“So you did choose to come back here after all. Come inside and close the curtain behind you” Aurora shuddered at the seductive tone being used on her and her body reacted accordingly.

Aurora was loyal to her wife but even she could appreciate a nice body when she saw one. And the female in front of her was a vision with everything on display like that.

The former old woman now looked like a young and erotic vision that could have walked out of someones erotic dreams. The skin was young, and so was the voice.

“Shouldnt you be wearing clothes?” Aurora asked, swallowing the saliva gathering in her mouth. The doctor made her nervous just sitting in front of her.

“Should I be? They feel rather restraining and would just get in the way of what I need to do next anyway. You do know how essence gathering works, right?” The female asked and Aurora nodded.

She did have a vague idea about the topic but she had never experienced it for herself. She knew clove had given some of her essences away before but Aurora never had the need to.

But from what she knew, the process was a little erotic in nature and required a lot of physical contact. The naked doctors presence just solidified that claim in Auroras mind.

“I have a general knowledge but I want to know – why me?” Aurora asked quietly. She could feel the curiosity and eagerness in the others body language and it felt good to create such a reaction.

It felt nice to be acknowledged by someone other than Clove. It made her feel relevant and soothed an ancient part of her soul. It made her feel powerful to see the doctor looking at her like that.

“Why you? Cant you see the kind of aura you have? Its overflowing with power and its the first one Ive seen that is so bright. Your essence would give me so much room to experiment. Now come and sit. You dont need to do anything” the doctor finally stood up, her breasts bouncing with the motion.

There were hidden muscles in the doctors body that made Auroras mouth go dry. There was a certain compulsion inside her that wanted to touch the female in front of her and marvel in the wonder of pleasure.

“You can call me Freha. As you have guessed, Im half-human and half-succubus. No, dont pity me here” the doctor replied back. Not that Aurora would have pitied the other.

Half-humans were a pretty common sight after the abyss had opened. Humans were an adventurous breed and could not stop their curiosity when faced with new species. (Not that there were no unfortunate cases in the mix)

Still, Freha did not look like she regretted her position or her non-human nature. She was one of the minorities that seemed to not mind her heritage.

“Are you sure it is wise to tell this to me? What if I tell you about the Tower council? Wont you be haunted?” Aurora asked, wanting to watch the others reaction.

“Well, if you did then thats it. But Im willing to take the risk because of a rumour I heard in the underground world. But thats a thing we have to discuss later. That girl outside is running out of time, so I would rather get started on it” Aurora nodded.

She could tell when the conversation had been dropped and she had no intention of continuing it any further anyway. Not that she had any intention of getting Freha in trouble. She didnt want to subject her to the towers cruelty.

Not when such a person could become a strong ally in the abyss later on. Half creatures who had control over their powers were rare and a resource Aurora wanted to invest in. Those poor people did not deserve the mistreatment they got just because their parents could not keep it in their pants.

“I will need you to guide me further” Aurora replied, her breath hitching as her breasts were touched lightly. She had not felt Fariha move but the other had somehow made her way in front of Aurora.

There was a light shove that caused Aurora to lose her balance and fall back on the small bed the good doctor had been occupying seconds ago.

Aurora instantly locked eyes with a golden pair in front of her as she felt the demonic part of Freha rise up. The energy felt familiar to the abyss and caused Aurora to further drop her guard. It was a gentle coax as magic caressed her own and caused Aurora to involuntary moan.

It was such an intimate gesture and felt as if she was being played with. Lust was rising in the air and it was messing with Auroras head. She could feel Freha getting more and more turned on as the time passed.

“Should I go further? Ill need a verbal confirmation once” the voice whispered in Auroras ears as she felt the presence of those hands near her chest area. They were so close and would feel so good on her chest.

Aurora knew she should not do this right now since she had a wife.

‘But youre not married right now. Experimenting a little wont hurt you. And Clove would not mind. Her brain reminded her. It had not been like Clove had been a virgin either when they had gotten together, nor had they been exclusive.

There had just been too many situations that had caused too much trouble for the pair. And this was a medical emergency as well.

“Do what you have to” Auroras voice came out far more vital than she felt at the moment. It held none of the breathiness that would have been expected of her, nor did it break under the pressure of her one desire.

But her words did cause the hands on her body to start moving and they finally rested on her chest to give it a light squeeze.

It felt good to finally have someone play with her chest. It sent sparks of pleasure down her spine and made her arch her back in pleasure.

It felt far better than it had with only her hands. The hands playing with her also felt experiences as they channelled the magic in and around her. She could feel something trying to connect with her magic and it sent sparks down her spine.

And all of a sudden, the hand on her chest tightened as it squeezed. It hurt but it also felt so good and Aurora had another body rub against her.

“F-Fuck. W-What kind of essence is this? Its so fierce and potent” Freha panted as she rubbed her hardness against Auroras stomach.

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