knew something she did not and it worried Rita.

Still, she decided to comply with Natasha’s demand, only to be pulled into a harsh kiss.

The kiss came out all of a sudden and it took Rita off guard. Natasha seemed to be trying to assert dominance over her and she even succeeded for a second.

When the kiss broke, Rita felt her head swim with all kinds of thoughts. The kiss successfully chased away any useless thoughts she was having.

“Empty your mind and focus. Now hurry, Aurora is waiting for you.”

When Rita looked at Aurora who was sandwiched between the pair, she had an amused smirk on her face. Rita could tell that Aurora would not let this moment go if she gave her a chance to start talking.

So before Aurora could open her mouth, Rita decided to take the initiative and her lubricated finger entered Aurora’s butt.

‘Tight. I will need to open her up good.’

Aurora’s ass was tighter than Rita had expected it to be. It seemed like Aurora had never tried to play with it before.

‘She’s a true virgin here. I want to take her anal virginity away.’

Rita had never resented Aurora for not having been a virgin during their first union but there was a certain pleasure in taking someone’s virginity.

“Rita, want help?”

“No need to. Focus on her pussy.”

Rita fingered Aurora open with one hand while she pulled Natasha’s head toward Aurora’s pussy with the other. Natasha did not disappoint her either.

As soon as Natasha’s face neared Aurora’s pussy, her tongue came out to play. It was an instant motion and Rita decided to focus on her pleasure.

She could see Natasha teasing herself to release while pleasuring Aurora. It seemed the pair would not need Rita to help them out for now.

So Rita took her time playing with Aurora but she did not take too long of a time.

Her cock was throbbing and Rita needed to find her release as well. Her hard penis wanted to enter Aurora’s soft ass and experience that new tightness.

“R-Rita, I’m….close….”

Rita could have waited to enter Aurora after Natasha was done with her but she decided not to wait around.

It was easier to enter Aurora when she was lost in pleasure and the pleasure also made Aurora a loser and laxer.

As soon as Natasha hit her peak, Rita pulled Aurora back into her. Ficking Aurora’s ass was different from fucking her pussy.

There was a lack of wetness and more friction but it was a different kind of pleasure.

Aurora seemed to be feeling it as well. Her body was tensing and arching into Rita as she thrust into that tightness.

Meanwhile, Natasha seemed to be recovering. It did not seem like she could go again but she did want to help Aurora out.

Her tongue returned to Aurora’s pussy and teased her clit. The dual assault was too much for Aurora’s body to handle. She had always been weak to pleasure and this new sensation was confusing her mind.


Aurora was not complaining, she was informing Aurora about her body reaching its limit. But Rita seemed too lost in her pleasure to consider what Aurora was saying.

‘Should get out of these bonds and fuck her back.’ But Aurora’s body moved like how Rita and Natasha wanted her to move.

Natasha’s cold blue eyes stared into Aurora’s own and she received a smirk before her body tensed.

Her release hit in a matter of seconds.

One second it felt like too much and the next second, Aurora felt her body hit its limit. Rita did not last long either when Aurora’s ass tightened as a result of her release.

It was a mess when the pair finished their copulation. Aurora could feel the semen coming out of her ass but her body had no strength to clean herself up.

Even Rita seemed to spend after that intense round. But she had a content aura around her.

“Hey, does this mean I will have to clean us up? How is this fair?”

Natasha complained as soon as she saw the pair collapse in front of her. Her voice sounded irritated but her face and aura did not show it.

She seemed to have enjoyed herself as well.

“Don’t complain Natasha. You did the least work so you can at least clean us up.”

Rita’s voice was not serious as well and Aurora tried to stop her laughter from bubbling out of her mouth.

“Let’s rest for an hour and then set out. We don’t have a lot of time on our hands.” Aurora would have liked to stay behind and rest some more. But they were lacking time.

The weekly limit they had was about to reach its end soon.

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