Joyous laughter filled the chamber. The overlookers frame shook with amusement at Auroras words.

“I expected nothing else from the one selected by the Abyss. That being said, what are you planning to do? Do you have any idea where those fragments of your lover are?” The overlooker asked.

Aurora went red and then pale.

She had never entertained the possibility of not being able to find Cloves soul when she had planned the future. She had not even considered it a hindrance.

But looking back at it now, it was a massive oversight on Auroras side.

“From your expression, I can tell that you did not think this far ahead. But I cannot fault you for it. You have the arrogance of goddess but no training to go along with it.” The over keepers laughter faded slowly.

But Aurora still felt amusement ooze off the other female.

“Are you just going to mock me? Or, are you going to help me.” Aurora asked. She expected the overlooker to have a plan.

Otherwise, the creature would not have brought up this topic. You could never underestimate the creature of the abyss. Especially those who carried a part of its powers.

“I got caught. Well, since you are asking for help, I will throw you a bone. But you will need to do something for me as well.” the overlooker purposed.

A thin and delicate hand extended itself toward Aurora. The overlooker gave a sharp but amused look.

“What do you say? You cannot control your powers. And you cant locate the soul fragments till you learn to control your powers. I can help you out.” the female was taunting Aurora.

But even Aurora had to admit that she did not see this offer coming.

Overlookers were extremely rare to sight in person. To see one offer a contract was unheard of in any myth.

“What is the catch? Why are you willing to help me?” Aurora questioned.

She had to admit that her journey would become much easier with the overlookers help. But she could not help but feel unsettled still.

The overlooker was an agent of the Abyss.

“Catch? I dont think youll believe me if I say that there is none. And even if there is, I promise it wont affect you.” the female assured.

Aurora wanted to refuse on principles but she was running out of excuses. Her powers were not going to control themselves.

She needed guidance.

“Alright. Lets form that contract of yours. But dont try to pull one over me.” Aurora did not know where her confidence was coming from.

She did not feel afraid of the overlooker. The familiar feeling the overlooker gave made Auroras instincts relax.

“See. I knew you would come around. And I hope you know how to sign the contract as well? You will need to receive my power deep inside yourself. You will need to accept my essence.” The overlooker informed.

This was something Aurora knew well enough. After all, this was what had given the abyss its true name.

The common people knew this place as the abyss. But the ones that had gotten past floor 5 knew the abysss true name.

The Abyss of Dual Cultivation. And the real currency of the abyss was power.

Once you got past a certain stage, everything was facilitated by the exchange of power between different bodies. Be it currency, weapon, or even a simple exchange of information.

It was all regulated by energy exchange.

And the most important of it all was the contract exchange. And the only way to solidify such a contract was through dual cultivation.

“I know what I must do. But I have to admit that it does not make me happy.” Aurora slipped her hand into the overlookers extended hand.

She allowed herself to be pulled into the overlookers body. Their chests met, as did their lower halves. It was difficult to tell where one started and where the other ended.

“Wont your wife be jealous if she sees you like this?” the overlooker asked as her face approached Auroras.

“Only if she remembers. But Cloves forgiving and she doesnt get jealous easily.” Aurora assured. There was no need to bait the overlooker, but Aurora still did it anyway.

And between one moment and the next, their lips met. It was a battlefield of dominance between the two powers. Tongues battled against each other inside Auroras mouth and she felt her body react.

When the kiss broke, a string of saliva connected Auroras lips to the overlooker.

“My name is Ava Torkas. I am a vessel of the abyss. I propose this contract between myself and -”

“Aurora Dehva”

“-May our bear fruit of victory.”

That was the most bizarre contract line Aurora had ever heard. It sounded more like a voe than a contract. But Ava gave Aurora no time to think her words through.

One second she was speaking, the next Ava was trying to steal the breath out of Auroras lungs.

Something hard poked Auroras stomach. The hardness felt familiar but one she had not felt for some time.

It gave her a pause.

“Whats wrong? Are you scared? You can sit back and let me do all the work for you.” Ava purposed. Avas hand made contact with Auroras breasts and fondled the soft mounds.

And then she shoved Aurora to the ground.

Aurora felt the larger body on top of her. Ava was pressing her to the ground. The outlookers arms were caging Aurora inside.

And Avas gaze was challenging.

“Scared? Im not a blushing virgin who needs your help. I can take anything you dish out at me.” Aurora assured.

She did not like the confidence coming out of Ava. The other was underestimating Aurora and it hurt her pride. The goddess inside her wanted to show Ava what real power was all about.

But Aurora held back. She needed to sit back and receive Avas powers inside.

Taking initiative would not help in this situation.

“I knew you were the right match for me. Now, lets see how prepared your body actually is?” Avas hands were cold and foreign as they mapped Auroras chest.

But the outlooker did not waste any in finding her pussy entrance.

Auroras body did not provide any resistance to the probing fingers. It took them all in with ease and stretched around the fingers.

But it was still a tight fit.

“Wow. Your body is eager. It makes me wonder if the abyss gave you power over sex and seduction. Maybe even lust?” Aurora knew that Ava was not talking to her.

But her body did not care. It reacted to Avas voice and clenched around the fingers.

The energy Ava was sending inside her was familiar and it filled Aurora perfectly. It was like welcoming a part of her back inside her body.

Her pussy worked around the fingers. The feeling must be pleasurable for Ava as well since her hardness made itself known against Auroras thigh.

“I wonder if I can enter you like this. Without any preparation and all raw. Shall we try it out?” Aurora felt her mind melt at the pleasure.

She had been together along with Colve many times to know that this was not normal for her.

But something similar had happened with Freha. Pleasure had made Aurora lose her reason at that time as well.

The thinking was getting progressively difficult as more and more magic filled her.

It was not enough and so much at the same time.

The penis pressing against her pussy did not help the matter. Aurora was wet enough to take Avas whole length inside her without any problem.

Auroras legs had a mind of their own as they snaked around Avas hips. And before the overlooker had enough time to consider her new position, Aurora pulled the other toward her body.

Avas pleasure-filled yell informed Aurora that the overlooker had not been ready for that action.

And neither had been Aurora.

But the penis was inside her now and it throbbed painfully. It was pain and pleasure mixed in one.

But the most overwhelming thing was the flow of magic between the pair. It was intense and familiar.

The abyss was aiding their coupling, converting the pair into mindless animals.

“S-Sorry. I cant hold back. Its your fault for forcing me to go faster.” Aurora did not get to brace herself.

Avas thrusts were fast and sharp. Her penis made quick work of Aurora and dragged her closer and closer to the release.

The magic aided their coupling and caused the pair to reach their end much faster.

Aurora felt something wet fill her as the bond finally snapped in place. She did not even notice her body let go. Nor did she hear her voice crying out in pleasure.

It was all magic and heat around her. The embrace of the abyss beckoned her to sleep her fatigue off.

[New contract successful. Familiar acquired

Statue: Bonded with a zoodiac]

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