“Were back. Were finally back on the city surface. It feels like it has been years since Ive been back here.”

Aurora could not help the smile that stretch across her face at Ritas words. The currently-elder female seemed to be teary-eyed to see the upper surface of the city.

As good as Rocx academy was, it was still limited in resources due to its location.

It would take time for that place to get as fresh and worthy as the planned city around the tower was.

“Rita, dont wander off on your own. We are not here for sightseeing. Lets buy our tickets before we are recognized.”

Aurora pulled the bigger hand holding her own and she tugged Rita toward the bus stand.

While enjoying oneself was all good, Aurora was worried that someone would recognize her in her younger body.

And if someone did recognize her, they would call the tower immediately. Aurora was not sure if she would be able to fight the tower in her current form.

As for Rita? She was nowhere near a goddess level right now.

“Aurora, just relax. Youre a kid right now. There is no way you will get recognized in your current form.”

Rita was right. There was no way in hell that someone would look at Aurora and think of her as the same person who caused so many problems to the tower.

Maybe something good did come out of her temporary curse.

“Youre right. Still, we should hurry up and get out of the tower radius. It will take us a day to get to the northern republic.”

“Fine. Youre a killjoy even as a kid.”

Aurora only smiled back at Rita to hide her real feelings.

She did not know why but Aurora could feel that something would happen before they reached the northern republic.

“Ticket for two to the northern republic.”

The man at the counter did not even look up when he handed Rita her ticket. He seemed eager to go home and rest.

This lack of attention was fortunate for Aurora and Rita. It reduced their chances of getting found out while out here.

It was not until the air was seated in the train that Aurora breathed a sigh of relief. So far so good.

“See, I told you nothing would happen. You were just worrying for nothing.”

Aurora was inclined to believe Rita more after the lack of action. Maybe it was an indication that everything was going to be alright for now.

“Maybe you were right. Maybe I was worried for nothing.”

Maybe the lack of sleep was finally catching up to Aurora now.

[System warning. The user Alexander is nearby.]

The warning came too late.

One second Aurora was walking around as if nothing happened, the next second she felt her body collide with something solid in front of her.

“Aurora, you alright? You did not get hurt by the collision? Right?”

Rita sounded worried but Aurora was more concerned about the silent arrival of Alexander.

“Oh, its you again. How did you manage to get yourself so small? Even your magic feels negligible. I wouldnt have recognized you if not for the system.”

Double shit. Alexander had not only managed to run into Aurora, but he also recognized her.

Everything Aurora had done till now to remain hidden felt like a joke.

“Huh? Are you sure you are talking to us, mister? I think you made a mistake just now. You see, this girl here is my younger sister and…”

“Lying to me wont help you out. I can help you get out of this town undetected.”

“And why would you do that for us?”

Aurora decided to break her vow of silence. There was no use in staying quiet now. It was more than obvious that she had been found out.

The man sounded confused before understanding slammed in his eyes.

“Im thinking of taking your offer. And for that, I need to make sure you remain unharmed. So I will help you out for now.”

Aurora felt her eyes widen at the confession. She had made this offer initially as a joke.

But Alexander seemed serious about taking Aurora up on her offer. This was a weird twist of fate.

“Are you trying to trick us? What offer could Aurora have made?…”

Aurora stopped Rita from finishing her sentence.

“I understand. I can see that you are serious about that offer. In that case, help us out and Ill send a letter of recommendation for you at the Rocx Academy.”

“Consider it done.”

Alexander did not look worried about his ability to get the pair out. And Aurora was not particularly worried about his betrayal.

Alexanders aura of corruption was as good as gone.

It was clear to Aurora that he had benefited a great deal from this systems support but she did have the heart to look his file over.

“Are you sure we can trust him? Hes from the tower.”

Rita had a legitimate reason to sound worried. Aurora had not expected to end up in this situation as well.

But surprisingly enough, Aurora was not worried about anything regarding Alexander. Somehow, his arrival elevated some of Auroras worry.

But the heavy feeling inside her had not disappeared yet. She still felt like something big would happen.

“I dont think we have anything to worry about from Alexanders side. I have a system tracking his every move. He wont be able to betray us.”

Aurora decided to reveal her trump card.

“Ohhh. So thats why you were confident in him. Then I guess we can trust him.”

Aurora nodded before she decided to look up.

And her eyes instantly met a familiar pair. As soon as that happened, Aurora ducked her head and pulled Ritas hand.

“We need to get going. We will be in trouble if we stay here any longer.”

Aurora had a sudden realization of why she was having this bad feeling.

Out of everyone whom Aurora could have met her eyes with, why did it have to be Lady Mei?

And she was not alone. Aurora had also caught the sight of the tower master with her.

This was a combination of Auroras nightmare. If those two joined hands then Aurora was sure something troublesome would happen soon.

But that was the towers headache. Aurora could just wash her hands off this topic.

“What happened? Did you spot someone you recognized? Hey, stop pulling.”

Despite her complaints, Ritas aura looked happy at being bossed around.

Aurora had no time to correct Ritas behavior. Not if she wanted to get away from the nightmare following behind her.

“Hey, kid. Wait right there. You are not allowed to leave this place.”

Shit. Aurora had been spotted and it seemed as if Lady Mei was heading toward her.

The only stroke of good luck Aurora seemed to have was that the tower master looked as surprised as her to see Lady Mei headed their way.

“What are you doing? Start moving now.”

Auroras pulling had turned into a full-force struggle now.

Thankfully, Rita realized the situation. And she finally started cooperating a little too late.

The people around them made it difficult for Aurora and Rita to move. They tastefully blocked their way.

The pair couldnt risk hurting the crown in their struggle to get away from Lady Mei either.

There would be no choice for them but to meet the goddess.

“Hey, come this way. Hurry up.”

But not all hope had abandoned the pair. After all, they had someone from the tower on their side as well.

People gave way in confusion as Alexander coaxed them to step aside.

Since Lady Mei had never specified to whom she was ordered not to move, the crowd became confused.

Alexander used this confusion to lead Aurora and Rita out of the way.

“Lets get going now. I booked our tickets for the northern republic. You were headed there, right?”

“How did you know where…”

Rita started the question before realizing that the terminal they had met Alexander belonged to the northern republic.

It was a well-educated guess to think of that place as the destination.

“Thank you for the tickets. I suppose you will be accompanying us?”

Aurora would not mind having Alexander with them to help out.

Sometimes, having someone affiliated with the tower cleared out a lot of obstacles for you.

And Alexander seemed bright enough to keep himself out of trouble.

“I might as well accompany you. If Lady Mei spotted me and reported me back then I would be in big trouble with my father. Ill rather take my chances with you.”

Aurora nodded in agreement. But she also needed to draw the line.

“You can come along. But dont act too familiar with us for now. I dont want rumors to spread that were affiliated with her tower.”

“Dont worry. Ill be discreet while under operation. And besides, I will not remain as a tower official for long.”

That was true. Once Alexander left the tower things would become clear about Rocx academys affiliations.

But it was just better not to poke the ashes and cause a potential fire.

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