The underground area was as dark as Maria had expected. The only source of light was the side lamps lighting the wall.

Their magic was strong but not enough to repel Aurora away from the source of heavy magic she was feeling.

If this was the dragons magic, Aurora could see why the human race was so afraid of it. The condensed mana down here would rival any goddess.

If not for the protection of her powers, Aurora was sure she would not even be conscious to make it this far. And it also made sense why there was a lack of security along with these parts.

It was because anyone sensible enough to feel this aura would not dare come close to it. The aura would knock them unconscious long before that time.

But Aurora continued to walk ahead. She could feel the aura pressing against her but she kept on pushing back. She had walked too far to turn back now.

Thankfully, the pressure of that aura did lessen considerably once she was deep enough in the chamber. The oppression no longer bothered her.

Instead, the probing was more playful and restrictive. It shied away from her when she tried to chase that aura back.

But if Aurora was one thing, she was stubborn.

She followed after that feeling. She did not allow it to flee from her senses and finally found the hidden chamber she had been looking for.

She had to admit that the tower had some sense of interior design left in their team. The chamber looked like a nest with the walls carved in heating stone and the floor made up of firestone in the center of the room held several platforms filled with important artifacts.

Aurora would not have been able to tell what was what if she did not have prior knowledge of her objective.

That was to say, Astoria had told her something peculiar about the dragon egg that would help her recognize the egg.

Despite all the rumors and speculations, the dragon egg was not dead.

According to Astoria, the egg still had a heartbeat inside it. And if Aurora focused enough, she should be able to hear the heartbeat.

But it was easier said than done. Aurora had no experience in this department and her confidence was not on par as well.

She was aiming in the dark, Aurora had to concentrate more than she normally would have to.

Or so she thought.

But the loud heartbeat was echoing in her ears a long time ago. It had accompanied the shy aura she had followed after.

But the problem was, that she did not know where the heartbeat originated from. The echo was so loud that it did not clarify where it was coming from.

“System, find the source of that echo. And hurry up.” As happy as Aurora was to find the heartbeat, it was beginning to annoy her.

The constant pounding of that voice in her head was getting repetitive now.

(Echoing traced…..

Finding targets…..

Targets found successfully…..)

Aurora took a deep breath before she left her and fell from her ear.

Now all she had to do was to follow her system and she would be able to find the source of her headache.

And the location of the egg should have been predictable. It was held in the center of the room, the very middle table.

It was as large as Auroras forearm and looked heavy to touch.

“System, store the egg in the inventory.” Aurora neared the egg and reached out to touch it.

The egg felt smooth and hot under her hand. It gave off a comforting feeling that made Aurora want to crass it even more.

But she was on a timer and had to hurry up. She did not doubt that her being here had triggered some kind of alarm in the security chamber.

She knew how the tower worked and a place like this was never left unattended for long. Especially so if the place was a secret chamber like this one.

(The system apologists to the user.

Live objects cannot be placed inside the systems inventory)

Aurora wanted to complain about the system. But it would be like scolding herself. She had made the system and she knew that it was not omnipotent.

Well, it could not be helped. She would have to smuggle the egg out the old fashion way.

Thankfully, Aurora had the foresight to bring a compression traveling case with her. The small pouch should be able to keep the egg inside itself.

Or so was the plan. But the egg decided to be a pain in the butt and not fit inside the pocket dimension.

It gave off a pissed aura. Aurora had no other choice but to pick the egg up in her arms and give up their freedom.

The egg settled down once it was in her arms. It seemed content to stay there and Aurora sighed in irritation.

So much for a quick in-and-out job. This was turning out to be a hassle.

“-in there. We are not permitted to be down here.” Footsteps accompanied by voices made their way toward Auroras location.

She only had so long to hide before she would be found out.

Aurora quickly made a decision and she nabbed the nearest veil of liquid.

She did not have to test it to know that it was the Elixir of life. That was the only liquid bottle down here which made it the said item by default.

“-cannot be risked. Lady Minerva is in a meeting. It is our only chance to see what the tower is hiding in here.” Aurora quickly jumped up in the air and used magic to hold herself above the lintel level.

She positioned herself near the entry gate to not be seen.

She knew that this was a blind spot once someone entered the room. No one was alert enough to look up once they entered a space.

“I know. But still, this feels like cheating. Arent the rebels suppose to be the honorary ones in this fight?”

The speaker sounded conflicted. Aurora felt bad for the poor kid.

The speaker had made it abundantly clear that he was with the rebel forces. So technicality, they were Auroras allies.

But Aurora was stealing an important treasure without the rebellions knowledge. As such, her presence here could bring a lot of problems.

Hopefully, the rebels would not have the same objective as her during this raid.

“Honor? There is no honor in a fight. Now get started and find those papers. We need to take them back to our leader.” The second speaker sounded amused at the hopeful tone.

Aurora did agree with him on that front. There was no honor in a fight. It was about either death or survival.

Aurora could have stayed behind and cleared a misunderstanding. But she chose not to show herself.

She quietly jumped outside the door. The dragon egg was secure in her arms when she did so.

The climb back was not as tough as her mind was making it out to be. Aurora easily headed outside the main door and fled the scene.

And once she was outside, she took in a deep breath and held the dragon egg a few inches away from her face.

“I saved you so you better not make me regret my decision. You better behave or I will have you cooked.” Aurora was joking for the most part but her threat carried a heavy tone.

But the egg did not look concerned. Even it knew the effort it took Aurora to find it and steal it.

It gave off a smug aura. Aurora wanted to smash it apart at the second but her rationality stopped her from making that grave mistake.

She had promised Astoria to help steal this egg. She needed to bring it back safe and sound.

So with a heavy heart, Aurora picked the egg up and dumped it into her side bag. At least it stayed safe there.

But the egg decided it did not want to stay there as well. Aurora only had a fraction of a second to catch the egg before a calamity would befall her.

“You are serious giving me a heatstroke.” The egg felt smug in her arms.

Aurora just sighed and left her fate up to the heavens.

But on the brighter note, she did have the egg with her. So her side of the bargain was already fulfilled.

Now all she had to do was to get it back to Astoria and she would be done.

But then happened what Aurora had been fearing all along. Things went wrong and a small explosion shook the ground under her feet.

Smoke seeped out of the passage she had existed from. And Aurora bolted from the scene. She did not look back at the smoke, nor did she loosen the hold on her egg.

She just ran and ran till she reached her assigned room.

And then she bolted her door shut.

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