And then Aurora opened the vault and stepped inside.

It was all blue, a space filled with water and wetness. The night sky was being reflected in the dark lake which converted into a molten pool of stars.

“Its so beautiful. I wonder who made this place. It doesnt feel like a natural place.”

Aurora walked closer to the lake, her eyes taking in everything around her. She tried to spot her reflection in the pool but paused as soon as her eyes met her pool counterpart.

But Aurora had only leaned in to see herself when she felt someone push her into the pool. One second she was out, the next she was in the water.

She didnt even hear the words of encouragement coming out in a familiar voice as she sank into the water.

“Good luck Aurora. I hope you have a pleasant swim.”

Avas familiar face was reflected in the water and an innocent smile made itself home on her face.

“I guess its time to pay a visit to that other pair. They sure know how to cause trouble for me.”

Ava left the scene and there was no evidence left behind of what she did. There were many things Ava had done in her life which would brand her as a traitor and this was one of those things.

But Ava did not feel guilty for what she did. After all, it was all for the sake of her grand plan.


“So, did you get the answers you wanted to find Clove? Has your heart settled down now?”

Clove looked up toward Zoes yellow eyes. The zodiac was waiting for her reply but Clove did not have one for her.

The past few days had been a rollercoaster ride for her but it was finally time for her to head back.

The tower needed to plan for the upcoming abyssal games and they needed Clove and Quince to participate as their representatives.

As much as Clove did not care for them, she also knew she needed the towers help in achieving her goal and completing her soul.

As for finding answers? She had a lot of her memories back so the answer wasyes.

“You do not need to know what is going on with me. I promise that my condition will not hinder my resolve. I will help you out if you help me out.”

Clove had remembered a lot of her past life which had helped her accept Zoes help. But those memories had also ignited a long-forgotten feeling.

“Good. Then, I want to ask a favor of you. A long time ago, someone managed to make away with one of my treasures. The owner of such treasure would die soon but I want my treasure back. So I want you to help me sneak in and steal it.”

Clove considered Zoes words but they did not sound that difficult.

pᴀ(ɴᴅ)ᴀ ɴoᴠᴇʟ “If it is something from the tower then there is no need for you to sneak in. I can get it for you.”

Clove had a lot of power and authority. It would be better if she was the one who requested toborrow the thing Zoe wanted. It was not like Lady Minerva was going to sayno to her.

But instead, Zoe shook her head.

“No. That item is something I need to retrieve personally and it is not in the tower. I need to get into those abyssal games to get that item because it will be one of the prizes. Will you be able to get me in or not?”

Clove felt surprised at Zoes insistence in this matter but she ultimately decided that it had nothing to do with her.

Smuggling Zoe into the Abyssal games was not difficult for Clove. And Clove also had no reason to say no.

“Alright. As long as you promise not to cause trouble for me or expose me, then I can help you out. I dont care about these games either way.”

Zoe gave a small smile back but she did not explain any further what she wanted from Clove. The talk also fell silent after that and Clove left pretty quickly/

It was only once she was gone did Zoe turn toward the small pool of water, only to watch Ava push Aurora into the lake.

“I guess Ava got impatient and decided to take matters into her hand. I dont know how those fools dont see what a devil she is but they will pay a price for it soon enough. I should not concern myself with this.”

For once, Zoe would turn her head away and pretend she did not see anything. Whatever plan Ava had, Zoe wanted no part of it.

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