Natasha. And Natasha knew that she had been caught.

“Shes corrupted. Your companion, shes beyond saving now.”

The dwarf in Ritas grasp summarised. His factual voice matched the devastated look on Ritas face.

“Natasha, what did you do…”

Rita seemed to be at a loss of words. Natasha would have been as well if she had been in Ritas place. Ritas emotional state was already a mess which Natasha needed to be careful of.

“I took a risk. Dont worry, Im alright for now. Lets go find Aurora.”

Natasha tried to make her voice strong but it was difficult. The corruption was eating away at her core and Natasha felt weaker than she had ever before.

‘I need to find Aurora before I die. I want to see her one last time. That was the only thought fueling Natasha and keeping her going.

“Dont worry, Natasha. I will help you out. Just sit back and allow me to relieve you.” Natasha felt thankful for Ritas company which turned into a yelp as soon as she felt herself being pushed back.

“Rita, what are you doing?”

“Create two barriers. One for the dwarf and one for us. I will help you keep the corruption at bay for now.”

As soon as Natasha heard those words she understood what Rita was purposing. Her cheeks went red and she did as was asked of her.

It was only after Natasha was done did she realize what she had done and her red cheeks went scarlet.

“Rita, we should not be doing this. We need to find Aurora.”

“We do. But we also need you alive to do that. So shut up and let me do this.”

Natasha was not uninterested in the offer. Natasha was a sexy woman whom Natasha might have had a small crush on. So it was not a bad proposal for her.

‘I guess Ill be selfish this one time. Natasha agreed as Rita pulled her in for a kiss.


Aurora walked through the unfamiliar forested corridor. Never in her life had she ever thought that she would ever have to visit the Death Pool, but here she was.

‘Such a dark and gloomy place. I feel like Im being watched.

Aurora was thankful that she had asked her companions to stay out of this place. There was something weird going on in here.

‘The corruption is too strong here. It is typing to draw me in as well.

Aurora could feel the corruption inside her singing to join the others of its type. There were other hosts of corruption looking toward Aurora.

Thankfully, no one tried to approach Aurora outright and she was sure it was because of her magic as a goddess. These creatures were suspicious of her and not willing to approach her so easily.

‘I never thought the abyss would have such a place this early in the abyss. It makes sense why no one ever returned from here before.

If a person with any divinity walked in here, it would be impossible to keep their purity intact. The corruption would eat them alive.

But this peace was not to last for long. The more Aurora walked, the more she felt curious eyes on her person. It was not long before she was finally approached by a spirit.

“Ah, youre one of us? But why did you come here?”

The beast had no human form but Aurora could barely make out a thin and tall humanoid form beneath the smoke of corruption.

The corruption was not racing to capture Aurora since she already hosted some of it inside her body.

“I am not one of you. I have not lost myself yet. I am just here to retrieve something.”

Aurora was not sure if she was trying to reassure herself or if she was trying to reassure the formless creature.

From his expression, he did not look impressed with Auroras answer but it did not try to push her for more either.

It just gave Aurora an eerily look before snickering and vanishing.

“Good luck. I hope your companion make it out of here alive.”

Aurora had a bad feeling about those parting words. She had left her companions outside the forest and she was sure that they would not disobey her words.

But something about this situation made Aurora doubt her mind. She had to check up on her companions to make sure.

And Aurora felt her blood freeze as soon as she spotted her companions position on the map.

They were inside the forest.

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