“Look. I am aware that you do not trust me. But you can tell that I am not lying when I say that I want to help Aurora, right?” Ava asked.

Aurora gave out an audible sound behind her.

“Ava. H-Help me out.” Aurora panted softly. Ritas eyes softened just a bit at Auroras soft actions.

But once they turned toward Ava, they were hard and piercing once again.

“I dont trust an abyss scum like you. But since Aurora is willing to trust you, I wont go against her. However, you do not get to touch her. Tell me what you need me to do.” Rita clenched Auroras arm tighter when she pulled her closer.

Rita did not like the look in the snakes eyes. She looked at Aurora as an investor looking at a profitable investment.

“Alright. Suit yourself. As long as Aurora lives long enough to serve her purpose, I am happy.” Ava spoke.

Her light words caused Rita to growl out.

“Ohhh. Be careful puppy. Your fangs are showing.” Rita swiped her claws out toward the snake. Unfortunately, Ava dodged her claws.

Rita growled lowly again. This one was filled with warning and Ava finally straightened herself.

“Do not speak nonsense.” It was difficult to speak through a mouth full of fangs. But Rita had perfected that art quite a while ago.

“Alright. Seeing as how you have achieved a merge with the abysss energy, you are perfect for the job. You need to regulate her energy levels by dual cultivating with her.” Ava explained.

Ritas face flushed at the news. But her heart skipped a beat at Avas words.

“I need to what?” Rita asked. She had heard clearly what the snake had said but her mind refused to believe it.

“Dual cultivate with Aurora. The venom in my snags caused her energy to destabilize. I thought it would not work. But I forgot that Aurora still thought of herself as a human. This upset wont kill her but it would be uncomfortable for her.” Ava explained.

Rita felt conflicted. But Ava continued her persuasion.

“The main core of this abyss is an energy exchange. It can be used for anything. Your energy can also be used to stabilize Auroras. And, wasnt this what you wanted? To go all the way with her after Aurora accepts your curse self.” Rita almost cursed at those words.

She might not have said anything, but this was her deepest darkest desire. This was what she had always wanted from Aurora.

Especially now. Aurora had accepted her cursed self.

“Are you still now going to take any action? Alright, fine then. Get out of the way and let me handle this. Aurora is my contractor and I cant bear to see her suffer.” The snake was spouting bullshit.

Rita could see it in the snakes eyes. That creature held no love or respect for Aurora. There was only greed and desire when she looked at Aurora.

The snake was going to use Aurora.

“No need. Tell me what I need to do and I will take care of things.” Rita denied the snake. Her arms caged Aurora tighter from the snakes eyes.

“Alright. If this is what you have decided to do. You know how to have sex right?” Ritas face went from flushed to red.

Her mouth gapped like a goldfish as the snake neared them.

“I-Of course it is that. I know what to do now. You should leave us alone now.” Rita spoke.

She was as so embarrassed that it was a miracle she was able to say anything at all.

But the snake did not show any signs of leaving. In fact, Ava sat down on a nearby rock and faced the pair.

“Im afraid I cannot take that risk. It was not long ago when you were fumbling like a virgin in Auroras arms. I need to be here in case things derail from the track.” Rita gritted her teeth.

She wanted to attack the snake and make her leave. But Aurora had a tight grip on her arms that prevented Rita was moving.

“H-Help me out already. O-Or get out. I w-will find someone to h-help me out.” Aurora spoke. Her consciousness seemed to be coming and going out in intervals.

Rita felt trapped. Avas smug face finally caused Rita to take action.

“I dont care if you watch us. But I will harm you if you bring this up later.” Rita warned before she discarded what was left of her clothes.

She could feel the snakes eyes roaming all over her body in appreciation.

“Nice body.” Rita held in the urge to gut Ava as the elder whistled in her direction. Ritas only focus was on Aurora in her arms.

The female was clawing away at Ritas arms. Her body was rubbing against Ritas in an attempt to seek relief.

Her pussy was wet from their previous activities. But Rita still needed to stretch her apart.

She chalked the honey-like substance coming out of Auroras pussy as a side-effect of the venom. Her throat felt parched to have a taste but she held herself back.

Ritas mouth licked Auroras body but she hesitated once she reached that pussy.

“Dont worry. Go ahead and have a taste. That is not a side-effect of my venom.” Rita felt a hand on her head before it was forced down.

Aurora cried out as Ritas tongue made contact with her pussy. The voice echoed inside Ritas mind and made her forget whatever she had been thinking.

Her tongue also decided to make the best of this situation and taste the substance in front of her.

Flavor busted across Ritas tongue as soon as she made contact with the honey-like liquid. There was no way this was a normal substance.

It had an almost sweet taste to it. And it also filled Rita with energy.

“Go ahead. Lick it all off. Get her ready for your cock.” Unfamiliar hands slipped down toward Ritas penis.

Ritas half-erect hardness was nowhere ready for a second round. But it started to react once Avas hands reached toward it.

Something wet was smeared across Ritas cock. It made Rita buckle her hips out in pleasure.

“W-What are you doing? Dont touch me.” Rita broke away from Avas hold with considerable effort. Aurora protested against the loss of friction on her pussy.

“Im just helping you go at it again. My venom can be used as an aphrodisiac.” Ava explained as she held her hands up.

Her hand did have a colorless stain on it. But Rita did not believe her.

She wanted to stand up and confront Ava. But Aurora did not give her a choice in this matter.

“You promised to help. F-Fuck you. If you dont have the guts to fuck me then I will do it myself.” In a flash, Rita felt her position being reversed by Aurora.

Aurora had a hand on her pussy, fingering it open. While her other one positioned Rita at her entrance and finally took the final plunge.

Ritas brain went empty at that sensation. It was warm and tight.

It was nothing like she had ever felt before.

“It is fun, right? You feel like you can get addicted to this feeling. To this flow of energy. This is why this tower is so powerful.” Ava pointed out.

Rita did not have enough brain power to be able to curse her out. Not when Auroras insides felt like they would squeeze Ritas essence out.

That tight pussy was too much for Rita to handle in her current state. Her body could not last any longer as it was finally released.

Aurora kept going even after Rita went limp. Auroras body had released as well but her body had not calmed down.

“AVA. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. FIX THIS.” The release had given Aurora just enough presence of mind to demand this.

The binding magic flashed around Avas neck. The snakes amused expression turned into a solemn one as she neared the pair.

“Sheesh. There is no need to be so demanding. You are a goddess and you should behave like one.” Ava scolded.

Aurora detached herself from Rita before she could start moving. She did not want to take advantage of Rita any longer.

Avas hand moved toward Auroras pussy and inserted on finger inside Aurora.

“I will help you out this once. Do not make this a habit for me. Unlike humans, I gain no pleasure from this act. I am just a great actor.” Ava explained as she fastened her pace.

Aurora felt her stomach clench as the orgasm approached her faster and faster.

And when Aurora finally hit her peak she felt like she had exploded. The pleasure was too great and so was the magic.

“Unfortunately, this act is something a goddess cannot shy away from. Get used to doing it a lot. You will need to build up your resistance until you accept your true identity and overcome my venom.” Ava explained as Aurora caught her breath.

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