and softly. When I started starting to move, I breathed in peace. Today is my lucky day.

I tilt my head, and our faces are inches closer. Hes really gorgeous, and his hair is shining in black. Clean cut, he has thin lips, and his lips are color pinkish rose blended. What an alien creature!

His eyebrows are also thick; looking at him, he looks powerful and respectable. Is he a prince? Or maybe he is a son of a politician? If he is a prince, we are meant to be each other! I am so enchanted by his beauty.

My pimples got shy.

I found my soulmate! Oh my god!

I sat straight and got my hands off when he coughed softly.

”Sorry. ” I apologized and saw that he had fixed his suit in front of me. I don have germs, and I am clean. He looks like he has high standards, and; he is picky.

The whole ride, we
e all silent, and I don know where we are going. I am comfortably sitting. I got my phone from my bag to call my friend to fetch me, but I couldn find my old smartphone, and I didn bring my wallet. I started to panic.

Why did I forget my wallet?!

This is the end of me! I told them Ill pay them to help me, but I didn have money. What a shame!

This is double trouble this. What am I gonna do? Run again?

”Can I borrow your phone? ” I asked in a lower tone to the man beside me; he didn blink nor look at me. Hes looking in front. Why is he not looking at me? He never looks at me.

I yelled; he might have a hearing problem, so he didn hear me. ”Can I borrow your phone?! ” I asked at the top of my lungs, but he didn answer.

The driver looks at us.

”Can I borrow your phone? Ill just call someone. I promise, ” I raise my hand, making a promise, ” I won steal your phone. ” I assured him. While saying those words, my mouth was in his left ear so that he could hear me.

”No. ” He answered shortly without looking at me.

I know I am not beautiful, but why is he not looking at me? I smelled my armpit to ensure I didn have a foul odor. I smell like a sun.

Huh, he knows how to talk. He doesn have speaking problems, but he has hearing problems. Major turn-off.

”This is an emergency, ” I replied shortly while still staring at him.

”No. ” He answered coldly. I felt snow in this car when he answered me. What a cold man! Tsk! He is like a robot. One question, one answer, sometimes he is not answering me. He is not moving and only looking at the road in front.

I moved my hands in front of him, but he didn blink.

Is he a human? Why is he not moving and making a reaction?

”Wow! This is cool! ” I reacted in amusement. ”Brother, this is super cool! We
e with a robot! ” I am so amazed. This is my first time talking to a robot. They are so cool. Humans are really genius when it comes to technology.

”Is this invented, brother? And how much did you buy him? And who invented him? Many people say that many robots are going to live on this planet. Humans are different. They really know how to ruin this planet. ” The driver laughs at my thoughts.

”Or you are a businessman?! ” My eyes grew bigger.

Robots are genius. Maybe I can ask who is the wealthiest man in the world. I giggled.

I changed the subject. ”brother, can I borrow your phone? ” I made puppy eyes.

”No. ” This robot, besides, is the one who answered in a stern tone. I am not talking to him. Why is he the one who answered?

e ill-tempered, huh? Im just borrowing a phone to call someone, and I won steal it, ” I rant madly. ”And besides, you
e not the one I ask! Can you please shut up?! ” I scold him. The driver must turn him off so he might not talk anymore.

”The way they made you is not good. Maybe you are a trial and error. ” I rolled my eyes at him.

They made an attitude robot.

I heard the driver laughs. ”Maam, he is not a robot. He is my boss. ” The driver told while suppressing his laughs. Whats funny?

I nod at him.

I face this cold man, ”I forgot my phone, okay? I don have any bad intentions at all. I just want to call my friend and am inside your car. The car is moving. How can I do something? Don you have common sense.? ” He is handsome, but he is not using his brain. Doesn he know critical thinking?

This man crossed his arms under his chest and looked at me coldly. His eyes are frozen cold. I felt cold whenever I look at his eyes.

”Why are they chasing you? ” He asked me earnestly.

”Secret. ” I am playing with him, ”borrow me your phone first, and I will tell you everything. ” I smiled playfully at him. ”Please. ” I shook his shoulder. He needs to say yes.

He got a handkerchief in his pants pocket, and he used that to from my hands from his body, and my mouth hung open. What the… the?!

Is he for real?

”You are so picky! ” I feel insulted by what he did. I don have germs or viruses! I always sanitized. ”I am cleaner than you! ” I fight. I glared at him.

”And I am the daughter of a king, so please treat me nicely, ” I warned him.

He looks away and closes his eyes deeply. I sense that he is unhappy with how I acted and looks irritated. Serves you right!

He breathed in and out slowly. It seems he is stopping himself from exploding.


”Roger, stop the car. ” He said while stopping himself from exploding. I got alerted to what he said. He is mean!

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