“Ava, why did you do that? You could have caused a huge problem for us.” The first thing Aurora did when she felt her mind return to her was ask Ava.

“I told you. It was not my intention to drug you. I was not even aware that my venom could affect a goddess. I just wanted to ease tension between you and your companion.” Ava explained.

“And you thought making me horny was the best way to do this?” Aurora questioned.

Ava did not see what the big deal was. Goddesses she had seen before liked to indulge in these acts to increase their powers.

Surely there was no need to make a big deal out of it?

“There was an attraction between you both. I just sped up the process for what would eventually end up happening. Is there a need to make such a big fuss about it?” Ava questioned.

Aurora could see the confusion and stubbornness in Avas aura. She instantly knew that this conversation was not going to go anywhere.

“Forget it. Just dont do that again without my permission. Also, do we have some water with us?” Aurora asked.

Ava handed her hand out and a familiar screen appeared in front of her,

[Registered user Ava Torkas asking to be granted access to the system. Should the system register the individual as a user?]

How the snake learned about Auroras system, she was not even going to ask. Aurora just pressed accept and granted Ava access.

The flash instantly appeared in Avas hand.

“Wicked. Is this some kind of human technology? It feels like magic but Ive never seen magic be used in this way before. It is even tugging at my magic.” Ava sounded in awe.

But Aurora felt no joy in being praised by the snake. Her head was spinning just thinking about the kinks she would have to straighten out.

“Rita, time to wake up. Have some water as well.” Aurora shook the younger, yet taller body lying at her side.

Rita looked exhausted when she pushed her body into a sitting position and took the offered flash. Aurora could see that Rita had not woken up yet.

“Sip slowly. You dont want to lose Auroras taste just yet.” Ava teased and Rita choked o the water.

“AVA!” Auroras voice sounded snapping. The goddesss hands rubbed along Ritas back to ease her out of the coughing.

“I-I am alright. That beasts words just took me by surprise.” Rita assured. Her glare was anything but friendly when she looked at Ava.

Aurora did not buy the innocent look Ava was trying to give her.

“Dont mind her. It is all Avas fault for my condition earlier and I even ended up dragging you in that mess. Do you want me to take responsibility for my actions?” Aurora offered.

The goddess part of Aurora protested against the idea. It did not want to bow down to anyone.

Least of all a human who held no noticeable power in her hand.

“I-Excuse me? There is no need for you to take responsibility. I was the one who instigated our encounter. I also agreed to it all. It is as much my fault as it is yours.” Rita argues.

Aurora did not agree but she could feel the fight in Rita. Any protest she made was going to be countered by Rita.

“So you dont want to be with me?” Aurora knew she was playing dirty. Ritas pinched face told her that much.

“Of course, I want to be with you. But not like this. I want you to give me a chance because you like me back and see me as an adult. But I can see it in your eyes that you are still conflicted about me.” Rita was not wrong.

As much as she felt and looked like her adult self, Aurora was having a hard time differentiating herself from her teen self.

“So, what do you want to do now? Humans are so confusing. You should just forget your feelings and live for the moment like us beasts. I know. I can drug you both again so that you can solve your sexual tension.” The pair ignored Avas words which caused the snake to pout.

But Aurora could feel the snakes true feelings. This was all an act to hide her curiosity over this situation.

“No need. I want to court Aurora properly as an adult. I will make you see me as an adult and then make you mine. I just want the opportunity to be able to do that. I want to stay by your side.” Rita was on the verge of pleasing.

Aurora knew she should not accept.

She should not accept and lead Rita on. There was no place in Auroras heart for anyone except Clove.

Aurora knew that much. She did.

“Alright. You can try if you want to. I wont stop you.” But her mouth still ended up saying something else.

Rita looked relieved so Aurora did not feel bad about her decision.

“Thats fine. So, when are we going to leave this place?” Rita asked. The younger did not look at Aurora when she asked that question.

“Soon. We are just waiting for one more person to join us.” Aurora explained.

Rita did not loom surprised at Auroras answer. But Ava did look curious enough to ask. Aurora waited for her question.

But a familiar presence stopped her thoughts short.

“I can sense someone powerful heading out way. Should I make them stop?” Ava asked. The snake stood up as she faced the direction the intruder was walking in from.

But Aurora let out a small relieved laugh as she waved her hand.

“No need. She is here because I offered her a place in my academy. There is no need for you to get violent on my behalf.” Aurora stopped Ava before she could strike.

The overlooker instantly calmed down. But her curious aura continued to poke Aurora.

“Am I unwelcome here now? Did I take too much time making this decision?” Astoria sounded hesitant. She stood outside the cave with her spear held at ready.

The confidence she had shown in the fight before was nowhere to be seen. But Aurora did not feel disappointed.

And how could she be when she had already been acquainted with Astorias shy self beforehand.

“Nah. Youre here in time. You are free to join us.” Rita offered. The girl seemed to have calmed down a lot after her growth.

“You are-? But how did you grow up this fast? What happened to your group? And why do you have an overlooker with you?” Astoria asked.

Auroras raised hand fell at that question. There was no point In hiding who Ava was now.

But surprisingly enough, Rita did not jump to questioning immediately. She just stared down Ava with a questioning glare.

“Rita underwent the first-floor trail and came out like this. As for Ava? We have a contract we cannot reveal anything about. Is it going to be a problem?” Aurora spoke.

She ignored RitasIt makes so much sense now and focused on Astoria.

“I see. No, it is not going to be a problem. It will be my pleasure to be working with you in your academy.” Astoria replied.

Aurora frowned. Astoria had agreed but her aura still had an uncomfortable feeling to it.

“What is it?” Aurora asked. She hoped that whatever Astoria was about to say would not cause any problem.

“I agree to be a teacher at your academy but I cannot head there right away. I need to retrieve something from the Abyss Tower first.” Astoria sounded distressed.

“Retrieve something?” Aurora asked.

She was not sure why, but her brain reminded her about important events that happened around this time.

“Yes. It is of the uttermost importance that I retrieve that item. So I cannot join you right now.” Astoria sounded sorry.

And Aurora knew what she had to do.

“Rita, Ava. Can you both do me a favor?” the pair nodded with suspicious eyes.

“Return to the Rocx valley without me and take care of it until I return. I will help Astoria finish her business and join you shortly.” Aurora assured.

“You cant be serious!” Rita cried out. As Aurora had expected, Rita was going to be a problem.

But Aurora also knew how to handle her.

“I-NO. Dont look at me with those eyes. You know I am weak for them. Alright, fine. I will listen to you this time.” Aurora knew it was wrong of her to use Ritas feelings for her gain.

But she did so anyway.

Avas stare was emotionless but the snake did not argue with her. Aurora was sure that the outlooker could sense Astorias desperation as well.

“Dont take too long. I wont wait around for you forever. You might be favored now but the abyss is fickle.” Ava warned and Aurora took that warning to heart.

She was not planning to fuck things up with her plan.

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