Tobi was playing with his sister in front of their house located on the outskirts of Saikyu. Their compound was located 500m from the border of Saikyu. Inside the compound, a house built with wooden structures stood at the centre of the large compound.

”Hey, thats not how to play. You
e spoiling the game, ” Tobi was getting bored of his sisters negligence of the game rules.

”No, you can make that move, ”

”Thats an invalid move, ”

”Thats totally off, ”

”Can you learn? The game is really simple. I wonder why you can get it easily, ”

Tobi who cared less about his sisters feelings constantly complained about every move his sister makes.

”Big brother, this game is hard. I can play, ” Bola said as she burst into tears.

”Tch, what would I do with you? Stop crying. You
e embarrassing me ”

It wasn enough to stop Bola from crying. Tobi was irritated and somewhat embarrassed seeing his sister crying.

”Ok. Ok. Stop crying. I would teach you how to play. Fine?, ”

”Uhn Uhn. Yes, big brother, ” Bola said as she wiped the tears off her cheeks.

The game is a game of cards with numbers and shapes. Cards of the same numbers or shapes are played over another. The game continues until a player checks up – has no more cards to play.

”Tobi, Tobi, ” A deep voice from inside the house called. Tobi left the game after promising to teach Bola how to play another day. Tobi rushed inside the house to answer the voice.

”Yes, sir, ” Tobi replied. Inside the house was a manly figure dressed in an all-black kimono with a black inside shirt. He wore black gloves on both of his hands and black bands on his wrists. He wore a blindfold covering his two eyes which made only his mouth, nose, forehead, hair and lower cheek visible.

The inner view of the house reveals more wooden architecture. The parlour had a large sitting space made of wood. The walls were made also made of wood with the clans symbol carved on them. Adjacent to the entrance of the building is the family portrait which reveals a family of five. Opposite the position of the family portrait is the door which leads to the kitchen. The door leading to the rooms is on the right side of the door leading to the kitchen.

The manly figure was sipping his tea with one hand tucked in his dress.

”Sit, ” the figure gestured for Tobi to sit. ”Your study sessions with your mother have been going well. I have spoken to your mother and I feel it is time to take the next step of your life, your destiny, ”

”Tobi, tell me. How old are you?, ” the figure asked with an inquisitive tone.

”I-I am 14 years, ”

”Hmm, What is your goal or rather, what would you like to become?, ”

Tobi was caught off guard by the question as he haven really given it a thought. Why would a boy of 14 years be asked such a question? Whats going on? What do I want to become? All these questions were popping up in Tobis mind as he searched his mind for an answer to his fathers question.

”Well, uhm. About what Id like to become. Ill prefer to be something not life-threatening. Certainly not a warrior or the forces, hmmm, yes, I want to be an instructor or a farmer. Thats what I want to become, ” Tobi said with a bright smile emerging from his face.

Much to his surprise and far from his expectation, his father slammed his hand hard on the table. Hard enough to send chills down Tobis spine and loud enough to make Soroyi exclaim from the kitchen.

Gbobi was infuriated with the words that proceeded out of his sons mouth. He boiled with anger and rage that if let loosed, the compound would be sent to ruins in an instant.

”Where has it ever been heard that a person born of the Shirin become an instructor or a farmer? It has never happened and I won let it start with you, ”

”Are you really a Shirin?, ”

”Don say that. Can you not see you are hurting the lad?, ” Soroyi said as she interrupted Gbobi. She had left the kitchen to check what had caused the loud noise.

”Talk to your son. I can stand such a blasphemy especially from my lineage, ” Gbobi stated and left the parlour for his study in rage.

Tobi confused and sad about what had just happened sat on the floor with his head bowed and tears running down his cheek. Soroyi went to where he was to stop him from crying further.

”Is it wrong to have my own goal?, ” he muttered as tears were running down his cheek.

”No. It is not, ”

”Then, why was father angry with what I said?, ”

”Your father only wants the best for you, ”

Tobi looked up for the first time after his father has shouted at him.

”The best? Isn seeing my goal get achieved the best for me?, ”

Soroyi wiped the tears off Tobis cheeks and held his face making their eyes contact.

”Your father wants the best for you- and for the clan. He is your father and also the clan leader, ” ”Never has a Shirin not become a warrior. The legacy they had laid down is the ability to always produce strong warriors. Your father was one of them before he retired. Even till now, the songs of your fathers glory are still sung in all corners of Sanemi, ”

”Go to the kitchen and join your sister in doing the dishes, Ill go talk to your father, ”

Soroyi heaved a sigh of relief as he watched Tobi go into the kitchen.

*****Two Days After*****

Tobi dressed in a blue shirt, a black three-quarters and a sandal is about leaving the house for a meet up with his friends.

”Mother, I am set to go. Do you want me to get anything for you?, ” Tobi said as he buckled his sandals.

”Hmm, Yes. Get me the Egbure and Egusi on your way back, ”

”Alrigbt, mother, ”

As Tobi was about exiting the house, he felt something holding his three-quarters.

”Take me with you, ” Bola said with a bright smile holding his brothers three-quarters.

”No, ” Tobi retorted with a Stern face. Bolas puffed cheek slowly flatten out at her brothers response.

”Take me with you, ” she repeated as she tightened her grip on Tobis three-quarters. This time with a frown on her face and her eyes closed.

”No, you can come with me, ” Tobi was not going to change his mind. He still won let her follow him. Shed only slow him down and stress him.

Bola who was not ready to take no for answer continued to pester her brother to take her with him. The two continued which was starting to constitute noise in the house.

”Hey, you guys are making lot of noise. Whats happening here?, ” said Soroyi who disturbed and irritated at the noise they were making.

”Big brother doesn want to take me along with him, ”

”Ohh, is that the cause of this noise? Tobi, take your sister with you, ”

”But-, ”

”Don but me. I said take your sister with you, ” Soroyi said as she wanted peace and quiet. With the two of them out, that wouldn be impossible. ”And make sure you don lose sight of her and be back early, ”

”Yes, mother, ” replied a defeated Tobi.

Tobi and Bola made their way for the meet up. Bola, a girl who prefers to be everywhere around his brother was six years of age. She has a short, black and oily hair. Shed rather eat sweets all the days of her life if she had the chance.

Tobi and Bola met up with his friends. It was the last time theyll be meeting as a group. They had tons of fun. Playing games, lottery, singing, catch the thief, be the hero, cosplay, acting and kendo koshi. Kendo Koshi is a game of wooden swords. The players are armed with a wooden sword and aim for the opponents weak spot. The game continues till an opponents surrenders or or hit three times in the belly. They played with each other until sunset. At sunset, they say down in a café gisting and telling stories as they used to.

”Tobi, its almost late. I have to go now, ” Tope said as he gulped down the last drink from his cup and rose to leave.

”Ehh, Why. This isn the agreement now. We were supposed to be here till the sun has fully set, ” Tobi said with a surprised look

”I am sorry. I have to go. See you if fate wants it, ” With this Tope left the café for his home leaving Tobi, Bola and Inioluwa there.

”Let him go. You know how strict his mother is. We should be grateful he waited till now. ” Inioluwa told Tobi. ”I think I would have to go too, ”

”Ehhh! Why?, ”

”Well, my father has enrolled me at the Warrior Academy at Akaw. He wants me to become a Warrior and Ill be leaving by Dawn tomorrow, ”

”A warrior, good for you, ”

”What about you? Im sure you are already taking some lessons from your parents, ”

”No, no, no. Nothing. Im definitely not becoming a warrior. Im not cut out for it, ”

”Are you serious? Even when your father is a legendary warrior and you
e from a warrior clan?, ” Inioluwa blurted out in disbelief.

”See, lets leave that matter. I wish you good luck in your training. Its time we bade ourselves farewell, ”

Inioluwa and Tobi gave each other a lasting hug after which they waved each other goodbye.

”Bola, lets go, ”

”Ok, brother, ”

Tobi remembered his mothers errand and went to the vegetable store to get the Egbure and Egusi. To their surprise, there was a long queue waiting for them. They had to join the queue.

After about two hours of waiting, they finally got the Egbure and Egusi and headed for home. It was already passed sundown and the moon was already out.

Tobi held his sister with right hand and the vegetables on his left as they took the forest path to their home. It was the only path to their home. Along the path were trees with bright green leaves. Each tree shed off its rotten leaves as the wind blew. The tress responded to the wind by the dancing of its leave which provided a Serene and calm environment. The crickets were chippering, the fireflies flying around with their lights shining. It was a wonderful sight to behold. The crescent moon reveals the wonders of nature.

Bola was singing her favourite song and licking her sweets at the same time. Tobi was joyous at the fact thathe had a good day.

”What a perfect end to a good day. Its a peaceful, serene and calm night. It is beautiful, ” Tobi thought to himself.

Suddenly, Tobi heard a loud hit and fell to the ground.

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