Astoria felt her mind getting lost in pleasure as the warm and tight place on her cock sucked her in.

She had never felt pleasure like this before and the half-goddess doubted if anything would ever feel this pleasing again.

But she wanted more of that mind-melding feeling.

So that was why she hurried up her thrusts and ramped into that wet pussy. Her instincts roared at Astoria to chase that heat.

She needed to release herself inside that heat and leave her claim. She needed to mark that space.

But the magic flowing inside her also felt relaxing. It was the only thing that contained this crazy lust inside Astorias mind.

The first thing Astoria became aware of was her wet cock being stuck in a divine heat.

The second thing she became aware of was a flushed looking back at her.

“Finally back with me? Dont move around or youll hurt me.”

Astoria tried to move despite the fact warning and instantly felt a small burn on her penis.

“Haney. Were still locked together so be a little gentle with me.”

Aurora tried to warn but her voice sounded pained.

Astoria only needed one guess to know why that was so. It was because of her penis being stuck inside the other female.

“Ah. Did this happen because of my blaze point? I was supposed to die, right?”

Astoria was sure she should be dead right now.

Utilizing blaze point was something monsters of the abyss did when they had no other choice.

And even though Astoria had the same protection as the abyssal beasts, she did not have the same mentality as them.

Not to mention, the goddess part of her body still suffered from the draconic magic.

“Think about dying some other time. I need you alive for now to make my dream come true.”

Aurora sounded calm. Astoria also settled down in her former position.

Now that the blaze of energy deprivation no longer colored her vision, Astoria could easily make out how she felt.

First, her breasts were squished while she pressed against Auroras body.

Since both she and Aurora were well-developed in the size department, there was no space left between their bodies.

And then there was the unnatural amount of sweat that had built up between them.

Not to mention, the release that was still sealed inside Aurora.

“By the way. Where is the baby dragon? You didnt name it yet, right?”

Despite the hundred questions Astoria had, this one slipped out.

“Out of everything you could have asked me, this is what you chose? But I guess it does oddly make sense. Now, dont panic about my next words. I did name the dragon.”

Astoria felt an odd sense of detachment as Aurora confirmed those words.

It was not Auroras fault that she did not know about dragon customs. If she did then she would not have named the dragon kid.

Only family members or significant others were allowed to name the dragon. And only if the dragon accept it did the name gain significance.

“Did the kid accept his name?”

“Yes. A Viera arrived not long after we crashed and proclaimed the dragon kid as her lord. I asked Ur to go with that Viera so that I could cure you.”

“A team of Viera should be here soon to retrieve us.”

Aurora explained and Astoria felt her nerves calm down. If the specie that had found them was Viera then things would turn out to be alright.

Astoria knew about the history of her sire and Viera. And like most Abyssial beasts, Viera were also bound to serve their family line through magical means.

“I see. I guess we got lucky then.”

Astoria felt her knot swell down. It finally allowed her to pull out of the wet heat she had been enjoying.

And once she had the luxury, Astoria did not wait around and pulled back.

“I can feel the Viera soldiers heading this way. They will be here in about 15 minutes. I think we should get cleaned up. Is there a water source nearby? I am too tired to make water using magic.”

Aurora did look to be tired.

Astoria tried to ignore her throbbing cock as she took in the various flesh marks she had left behind. Now was not the time to think about those things.

“This place is quite dry. I dont think there is a water source nearby.”

Aurora groaned at Astorias words. It was a cute sound and Astoria felt her lips move up unconsciously.

“Then what should we do? I feel like everything will slip out if I stand up now.”

Astoria didnt want to tell Aurora that their release was already making its way out of Auroras body.

The translucent-white material mixed with a honey-gold was making Auroras skin shine.

And there was something hypnotic about it. Astoria could say for sure that it was because of her instincts but she decided to do something about that leaking fluid.

“H-Hey, we just finished. What are you doing?”

Astoria did not even know she had such beastly instincts inside her. But Auroras words did not stop her from leaning down and taking a swipe out of her release.

But one lick was far from enough. Astoria wanted more. No, she needed more.

So Astoria quickly got to work and ate that pussy out.

“S-Stop it. Enough.”

Astoria must be really good at her work or Aurora must be really sensitive, because her cries were getting louder and louder by the second.

The flow of magic was happening unconsciously between them. Astoria could not stop herself from licking into that delicious treat in front of her.

And Aurora did not seem to want her to stop either.

Despite Auroras complaints, the younger goddess had a tight grip on Astorias hair and was urging her to go faster.

The sounds of pleasure escaping Auroras lips also encourage Astoria to keep on going faster and faster.

The release build up faster this time and Astoria made sure to lick it all off.

“You could have warned me before doing that. I dont even think I can walk right now.”

Auroras complaints were unfounded since the younger goddess pushed herself up on shaky legs and started to pull her clothes back up.

Astoria felt an odd sense of accomplishment at seeing the other struggle to even stand up right now.

That accomplishment turned to glee as Auroras legs buckled and she almost slid down to the ground.

Astoria could still feel her body protest against having anything pressed against it. The beast inside her did not like to feel restricted.

But Astoria knew how to control herself.

Despite her inner need to mark Auroras neck even more and to leave visible signs of possessiveness behind, Astoria pulled herself back and got dressed.

She could not allow herself to give in right now.

“Should we go and find those Viera guards? Or should we allow them to find us?”

Aurora looked conflicted in her decision. It was not a good look on her face. So Astoria decided to take matters into her own hand.

Before Aurora could ask any more questions, Astoria picked her up and dashed toward the Viera guards location.

Since she also had the blood of Ur, there was a small connection between her and the Viera race.

That connection made it easy for Astoria to be able to find the hidden guards.

Poor bunny looked confused to see Astoria stand in front of them. Many even took a step back in fright at seeing her aura for the first time.

“Take me back to your leader. Angering me wont leave a good outcome for you.”

Astoria did not want to be mean but she had to maintain her status right now.

Since she had the bestial instincts inside herself as well, she knew the best way to get someone to agree with you was fear.

Strong ruled the weak in the abyss and for Astoria to get her way, she had to show her superiority above the other race.

M-My lord. Of course. We were looking around for you. Kindly follow us to our base.”

A timid guard finally stepped ahead and threw her body in a full-blown bow. The poor girls body shook at every breath she took but Astoria did not ask her to stand up.

Seeing how one of their own was bowing to this new deity, the other followed suit.

They could all feel their lord Urs aura emitting from the female in front of them. That aura screamed the worldheir to them.

Their lord had a successor in the form of this female and she even held enough power to make them all bow.

The only thought that still created doubt in their mind was the arrival of the small black dragon Lady Ely had brought back.

That dragon had a similar aura but was weaker.

But dragons only had one offspring in their life. So which one was their true lord?

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