Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 222 222: The ridges [pt1]

Contrary to Auroras expectations, the next two days passed in relative peace. The towers representative did not do anything weird or uncalled for which made it easier to handle them.

But the biggest shock was Mei and her willingness to sit back and enjoy everything that was happening.

At first, Aurora had been sure that Mei would decide to take off at the first chance she gets to find Seraphina but that had not been the case.

Surprisingly enough, Mei was content to sit back and enjoy the preparations that had been made for the competition. That was a big shock to everyone, especially Rex who was paranoid that something should happen by now.

“You know, I dont believe this stroke of luck weve had this far. Are you sure the person who came here is Lady Mei and not an imposter? Shes acting way too rational.”

This was what Rex complained about when he first met Aurora after a long time. His eyes darted toward Lady Mei, only to get diverted the very next second when the goddess looked back at him.

The suspicious look in Rexs eyes did not move even an inch at that time.

“Mei is alright. I have Rita keep an eye on her for these trying times. But more on that later. How are things holding up on your end?”

As much as Aurora pretended not to be interested, she did want to know what was going on with the competition that was being held.

It was a shock to see neither Quince nor Clove participate in this competition so Aurora had lost interest in it as well.

Whatever happened there had nothing o do with Aurora anymore.

“Tower is winning as was expected. But that was a given. The other teams are not even trying.”

Rex sounded bitter but the outcome had to be expected. No one was going to go against the Towers winning position and make an enemy out of them.

Aurora would have asked Rocx to do just that to spite them but they were not even participating in this little competition.

Besides, Aurora had a full plate already to pay any attention to Rexs side of things.

“Man, it sucks. If only we could use this opportunity to strike at the tower, we could do some serious damage to their reputation. But here we are stuck now, doing our best to make things comfortable for them.”

Aurora knew Rex did not feel good about this arrangement but it was a necessary evil they had to face.

“I know how you feel but keep on hanging in there. I will be taking Mei outside the academy so I wont be available today. If the tower decided to cause any mischief, then it would be today.”

“Can you not go now? Just stay put a few more days—you know what? Forget I said anything.”

Rexs request was a given but he seemed to think about it again and took it back soon enough.

“Mei had behaved well until now but that will likely not last. I can feel her getting angsty due to a lack of activity. I hope that facing some monsters would get her in a better mood.”

That was not the only reason Aurora had wanted to go out but it was the primary one. A bored goddess was a pit of despair for everyone.

Besides, Aurora did want to check out the Rocx valley as well. There had been signs of weird moments all around and Aurora did not want to take any risk.

The times were too tense right now to allow anything big to happen.

“Will you be taking Rita as well?”

“Likely not.”

“Then good luck and keep yourself out of trouble.”

Rex was asking for a lot from Aurora. It was not like she specifically went out to look for trouble. Usually, the trouble ended up finding her instead.

So Aurora did not make any promises. Instead, she just nodded and accepted her upcoming fate.


“Wow, so this is the Rocx Valley? It looks different from the surroundings of the academy. It is a deserted land.”

Mei sounded in awe at seeing a huge expanse of uninhabited land. Monsters fell around the pair without any extra effort on their part. There was just too much energy in the air for them to survive.

Aurora had asked Mei to show her how to work a goddesss core and so far Mei had done an excellent job demonstrating.

But the power residual build-up was too much for the poor surroundings to take.

“We dont usually use our core outside the abyss since it is very taxing for us. Let me show you how you manipulate it.”

Meis aura changed to a brighter shade before her magic pulsed. It was something Aurora was sure she could do as well if she found a connection with her core.

System, record every reading and apply it to my core.


Auroras system was convenient for these times. It was taking into account everything Mei was doing while allowing Aurora to concentrate on her surroundings.

Maybe that was why she did not miss the flash of black entering the abyssal crack nearby. It felt familiar but Aurora could not understand why someone would want to enter the abyss from here.

“Mei, we have a few intruders nearby. What do you think we should do about it?”

Aurora asked her current partner who showed a confused expression on her face before her grin turned feral.

“We have a few intruders? Why? We ought to show them who is the boss here. I say we take care of them.”

‘As expected, Mei wants to kill off these people as soon as possible. I should have expected this kind of reply from her.

Aurora wanted to sigh at her companions reply. Mei never changed, no matter what happened.

“Sure, if thats what you want to do. Just make sure you clean up after yourself.”

Aurora gave her permission without thinking about it. What did it matter to her in the end if some unknown person died in this desert?

People should know better than to walk in into a goddesss territory unannounced anyway.

“Wow, youre unexpectedly colder than I thought you to be. But I will not complain since it is fun for me as well.”

Mei too off wihtout Aurora. She took the same direction that the shadow took beforehand and Aurora relaxed her body.

She trusted Meis powers. She would not even be shocked if Mei ended up killing someone while playing around.

But what Aurora was surprised at was the familiar voice that reached Auroras ears. She felt someones hand in her hair and instantly tried to move.

“Are you not worried about your friend? She could get seriously injured if she encounters Zoe like that.”

Cloves soft voice washed over Aurora like a soothing balm but Aurora felt herself unable to move for whatever reason.

She was stuck in the same position for some time now.

“What are you doing here? No, more importantly, how did you even get here? This place is forbidden to enter this time.”

Aurora was not only surprised to see Clove here but also shocked to know that Zoe had entered the premises.

Lady Minervas and Avas powers were currently protecting the perimeters due to the competition so no outsider should be able to enter.

Or that should have been the case this far. But unexpectedly, Clove only smiled blissfully toward Aurora. Her face had a nostalgic smile on it that made Aurora want to reach out to her.

“What? I cannot enter a place like this. Arent I a part of the tower? Dont worry, we are not looking forward to causing any trouble right now. We just want to retrieve something.”

Clove looked bitter at Auroras priorities and it was a familiar expression on her face.

She often made that expression when she felt wronged and Aurora had always tried her best to reassure Clove that there was nothing for her to be bitter over.

Even now Aurora wanted to reach out and hold Cloves face in her own, but it was too late for that.

Or appropriate for that matter.

Clove was not someone who Aurora could touch whenever she wanted to.

“I dont know what you came here for but even Zoes powers are limited in the overworld. I am sure Mei will be able to take care of her. And then there is Seraphina as well. It will be 2 vs 1 in there.”

Aurora tried to unnerve Zoe with her words but the younger did not look worried at all.

“Will it really be 2 vs 1 in there? After all, you are not the only one who can ask a goddess for help. I made some preparations of my own this time.”

It took some seconds for Aurora to realize what Clove meant but her blood went cold as soon as she realized what Clove was suggesting to her.

“Clove, why are you doing this? What is your purpose? Whatever it is, we can talk it over among each other and solve it.”

Aurora pleaded but Clove looked pained. And that was how Aurora knew that she had lost this round.

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