Ava was not a rough lover, but she also knew Aurora could take everything she dished out. A goddesss body was tougher than people gave it credit for.

It did not take long for Ava to reduce Aurora to a moaning mess. The drooling pussy in front of Avas face was wet enough to sink all her fingers in.

“Aurora, you still there?”

“K-Keep on going.”

Auroras confirmation was all it took for Ava to go back to eating Auroras pussy out.

Auroras body was shaking at the pleasure she felt and it did not take long before she had her release.

Golden liquid squirted out of Auroras pussy and drenched Avas expecting face.

The elder finally pulled her face away from the mess that was Auroras thighs and wiped her face using her hand.

“Thats quite a lot of pent-up frustration you let out. Are you feeling better now?”

Auroras glaring face met Ava. Her eyes looked far from satisfied. The small act Ava had pulled had been far from enough for Aurora it seems.

“You know I am not satisfied with that at all. Come back here and fuck me properly.”

Auroras voice sounded demanding. It was not like her everyday commanding voice.

Right now, the young goddess was lost in the allure of pleasure and was allowing her inner instincts to come to the surface.

Ava would need to tread carefully if she wanted to not offend Aurora right now.

“You sure you can take me?”

Had things been different, had Aurora been someone else and not a goddess, Ava might not have thought twice about fucking her.

But since Aurora was a former human and now a goddess, Ava did not want to complicate their relationship by forming bonds.

“Stop asking stupid questions. If you dont hurry then I will take charge of the situation myself. And you wont like the consequences.”

Ava just sighed and resigned herself to her fate. There seemed to be no other choice but to comply with Auroras wishes now.

Besides, Ava was hard as well. And her cock was getting uncomfortable without the much-needed friction it demanded.

Avas body also remembered the tight and wet heat that was Auroras body and Ava resigned herself to her fate.

“Alright. Sit back and enjoy the show now.”

Aurora decided that she did not like those words. One second Ava was positioning her cock to enter Aurora, the next she was being pulled down into a rough kiss.

It was a sudden thing and caused Ava to freeze in the middle of her actions.

Aurora took the chance to assert her dominance over the situation by tilting her hips up.

It was an awkward first fit and it must be causing Aurora some discomfort to take Ava in at that angle.

But the goddess did not complain.

On the contrary, Auroras tongue decided to become bold and lick inside Avas mouth with a vengeance.

Auroras hips also made small thrusting motions to be able to accommodate Avas size better.

Suddenly, Ava realized that she had lost control of the situation. The pace of their fucking was being dictated by Aurora now.

This was dangerous for Ava this slow-paced fucking was going to drive her endurance out. And it would also frustrate Aurora.

So Ava decided to take control back.

Once Aurora pulled back from the unexpected kiss, Ava drove back with her own need. Their lips met in a violent clash but Ava was the one in control this time.

Mostly because her cock had finally decided to listen to her and start moving inside Aurora.

Aurora tried to break the kiss and let a moan out but Ava swallowed the noise. The kiss did not break even at the violent pace Ava had set up for the pair.

“S-Slow down. T-Too fast.”

Auroras words contradicted her bodys action of trying to pull Ava closer. Auroras hips were moving along with the violent action of Avas cock and her body seemed to be enjoying this rough fucking session.

The only thing that was dishonest about Aurora was her mouth.

“You were the one who wanted it hard and fast. I can feel your emotions, remember? I will give you exactly what you need.”

Ava had not wanted to be this rough with Aurora but she had to get her point across.

So she fisted Auroras hair and decided to pull the younger into another kiss. It was a lot of movement after that.

But Ava was not going as fast as she could in this position. Her instincts wanted Aurora in another position.

“H-Hey, why are you pulling back? What are you doing?”

Ava ignored Auroras complaints as she pulled her cock out of Auroras pussy. Her cock was wet and throbbing.

It wanted to go back inside that divine heat and finish its job. But Ava held back and helped Aurora to turn her body around.

Her attempt ended with Aurora being on her all fours and looking back at Ava with a confused expression.

“What the hel..”

Ava never gave Aurora a chance to finish that sentence before she plunged inside Auroras wet and tight heat.

The bed shook with the violent clash of their bodies but Ava felt herself sink much deeper than before.

Her instincts carved such a connection and Ava decided to give in to them this time.

Mainly because Aurora looked too far gone this time to remember this fucking session properly.

“C-Close. Im close.”

Auroras moans fueled Ava further. But her instincts did not like the words Aurora was sprouting out in her passion.

Clearly, if Aurora could still speak then Ava was not doing a good enough job of fucking her.

So the brutal pace became even harsher and Auroras body finally gave up holding itself back.

Auroras pussy clamped Avas cock tightly when she came. And Ava followed behind not too long.

It was a tiring session that had been unexpected but Ava found herself not so disappointed.

“I think Im going to pass out now. Wake me up if there is something important.”

Auroras words sounded more like an automatic response than a well-thought-out one. And the goddess passed out before she heard Avas answer.

Ava decided to finally pull out and start with the pst-cleaning process. It would not be good to let the pair sleep in their release.

It was a wonder how Rita had managed to sleep through all the noise Aurora had made while being fucked by Ava.

“It must be nice to be this young and carefree. I wish I had that luxury as well.”

But there were things to be done and Ava had a lot of preparation to do to complete her objective.

The face that the abyss had allowed a chaos beast outside its domain did not sit well with Ava.

Effort or not, the fact that the overlooker did not stop this mess was a cause of concern for Ava. It meant that the other overlookers were starting to pay attention to Aurora and her circumstances.

It would not be good for Ava if her lie was caught. She had to keep Aurora in the dark till she was able to achieve her objective.

The door to the room opened just as Ava finished the task of cleaning up Rita and Aurora. It was perfectly timed, almost as if the person on the other side knew it was safe to come in.

“Hey, can I talk with you? There are a few things I need to clear out with you.”

Much to Avas surprise, it was Astoria that graced her face on the other side of the door. The half-goddess did not attempt to enter the room or even take a glance inside it.

“Yeah, sure? Say what you want to say.”

Ava had not expected someone to seek her out this early but it was also better for Ava to clear the air out with people.

The more people she had on her side, the more secure her position would be in the group.

“Not here. I would prefer if we head out to a place more secluded. Come with me to my room. Ive warded it against surveillance.”

“Oh, youre inviting me to your room? You sure are a bold lady, arent you?”

The offer was an unexpected one. But Ava did not show how much it triggered her instincts.

Instead, Ava tried to make Astoria feel uncomfortable by leaning close to the half-goddess. Avas hand almost touched Astorias face before the goddess turned her head away.

“Dont think unnecessary thoughts in your head. I just want to make a few things clear.”

But Astorias ear was red and her aura seemed embarrassed. It was an amusing combination that finally made Ava drop her guard down in front of the half-goddess.

“Sure, lets head to your room and have this talk. I am interested in you as well.”

Avas words made Astorias blush worse but the half-goddess did not make a fuss. What a shame.

Ava wanted to see more of her expressions.

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