“Your highness, are you sure about this? Wont it be better for us to negotiate these terms?”

Ely ignored the councilwoman talking around her. She had already made up her mind about this issue.

“We dont have any other choice. Im afraid that we wont be able to control the other one. And even if we did decide to keep our lord here, I am not sure we would benefit that much from it.”

The council fell quiet at Elys words.

In retrospect, they all knew Ely was right. They all trusted their queen to keep them safe and sound.

“So it is decided. I will ask the humans to lend us our lord for the time being.”

Ely left the council room with a heavy heart.

Even though the decision had been made, Ely could not help but feel like she was not going to be successful in keeping Lord Ur here.


“Should we be waiting around here? The tower will not sit back quietly after the humiliation we pulled off.”

Astorias words were true but Aurora could not help but consider their current situation.

Had they been in their usual form, it would not have been difficult for the pair to break away from the Viera establishment and head for home.

But both Astoria and Aurora were drained of their power. And Ur was still a kid with no way of being able to protect himself.

Besides, Aurora was interested in the solution Viera people would be able to come up with.

Ely have given off a weird aura when she left for the council meeting. Aurora could not help but be intrigued about the answer she would be able to come up with.

“We should wait around for now. Getting one more ally would be a good choice. Besides, I dont know how to take care of a baby dragon.”

Aurora admitted her reasons for wanting to say here.

While it had a lot of personal reasons, a big reason for wanting to stay back was because of Ur.

“Thats true. I am more of a goddess than a dragon so I dont know the needs of the abyssal beasts. I guess we are going to wait around here.”

Aurora breathed out the air she had been holding back inside her.

Not that she had not expected Astoria to agree with her. Astoria was a level-headed female and she also understood the necessity of information.

But Aurora had expected Astoria to feel a little odd staying between the people her sire protected.

“Here she comes.”

Aurora felt Elys aura after Astoria directed her toward the source.

As expected, Astorias connection to the Viera race allowed her to pinpoint them anywhere within her vicinity.

“So, whats the verdict? What have you decided on your side?”

Aurora asked before Ely could greet them. Since Ur was asleep at Auroras side, Aurora took this chance to get the conversation over with.

“We have indeed come to a decision that was not easy to reach. We wish to travel with you and be a part of your society.”

“If my lady would permit it, we would like to come with you to your lands.”

Ely held herself in a low bow to convey her sincerity. Aurora could only look on in shock and wonder as that happened.

It was unheard of for a beast tribe to leave their lives in the abyss and relocate. They were territorial beasts that prided themselves on their territories.

For the Viera tribe to arrive at such a conclusion was a big shock to Aurora.

“Are you sure about leaving this land? Your ancestors used to rule here and live here. Would you even be able to survive outside the abyss?”

Aurora had several questions about this.

First of all, the overworld was not favorable for the abyssal beasts. Many lost their rationality once they arrived in the overworld.

Even places like Rocx valley that were filled with such energy could not save the mental capabilities of the beasts.

Secondly, most beasts adhered to the territory rule. To leave their territory and enter a new one would be a huge blow to the Viera tribe.

And if the new territory owner took offense to their presence, they would be killed without mercy.

The Viera knew all that and they were still risking this move?

“We are quite sure about this. As you know, we are linked to our lord through a magic contract. We dont have any other choice but to follow them if they chose to leave our humble abode.”

Aurora did not miss the use of the wordthem. It looked like even the Viera could not decide who their true Lord was.

Still, Aurora had to do her best to warn them before they decided to pull something outrageous.

“Since you have decided to make this move, I will tell you who the Lord of Rocx valley is. It is the goddess of Victory. She has not been seen or heard from in a long time. But she will be a vicious opponent should she take offense.”

Ideally, Aurora would want to avoid coming in contact with another goddess so soon. But the goddess of Victory had already taken account of Aurora.

It was high time Aurora visited her and announced her intentions about her land and her people.

“We understand. But this decision is no longer in our control. We shall brave the goddesss anger and cross the border.”

Ely sounded determined in her decision.

It was not something Aurora could talk them out of. Nor did she want to talk the other race out of this.

Having Viera as allies would help her academy grow in terms of physical strength. Since Viera were abyssal beasts gifted with an adequate amount of physical strength, they would make for great trainers.

“If thats the case, I understand. I do have a proposal for you. I can talk with the Lord of the Rocx valley and explain your situation. But in turn, you must help us out at our new academy.”

Aurora was not sure how much Ely understood her words, but she decided not to deceive the other party.

Taking advantage of someones desperation was something Aurora was willing to do but she was not going to be a scum about it.

“Academy? Like the tower? And our Lord agreed to your proposal?”

Ely sounded special about Auroras claim. It was not hard for someone as old as Ely to put two on two together and come to this conclusion.

“I already agreed to help Aurora. You can trust her in this regard.”

The hesitating look Ely had disappeared from her face at Astorias words. Instead, her eyes shined with a new light and understanding.

“I understand. How soon do you need us to start moving toward the Rocx valley?”

Ely was diligent in her work but Aurora needed to take her next few steps carefully.

She needed to inform the Outlanders of what had happened here and about the changes that were about to be made.

Aurora also needed to invest in a better security protocol and make her system be able to cover a wider area for defense.

“Wait around for a bit. I will send you the signal to start moving. For now, I will go back alone and make preparations for your arrival. Astoria, Ill leave Ur in your care.”

Ur decided to wake up at this exact time and decided he did not like Auroras decision.

But Aurora had made up her mind about what to do next. She had to take care of things before they become a problem for everyone involved with her.

“So, when will you be leaving the settlement? And how long should we wait before deciding to take action?”

Astoria caught on to Auroras words quickly. But she also decided to put her safeguards in place.

“Three days. It should all be done within three days. If not, then contact me with this system. I will register you in its database.”

Aurora held her hand out and a screen popped up in front of her.


Registering: System user 06 – Astoria

Welcome to the user interface.


“Get yourself acquainted with it. I will see you once you return to the academy. I wont be much help to you since I will leave at the earliest available time.”

“And when will that time come?”

“In a few hours. The earlier we start our task, the earlier we can relax and begin our true offense.”

No one else seemed to agree with Auroras enthusiasm. But they did not try to hold her back either.

And Aurora the Viera settlement that evening toward the Rocx valley.

She had a few tasks to finish along the way which she could not tell anyone about. Those tasks were something she had discovered in her past life but no one should know about them.

And Aurora was about to head toward those dangerous places all on her own. She just hoped that things would be alright in the end.

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