As soon as Aurora reached the room, she bolted the door shut with as much force as she could.

The feeling of oppressive eyes of the female guard checking her out was among Auroras most oppressive feelings Aurora had felt.

She was far from shy in her real body. But the fear of being discovered by a guard in her current attire terrified the goddess.

‘Must be all the heavy aura filling the tower. Those gods and goddesses are not even trying to hide their powers.” In other words, they were too proud to hide.

Aurora decided to stay in the room for an hour before deciding to explore again. The main reason behind this was to give the female guards time.

Time to get over Aurora and provide her with a window to leave.

Aurora did not want to invoke her potential trump card just yet.

“Here goes nothing.” Aurora opened the door and forced a loud yelp down. Her face was too close to an eager Maid girl standing on the other side of the door.

“Y-You surprised me.” Aurora tried to calm down her beating heart.

The face that she had not sensed the Maid girl coming meant that the girl had stood in front of the door for quite some time.

“Im sorry for the scare master. I was sent here to make sure you have everything you needed. Are you in need of an intimate service?” Aurora paled.

The Maid girl was not even trying to hide her interest and intention from Aurora.

Any passerby could hear those words and make out a hundred different meanings from those words.

“N-No. There is no need for that.” Aurora declined.

It was partly shock and partly horror that made her decisions slower than usual.

“Awww master. There is no need to be shy. Why dont you allow me in and I can tell you all about the services we provide our guests with.” The female was too close to Auroras personal space.

Auroras brain noticed a few details.

The female was dressed from head to toe in a loose dress. It left nothing to be exposed to her body.

Then there was that face. It was lovely to look at. But something about it irked Aurora. To her, it lacked the natural gentleness a females face had.

Or maybe it was just Aurora who felt like that. Maybe she was making things up.

But she swore that the Maid had a swelling in her throat.

“Dont be a shy master. Let me do what I here to do.” The Maid extended her hand toward Auroras chest.

And Aurora failed to stop her in her panic.

The Maids hand touched Auroras chest and squeezed.

Maria watched as the maid gave her a flat look of disbelief and Aurora reacted on instinct.

“Sorry. It is your fault.” Aurora panicked before she slammed her magic-bound fist on top of the maids head.

The female collapsed in her arms.

Aurora immediately dragged the female toward the central garden. It was just a corridor away and the way was empty.

Aurora carefully placed the maids unconscious body on the bench and quickly left her there.

And as soon as she left, the maid opened her eyes and rubbed her head.

“What the hell? She could have told me that she did not swing that way. She could have also told me about this plan before she executed it. That punch hurt.” The maid complained.

But then the maid pulled her shirt up. Her flat torso felt the cool breeze of the garden.

“Prince Karan, please stop disappearing on us. We have no idea what to tell the council and Lady Minerva when you pull such stunts.” The guard hissed.

Themaid could see irritation flash in the guards eyes.

“So, what did those boring hyenas want? I bet it was to scold me. I dont want to go.” Karan moaned.

“My prince, do not be stubborn. They are old gods and demand respect. And you should dress accordingly as well. Your subjects had prepared your clothes.” The guard scolded.

Karan rolled his eyes as the guard continued.

“I will dress like how I want to. Mysubjects do not get to decide for me. And you should also remember your place.” Karans voice was soft.

But the magic in his voice left the guard breathless.

Karans magic was too oppressive. The guard looked like he would faint any second. But Karan reeled his magic in before things could come to that.

“Lets go and meet those old coots. And next time, do not question my decisions.” Karan patted the guards white cheeks as he walked away.

“Oh, and do me a favor and keep quiet. I will know if you open your mouth. And the consequences of tattling will not be pleasant.” The guard almost wet himself at the gentle smile.

It felt like a devil was eying him.


‘Fuck, shit, hell. I need to find Astoria and let her know what happened.” Aurora panicked.

She tried not to run through the hallway in her hurry but her steps still showed her anxiety.

The action of various female guards eying Aurora in interest did not help her calm down.

“Mister, you cannot head that way. You do not have the permission required to” Aurora flashed his permission Plaque toward the guard.

The stunned guard could not stop Aurora in time.

By the time the guard pulled himself together, Aurora was long gone from the corridor.

“What should we do? Do we issue an order to drag him out?” the guard questioned his partner on duty.

“We better let this matter go. Look, that plaque belongs to Lady Astoria. She has never brought a +1 to these events before. I dont want any trouble with her.” The guard sighed before agreeing.

Lady Astoria was close with Lady Minerva. And no one wanted to be on the bad side of Lady Minerva.

“And also. That guy is incredibly beautiful. It would be a shame if something happened to that face.” The guard watched god-smacked as his partner commented with a red face.

“Y-Y-YOU! Dont tell me you swung that way, right? Not that I have a problem with it but it would make things weird for me if you do.” The guard begged.

Only to be met with a deadpan face.

“Dont flatter yourself.” The guard breathed easier once he heard that.

“Good.” The guard replied.

“What is good? Why dont you share it with me?” the guard paled again. His partner stiffened at that voice.

Their commanding officer rarely made his rounds during their shifts. It must be their bad luck that made the commander choose their route to supervise.

“C-COMMANDER B-BECK? NOTHING IS WRONG SIR.” The guard cried as the elderly guard made his way toward the guard.

“Oh. And what about the young man who gave you the slip?” Commander Beck questioned.

The guards broke out in a sweat at the question. Luckily, his partner spoke up.

“U-Uh, hes Lady Astorias attendant. His plaque had unrestricted entry permission. Uh, sir.” The guard bowed.

“Lady Astoria? Then we should let things be for now. You go back to your post.” The commander replied ordering.

The guards did not notice the curious glance their commander gave toward the corridor behind them.

But ultimately, he chose not to pursue his curiosity. Work was calling his name.


Aurora did not realize when she stopped walking. What she did know was that she no longer recognized where she was.

Aurora had not wanted to take such actions but things had just happened.

But since things had happened like this, Aurora resolved herself to sneak around and take a look at things.

The hallways blend into each other. They did not allow one to even guess where they were.

In other words, the white walls made it extremely easy for one to get lost.

But Aurora did not give up. She used this opportunity to map the area as far as she could. And for the first time, she felt glad for the inflated ego of the gods.

Somehow Aurora managed to avoid the other divine beings and land herself back in a familiar hallway. (only because she had marked Astorias aura and followed it.)

“-and make sure the preparations are complete in time. I will not allow any delay to occur-” Astorias familiar voice reached Aurora just in time for the goddess to spot her.

And she was not the only one to turn her way.

“Intruder. Hurry and seize him at once.” The security guard ordered.

But Astoria waved her hand and stepped forward.

All eyes moved toward the goddess who took charge. Disbelief filled the room when the half-goddess cupped the unfamiliar but ethereal guys face.

“You are finally here. Everyone, I shall be taking my leave now.” Astoria stopped her work short as she linked her arms with Auroras.

No one could stop Astoria from leaving. They were too busy wallowing in shock.

And the present divine beings only shook their head in aknew it way.

“Shes finally coming into her beast halfs influence. Dragons were always willful creatures. Possessive of their own. Wont you agree, Karan?” the black-haired god looked toward his companion with an innocent smile.

“And why should I know anything about it? For all we know, Astoria might finally be in love.” The god smiled back at Karans jab but he did not reply.

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