“Falling in love? That half-breed. Dont joke about that. Beasts like you and her do not know what love is. All you know is the feeling of obsession.” Everyone held their breath as the long-haired God blinked.

And then he smiled the most vicious smile before separating the other gods head from his body.

“Now, now. Be careful about what you say to me, old man Zenith. You might just lose your head for real.” The elder God gulped as his head was handed back to his body.

Karan had left the elder god with no face to save. And even the mortal people in the room could see that.

“So what they say is true.”, ” All gods are not born equal.”, “I heard that gods can die as well. Maybe Karan will finally get fed up enough to end the old master for us.”

The more gossip they reached Zeniths ears, the more he raged about it.

“Stop speaking nonsense. Go back to your work if you have nothing else to do.” Zeniths harsh words caused people to disperse.

But the stiffened laughter did not go away. His humiliation had been burned in the peoples memories.

“Dont be too harsh on them. They are mere mortals and dont know what they are doing.” Karen learned to whisper his next words in Zeniths ears.

“But they are right. Gods can be killed. And they are not born equal. Dont forget your place again.” Karen walked away.

The God he had left behind seethed at his retreating back.

“Fuck that bastard. Who does he think he is? Hes just a young God fortunate enough to not be overshadowed by anyone else. Hes not any more special than me.” But no one consoles the beaten God.

Even Karan did not dignify him with a back glance.


Aurora collapsed as soon as she reached her room.

“Are you alright? Are the anti-magic wards causing you trouble?” Auroras collapse caused Astorias facade to fall along with it.

The confidence in the elders face melted into an expression of worry and guilt.

“No. I didnt even notice the anti-magic wards so theyre not the problem. The day just took its toll on me.” Aurora calmed the goddess down.

“I-Is that so? Then what is wrong? Is it about my actions? Should I not have declared my relationship with you?” Astoria panicked.

And since Astoria panicked, Aurora felt panic rise inside ever as well.

“Nico. Thats not the problem. I dont care about that stuff. Besides, we have an even more serious problem. Someone might have found out the truth about me.” Aurora explained calmly.

Her voice might be shaking and breaking, but Aurora was as calm as she could be.

“Someone did what? But it should not be possible. My glamour should have protected you. Oh no! Did it fail? Is it my fault? D-Dont worry. We can still fix this. All we need to do is to find that person and kill them.” Astoria looked determined.

But Aurora was not sure if it was even possible to do that. She had not spotted the maid while traveling through the garden.

And she had left the maid in an open spot as well.

“So, who was it? Who is the one we have to silence?” Was it Auroras imagination, or did Astoria look a little trigger happy at the prospect of offing someone?

“I dont know. All I know is that she was a pretty bold maid. Walked right up to me and harassed me. I knocked her out and left her in the garden.” Aurora recalled as much detail as she could.

But now that she thought back at it, there was nothing to distinguish the maid. No way to tell which fraction she belonged to.

“A maid? Dont you mean a guard? No one except the guards and a guests companions was allowed in this wing. For a maid to be able to enter here is impossible.” Austria sounded conflicted when she spoke.

“I think she was a maid. She did say she was there toserve me. But I could be mistaken. There was just something about her face I cannot pinpoint right now.” Astoria looked deep in thought.

Auroras words might have given her room to think over this topic.

“If youre confident about it then I will believe you. Besides, if a maid managed to slip into this section then it is not secure. I will bring it up, Minerva when I meet up with her. We should try to sleep for now.” Austria did not sound like she had given up.

“I guess it is the best thing to do for now. Creating a fuzz would alert the maid that we are on to her. Besides, if she hasnt told anyone about it yet means that she is biding her time.” Aurora concluded.

Talking this topic over did not solve it for her. But it did make sleeping easier for her.

The thought of being found out didnt even invade her mind again until Astoria brought it up again.

“Be careful today. Most gods wont interfere in the towers problem, but we can not make enemies with them. Keep a low profile and try sniffing that made out.” Austria advised.

Aurora felt like she was being jabbed at when Astoria spoke to her.

“I got it. You should leave now before they send guards to collect you.” Aurora escorted Astoria to the hallway exit. The lair walked hand-in-hand.

The guards stationed around the hallway pretended not to see them. No one wanted to incur the wrath of gentle Lady Astoria.

Aurora stopped before she left the hallway and Astoria turned around to face her.

The embrace was surprising and expected at the same time. Aurora forced her yelp down as soon as she felt arms around her frame.

“Be careful. Dont try to contact me until I give you the go. And check out the left wing of the third floor. Minerva hinted that we should not go there.” Astoria felt her head swim as she was let go.

But the curious auras around her and the feeling of eyes on her back helped her straighten her act out.

“Of course. Ill be careful. Ill miss you as well so come back soon.” Aurora waved her hand with fake regret.

Astoria followed along with a sad smile. Things could not be going more perfect.

“Master Aura, I shall escort you back. Although you have permission to roam around, it would be for the best if you stayed in your room for now.” The guard warned.

The guard looked pale as he glanced around.

Auroras curiosity peaked and she also glanced in the direction the guard was looking. And she instantly felt regret swell inside her heart.

A female guard was eying Aurora. And from the uniform, she looked to be of a high rank as well.

Her aura did nothing to hide her intention from Aurora.

“I understand.” Aurora agreed. The guard was a good man and wanted to help Aurora out.

Unfortunately for him, the female guard decided she had enough of his disobedience.

“Why dont you allow me to accompany the young Master to his room? Hes Lady Astorias previous lover and extremely important. I cannot leave his security to a lowly guard such as you.” The female guard spoke.

Aurora could see the struggle in that guards eyes. He wanted to help Aurora out but he could not go against his senior officer.

His expression told Aurora that he knew his senior officers harmful intentions. But his hands were bound.

Aurora never claimed to be a good person. Heck, she was not even. a decent person by any means.

But she decided to cut this guard some slack for his predicament. He had done a good job in alerting Aurora.

“I understand. I would take you up on your offer then.” That distributing smile on the female guards face widened.

Aurora was sure she was going to break her face if she did not stop her creepy actions.

“Then, this way please.” The guard gestured toward the opposite corridor Aurora needed to go.

She was sure her intentions were less than pure. But she could not reject the female guard right after agreeing to go with her.

There was no other choice but to solve this problem in private. Maybe even use magic this time to ensure her secret.

But Aurora did not get to a single step before she felt an arm being drafted around her shoulder.

The hallway fell silent and everyone looked pale.

“Im afraid this young man has a previous appointment with me. You all should leave us alone now.” The owner of that arm spoke.

The voice sounded soft and pleasant to Auroras ear. It also sounded familiar but that was not what made everyone tense.


The real reason everyone tensed was because of the high amount of magical presence being emitted by that arm owner. It is heavy and choking.

And it belonged to a powerful God.

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