“Theyre gone now. You are free to discuss the dragon egg with.” Aurora informed Astoria as she took a seat.

“I-What? How do you know about that? I m-mean, you are wrong about it being a dragon egg.” Astoria sounded flushed as she tried to shush Aurora. Aurora found her attempt quite amusing.

But it did not matter in the end.

Even if Astoria had managed to lie successfully, her nervousness would have given her away.

“There is no point in hiding that egg. I already know about it. So why dont we discuss the reason you want to go after it now.” Aurora questioned.

She did remember something about a dragon egg being stolen in the previous timeline. But neither she nor Clove had been part of the retrieval team.

In the end, the egg had disappeared for a long time. It had never been seen since then.

Aurora was sure that the egg had never hatched at all in her previous lifetime. And now she knew where the egg had disappeared to.

“You are right. That egg belongs to my fathers hoard. As you are well aware that I am not a full goddess but a mix between a beast and a goddess. To sate my curiosity, I tried looking for the beast that had donated its DNA for my birth-”

“-But that beast had already been killed off by the tower. It is something the tower does to hide their trails.” The news did not surprise Aurora.

She might have never seen a dragon but she did know the general characteristics of one. And Astorias eyes were something she had inherited from her father.

“Yes. I wanted to retrieve that egg since its the only one that was left in the next when they killed my father. You can still back out now.” Astorias hesitation to stop atfather was understandable.

So was her attempt to make Aurora back off.

But really, there was no need for Astoria to go that far.

“Nah. Ill help you out. Mainly because I also have I want to retrieve from the tower. It is an elixir of life. Only the god of wine knew how to make it.” Aurora revealed.

She had not wanted to go after the Elixir of life on her own. It was not something she needed urgently. All she needed was its location.

That was the bait she had laid out for Rex. Her sworn brother was the one who needed that potion to cure his lover.

“Elixir of life? But there is only a limited amount of it left in the tower. It will be under as much security as the dragon egg will be. It is suicidal to try this.” Astoria replied.

She sounded hesitant and her aura looked oily. That aura belonged to a dead man walking.

“It may be suicidal but I have confidence in my success. However, it looks like you are not taking it seriously at all. You have no intention of coming back alive.” Aurora pointed out.

Astorias soulless chuckle was her answer.

“I know. But I have to try this. This is the only opportunity I have left. I did not initially want to go after that egg because I had no one on my side. But I know youll look after that egg for me.” Astoria sounded confident.

Aurora was not sure if the elder believed in Auroras character. Or her greed for power.

After all, having a dragon on your side was a gigantic advantage one could have.

“Look after the egg yourself. Just to be clear, I am helping you out because I want your skills. I could care less about an egg that might not even hatch in the future. So make yourself a priority or I will sacrifice the egg in exchange for your life.” Aurora snapped.

The goddess part of her raged at Astorias audacity. How dare the half-ling question Auroras powers.

At least the stunned and hopeful aura Astoria was letting out satisfied Auroras temper.

“I understand. I will try not to die.” The oily black aura was still around Astoria but it was considerably less dense.

This was not a victory but it was not a loss either. Aurora decided to take it for what it was.

“Now that we have this figured out, tell me what you have planned this far? I am curious about our next move.” With the immediate danger out of t way, Aurora was happy to divert the leadership.

Mainly because she did not want to spend brainpower thinking over the tower matter. Doing so would leave a sour taste in Auroras mouth.

“Very well. I guess it wont hurt to share why I decided to take this risk now. It is because of the cabinet meeting. As you know, the goddess that makes up the tower council does not like to mingle together. They like their freedom and territory too much to allow coexistence.” Astoria spoke.

Aurora nodded along with it.

“Of course. Too much power in one place leads to conflicts in authority. So the cabinet meeting happens only once a year.” Aurora concluded.

So it was this time of the year already?

“Yes. And it would be the perfect opportunity for us to sneak in and steal the egg. Their security might look tight on the outside but they are too divided on the inside. It is the perfect opportunity for us to get away with this act.” Astoria had it all planned.

Aurora liked her thinking pattern.

Having seen how the cabinet meeting operated, Aurora knew that this was a perfect opportunity to act.

After all, only a fool with a death wish would attack the cabinet meeting which hosted the gods and goddesses.

“I agree So, when is the cabinet meeting?” Aurora asked.

“Its the day after tomorrow. People have already started to gather. I have an invite but we will need to do something about you.” Aurora was not liking the look in Astorias eyes.

That kind of manic light did not bode well for anyone.

“I dont like the look in your eyes. You are planning evil things with me. No, I dont agree.” Aurora tried to resist but she caved in once Astoria explained the plan.


“Welcome lady Astoria. Is the man behind you your escort?” the guard asked as Astoria made her way inside the gate.

“Yes. He will be staying in the same wing as me. Inform my mother that I am here already. And also, someone gets him settled in. Do not try and take liberties with him.” Astorias voice was solid.

It sounded nothing like the timid goddess Aurora had met.

And Aurora would have applauded her for her superb acting skill if she was not feeling so put out by her current situation.

She passed a gentle smile to the disappointed female guards looking her way.

“Young master. Kindly follow along with me. I will show you to your quarters.” The guard bowed toward Auroras disguise.

Had it not been for her clothes concealing her chest and some hefty magic-making Aurora look almost flat, the guy would have gotten a good view of her cleavage.

“Aura, make sure you take care of yourself. Do not allow anyone to bully you. And get me if you get in trouble. I will get you out.” Astorias hand cupped Auroras face.

Aura was the name they had agreed upon for Auroras disguise. It was close enough to not confuse the pair and distinct enough for her to not be recognized.

“I promise to ask for your help if I need it Mistress Astoria.” The words left a sour taste on Auroras tongue.

But she swallowed her discomfort and spoke clearly.

Several female guards swooned at the side at her display. They did not have anything better than to hang around back here.

Even the male guard seemed to be blushing to look at thefake display of affection in front of him.

He finally coughed to divert everyones attention away from thesweet scene in front of him.

“Young master, this way if you will.” The guard pointed. His sharp glare made it clear that he expected Aurora to follow behind him.

If not for the redness of his face, Aurora would have believed that the guard had not been affected by the display she and Astoria had put up.

“Go. Get yourself settled in and then find me. We will continue where we left off then.” Astoria spoke gently as leaned closer to her ears.

“They keep the egg in the east documentary. Try getting closer” Astoria finally let Auroras face go and the elder walked away.

Aurora felt the eyes of the female guards eying herpretty boy getup and she quickly urged the guard to hurry up.

She had never thought that a female gaze could make her uncomfortable. But the ones around her were proving her to be wrong.

And Aurora almost broke out in a shiver as she heard theits pity hes taken. His face is my type. Girls could be crazy when they wanted to be.

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