ing and therefore it can happen that there can be several angels with the same appearance. Each angel has wings, which are 2 at the lowest stage. The number increases with the strength of the angels, depending on their angelic level. Thus, the lowest level of angels has 2 wings, the 2nd level has 4 wings and the upper level of angels has 6 wings.

The most important memory that existed was about the world that lies between the world of angels and demons. Every normal person thinks that there is only the earth where there is life, but this is not true. As far as I have understood, in each world, which are present in the galaxies, there is a heaven and hell, which are connected with the main world. To go to this world one must be summoned, which is a ritual that offers a sacrifice that must satisfies the angel. Generally, angels are summoned very often, as there are many situations where creatures think they know someone who has contracted the devil or otherwise used dark magic. Since there is such demand for power in every imaginable world, it is to be expected that not only 1 angel is present in this world. But back to the intermediate world. In the memory it was also called ”doomed world ”, because most of the preparations for a big battle are made there. There can also be coincidences in which the in-between worlds stand perfectly so that they merge into each other and thus demons and angels face each other directly and start slaughtering each other. In summary, this means that there are not only Heaven, Main World and Hell, but also other worlds between them that can be entered to prepare for battles.

After he finally woke up from the state of stupor, not even a minute passed, that he confirmed that fact by the fact that the angels were still going after the angel with the devoured soul. However, when he tried to understand his appearance, he found a system called ”Almighty ” that showed him his status, which made him extremely wondering about his new life.

Status ”Almighty

→ Name: Shay

→ Race: Angel

→ Angelic name: Gaspart Relivious Elbas…Moby Turael

→ Age: Newborn

→ Origin: Heaven

→Hierarchy: lower angel

→ Strength: 5

→Speed: 1

→magical power: 10

→ Activity: 2 (recovery time)

→ Curse ability: none

Note: You are one of the weakest angels among the newborns. Your chance of survival is close to 0 and your strength will be so weak without continuous addition of souls that you won survive a month! I´m looking forward to working with you and hope that despite the circumstances you will become a strong angel.

– Furthermore, there are possibilities that you can exchange won souls with me, as long as it exists in your material imagination. This means that if the ”order ” has a high material cost to create in, that accordingly many souls must be sacrificed. But in order to create an object, conceptions must be made so that the system knows what exactly the owner wants to make. The higher the effort of the sketch drawn, the higher the consumption of souls.

– Since the system is almost omniscient, it has an answer to almost every question that has to do with being an angel. This system will be permanently at your disposal and can show you your vital values at any time. But the special thing about this system is that you, Shay, are the only person who has such a ”copy ”, which should automatically motivate you not to die in the next few minutes!

This said, an angry angel came running towards him and tried to kill Shay. Not wanting to have to give up his ”great ” life as an angel so soon, he tried his best to take out the approaching enemy. Seeing no weapons so far and looking around at what the others were doing, he noticed that they were all relying on their strength of hands to survive in this mess.

So he waited until the angel came closer and tried to avoid his jump attack. But since he had no knowledge of fighting, he was knocked over by the jump and thus lay on the ground and his opponent directly above him. The angel was hitting Shay and with each strike he took, he felt an ”energy ” trying to get attention in his body. Unfortunately, Shay had no idea what it was and had to accept this unpleasant feeling. Thus, he focused again on opponent, who is still trying to kill him.

Since he was sure that he was at a disadvantage when he was on the ground, his plan was to try to get the angel off of him. So he started by punching the angel in the pit of his stomach, but this did not bring the angel down. Being amazed that this was not enough, he hit it a few more times. But in order not to hit only one part of the body, he tried to make even ”hard ” blows on his ribs and liver. The opponent, of course, did not put up with this and hit Shay with force against the head, making him dizzy.

Overcoming his dizziness, he went on the counterattack and grabbed his upper body. He held it tightly, as if trying to crush his opponent, and meanwhile made a roll to the side so that they exchanged sides. The Angel did not expect this, but first thought that Shay would give up and expose his body so that he could attack his sensitive areas. However, the angel was overpowered and now he was lying on the floor to his disadvantage.

Shay, taking his advantage, continued to hit his ribs and broke them as a result. This pain the angel would not have thought from such a weak angel, since it is actually normal in such a hierarchy that the weak looking creatures would die quickly. In fact, the pain that the angel had to endure under Shay was too painful for him to even let out a scream.


When Shay heard those words, he couldn be helped but have a small smile on his face. He had finally made someone feel his pain, which he usually experienced when he was young. Not wanting the angel to stop feeling such pain, he not only tried to do external damage, but tried to bore into the angel with his hand, which had sharp nails. The angel tried to stop Shays hands from doing that, but because of the damage he suffered, he couldn withstand it and had to accept that it would penetrate his body.

After a short perseverance of the angel, Shay finally also succeeded in drilling his hand into the angel. Since it looked like the angel was going to give up, Shay got his hand out again, which made the body flinch, and now went for the heart. So he rammed his hand towards the heart and ripped it out, which finally killed the angel!

A small round white object then flew out of the body and Shay took it. It was a low-quality, good soul.

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