Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 186 186: Part of a script - part 1

Rita finally pulled away from Natashas pussy when she felt the other girl was ready for more. Her pussy was finally stretched enough to take Ritas hardness in.

“Get ready because I will make it hard and fast for you.”

Natasha gulped, anticipating what was going to happen next. She had seen Aurora and Rita go at it before so she had an idea what would happen.

However, what Natasha did not anticipate feeling was the sensation of pain in her pussy. It was a painful first stretch.

‘Fuck, I did not think that it would hurt this much. How did Aurora event enjoy this sensation?

Natashas eyes were filled with tears at the unexpected sensation. Her body tried to reject the cock forcing it open and it felt difficult to breathe.

“Natasha, breathe. This pain will pass soon enough. Everyone feels this when they first have sex.”

Natasha tried to breathe but it was difficult. Something inside her was being torn apart by Ritas huge cock.

“R-Rita, there is blood down there.”

Natasha picked her body a little to see the cock inside her. Her vision instantly zoned out on the red she was seeing and it scared her.

ρꪖnᦔa (nꪫꪣ)ꫀ​ꪶ​ “Of course, you are bleeding when your hymn got shattered by me. Dont worry, its quite normal. It will start feeling good soon enough.”

“Huh? No, wait! I am not ready…”

But Rita did not stop to give Natasha time to adjust to her size or the new sensation. She rammed her cock in and Natasha could only gasp out in mixed pain and pleasure.

This continued until Natasha changed her angle and hit something inside Natasha that made her see stars. It was a different sensation than before and the pleasure felt real.

“W-What was that?”

It almost felt like Natashas clit was being stimulated but even more intense. Natashas brain melted as soon as Ritas cock angled toward that new spot.

Sex had never felt this good before and Natasha felt her arms pulling Rita closer to her and her legs curling themselves around the red-heads strong waist.

Ritas breasts were rubbing against Natashas own and bouncing all over the place. They mesmerized Natasha and she reached out to take one in her mouth.

Her cold tongue rubbed against Natashas erect nipped which caused Ritas hips to falter in their moment.

The new angle was even more intense than before and Natasha felt the other go deeper inside her. It was all mind-melting pleasure that made Natasha unable to think.

“See, I told you this wont be that bad.”

Ritas words seemed to be coming out perfectly. It was almost like this sex was not affecting her in any way.

And it bruised Natashas ego a little.

Here she was, losing her mind due to Rita while Rita seemed to not be affected by Natashas body at all. This will not do for Natasha and she instantly positioned her hips to match Ritas moments.

At the same time, Natasha pulled Rita down into a kiss and her tongue came out to dominate Ritas mouth.

It only worked because of the shock factor but Ritas breath did hitch and her hips falter as soon as she felt Natasha move against her.

‘Finally, I made Ritas cool mask break. Natasha felt happy to have gotten this victory but this happiness did not last long.

Ritas next thrust caused Natasha to break their kiss and moan out. Her back arched against the floor at the intense feelings she was feeling and pleasure took over her.

Ritas thrusts picked up speed and they got even harshed after that stunt. Her eyes had a fire in them that burned Natasha and dared her to pull a stunt like this again.

“You are asking for it now.”

Natasha braced herself but nothing could prepare her for the harsh pounding she got in her pussy from Rita.

Their hips shook as the pair approached their release. It hit the pair at the same time and they exploded.

Ritas body collapsed on top of Natashas and their breasts collided with each other as a result.

It forced a moan out of the pair and they both collapsed on their sides.

“Rita, I dont think I will be able to move now. Also, we dont have any supplies with us here to clean ourselves with.”

Rita groaned at Natashas logical answer. She knew that the other female was right but she just wanted to enjoy her post-climax time in bliss.

“We also need to find Aurora. I am sure she would be pissed to see us in here.”

“Aww fuck. I forgot all about her.” Ritas carefree mood vanished as soon as she remembered Aurora and her instructions.

She was going to be so pissed at the pair now.


Aurora felt weightless as she sank deeper into the water. It was a calming feeling that cause Auroras mind to go blank.

The water around her felt like the abyss and it was reaching out to help Aurora out. It was like a gentle parent, trying to guide Aurora along.

The residual burn of corruption was nowhere to be felt and this was the most relaxed Aurora had felt in a long time.

But Aurora knew that hidden behind this calmness was a darkness that was waiting to devour her. If Aurora let her guard down she would have her body taken over in an instant.

It was a battle for her life and the only way to get out of this place was to break the seal that was cast on this place.

Aurora risked opening her eyes but all she was was clear water and an image of familiar blond hair.

A hand reached out toward Aurora, asking her to take it but Aurora hesitate to take it.

After all, the hand was not trying to pull her out but to sink her even deeper. The origin of the hand, nor the original body was visible to Aurora but she could tell that the hand was friendly and would help her out.

“Mother is here. Mother will help you out if you let her.”

Aurora gulped her nervousness down as various voices rose around her. The calm water was instantly rustled with motion and various bodies swam past Aurora toward the darkness where the hand originated from.

‘It must be a trap. I should get out of the water and make my way back. Aurora tried to swim against the flow of water but it was difficult.

The abyss was suppressing Auroras magic and Aurora was not able to break out of her seal.

The hand reached out to grab at Auroras clothes and finally dragged her down into the waters depth.

There was no oxygen to keep Aurora conscious and she finally felt her breath run out. She was being dragged deeper and deeper into the abyss but Aurora was also losing her strength.

Her eyes could barely make out anything in front of her and this experience felt so familiar to her.

‘Have I ever drowned before? I remember Clove reaching out toward her to pull me out.

Aurora was sure it was only the lack of oxygen in her brain that was making her hallucinate the golden hairs and blue eyes of Clove.

The hand no longer looked to be originating out of darkness, but it seemed to be attached to a body that looked vaguely familiar to Cloves.

“Take my hand.”

Aurora reached out toward the hand before realizing that the voice she heard did not sound like Cloves at all. The shape of the females face and the way she swam also seemed different from Clove.

It was only the initial impression and the familiar aura of this person that seemed to screamClove but this was a different person.

Still, Aurora allowed herself to be pulled deeper into the depths of the lake and closed her eyes.

Her body was heavy and it was sinking but her brain did not feel the feel. Instead, it felt protected and warm.

It felt like she was supposed to be here. Like she had found something important she had been looking for.

Outside the lake, Ava gave out a joyous laugh as she felt the power surge around her.

“So, that fragment finally made contact with Aurora? It is all up to you now, Aurora. Do not disappoint me.”

Avas hummed out a tune due to her happy mood. She had worked so hard to present Aurora with this opportunity and she had a feeling that Aurora would not disappoint her.

After all, this was the wish Aurora had made when she had contracted herself with Ava. She no longer had any ground to complain.

“See Zoe, I told you things would work out.”

Ava knew Zoe could hear her. She did not need an answer from the other overlooker to know that she had her interest.

Things were falling into place and soon enough Ava would be able to rest. Things were working themselves toward the end Ava anticipated that she would see it through.

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