Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 201 201: A small human - part 1

“Darn, I really want to take my time tonight but I should hurry up and fuck you. The nights have gotten shorter and I want you to enjoy yourself.”

Ritas body gave in a small thrust, her expression twisted into one of pleasure.

The pair had not waited around to play tonight. There was a sense of urgency in the air and the pressure of magic was surrounding them.

Aurora could also feel the curious magic reaching toward her barrier, trying to break it and peek inside.

‘Ur is….too curi..ous for hi..s ow..n go..od.

It had to be the dragon cub trying to connect with Aurora but the barrier was preventing it from reaching Aurora. And for good reasons as well since now was not the time for Aurora to be seen by anyone by Rita.

“Stop thinking about useless things. You need to keep on focusing on me.”

It was easy for Rita to say that. Aurora had a feeling that the younger would not even mind if she was caught fucking Aurora.

‘I bet Ri…ta w..oul..d really l..ike it.

Auroras mouth was being assaulted by Ritas tongue, her pussy by Ritas cock. The dual sensation of being filled was so good that Auroras thoughts were slipping past her mind.

Her free hands were roaming around Ritas body, cupping her hanging breasts and massaging them.

Her other hand had also decided to go exploring, trying to find sensitive spots around Ritas body.

And the most appropriate point Aurora had found was the other females sensitive pussy.

It was a difficult angle for Aurora to reach while she was being fucked but her hand could reach out to play with Ritas clit and wetness.

“H-Hey, where are you touching? S…top it.”

Aurora grinned as she pushed her hips back to ask Rita to continue her thrusting while her hand played with her wet pussy.

If Aurora was being fucked hard and fast, she wanted Rita to feel the same sensation. The wet pussy was begging to be fingered.

“Keep on moving, Rita. I did not say that you could stop.”

Aurora tightened her pussy around Ritas huge cock, her internal walls doing their best to milk Rita out.

The sensation must have felt great for Rita since her body all but collapsed on top of Aurora. It caused that cock to go even deeper inside Auroras pussy.

“C…ome on. Ri..ta mo..ve.”

Aurora finally took her fingers out of Ritas pussy to give her some breathing room. She did not want to overwhelm Rita right now.

She needed the younger to gather her strength and fuck Aurora silly. Auroras body could not handle this much dual sensation. It was too hot and too cold at the same time.

It was too much for her poor brain to be able to handle all at once.

“Give me a second.”

Thankfully, Ritas body did not need long to get going again. She was close and Aurora could tell that.

The cock inside was twitching like mad, Ritas body tensing up as she reached her release.

The sudden rush of hot and cold feeling caused Aurora to hit her end as well. Her body tensed up before releasing it all in one go.

“Rita, get off me. It might not seem like it but you are quite heavy.”

Aurora pushed the heavier girl off her body. Rita gave an annoyed look but she did get off Aurora without a problem.

“That damn dragon is still at it? Can he not take a hint?”

Aurora sighed as she felt another knock against her barrier. The dragon kid was turning out to be a lot more trouble than it was worth.

“Fine, I will deal with Ur for now. You can go ahead and sleep.”

Aurora waved her hand to make herself clean. It was a neat trick that helped after such an intense session.

It was a necessity if Aurora wanted to travel with Ur. Dragons had sensitive noses and Aurora did not want to make Ur uncomfortable.

Aurora dropped a part of her barrier and the dragon took that opportunity to jump at Aurora.

He gave a few curious whiffs but ultimately chose to node off against Aurora.

“Before you ask, I did try to hold him back. But even I cannot handle an energetic dragon pup. You will need to calm him down on your own.”

Aurora sighed as she held the dragon close. She had a feeling that things would come down to this sooner or later.

Dragons had possessive feelings toward those they imprinted on and Ur was no different. Aurora had brought this upon herself by deciding to steal the egg.

“Ur, behave yourself and stop causing trouble for Astoria. Youve seen me now and you have scented me as well. Now go and sleep with Astoria.”

The dragon gave the most pitiful look he could to Aurora but it did nothing to her. Aurora handed the dragon over to Astoria who took him with a suffering sigh.

The dragon still tried to paw away at Astoria and head toward Aurora before he finally got the message that Astoria was not going to let him go.

“Be a good boy and I will give you a treat tomorrow.”

The dragon instantly calmed down at the mention of a treat. It was kind of like a mixture of a dog and a toddler at his current age.

“Astoria, sleep tight since we will be leaving early tomorrow. We have a long journey ahead of us.”

Astoria did not look amused at Auroras attempt to lighten things up. The other female had been made to stay up and look after Ur while the other two enjoyed themselves.

Not that Astoria had any need or want to relieve herself. That only happened when she went into a rut.

“Tomorrow night, you sleep with Ur and bear all his scratches. I will not be responsible for whatever happens.”

Aurora took in the scratch marks all over Astorias arm and gave a sheepish smile in return. She had not expected Ur to put up such a fuss and even injure Astoria.

“Ah, sorry for making you go through all this.”

Astoria did not say anything after that. She did not even look at Aurora but Aurora had a feeling that everything was alright between the pair.

Morning came faster than anyone wanted it to. Everyone looked tired after getting the minimum number of hours to sleep but it did not matter.

This was the only time the Nacross Valley was uninhabited and it was all because of the monster that appear at this specific time.

“Now listen, as long as we do not attack or alert the Sand Scorch, we should be alright. It is not a violent monster and it would also leave us alone…”

No sooner than Aurora had finished speaking did she feel the feral aura behind her. A gigantic shadow covered the area and stopped Aurora from uttering even a single word more.

“Fuck. Can things go our way one time? I cannot believe we lost the 1/10the chance of encountering this thing.”

Ritas words were all Aurora needed to confirm the identity of the behemoth lurking behind her. The monster Aurora had wanted to avoid had sought them out instead.

Its huge centipede-like body and various legs caused Aurora to feel nauseated. The monster was not only ugly but repulsive to look at.

But no matter how much Aurora hated it, she had to face it to progress.

“How troublesome. Sit back while I take care of this insect.”

Astoria seemed to be having a similar idea as her. Her fire magic was adept in dealing with the monster but it did nothing more than push it back this time.

“I hate all this sand.”

Aurora decided to help Astoria out as well, her magic blowing away the protective layer of sand the monster had around his body.

It took only minutes for the large monster to fall. And then the trio was done.

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