, and a clean place welcomed me. There are no things inside.

”Wow! This is too manly. ” I commented sarcastically.

”Where am I going to sleep? ” I asked while I roamed my eyes in his place.

This man is not staying here.

”Do you have clothes for women? I haven taken a bath, and I am also hungry. I haven eaten lunch. ” I said, even though he was not asking.

”Youll sleep on the sofa, and I don have female dresses here. My fridge is also empty ” My soulmate licked lower, and this man removed his coat.

My eyes widened in disbelief. My soulmate became kind; I just initiated to stay in place despite not letting me in.

I go to his kitchen to check for food, but his fridge is also empty. Even water, I saw none.

”Wow! Your fridge has a lot of food!. ” I sarcastically commented and closed the fridge door.

I am starving to death and tired.

His condo is not that huge and small. I saw one door, and maybe thats the room. Perhaps he bought this only for him. One room only.

”Can I borrow your shirt instead? Please?.. Thanks! ” I said in advance before he changed his mind. I am hoping that hes going to lend me and buy me food. I am that thick face.

He didn answer me; instead, he entered his room.

I don feel that I am welcome here.

I sat on the sofa, and I patiently waited for nothing. Someone knocked on the door, and I opened it, and It was brother Rodger.

”Heres your personal needs, Madam. ” Roger smiled at me.

”This is for me? ” My mood brightens, ”Really!? ” I can believe this. I opened the paper bags, saw clothes for women, and saw soap and shampoo toothbrushes. This is a complete set. There is also a bra and underwear.

”Thank you, Rodger! ” I scream when hes about to enter the elevator. Why didn I notice that he walked away?

He is like his boss. They are both silents.

They are kind, but brother Rodger is more forgiving than his boss. Hmph!

I ran into the bathroom and took a bath. They are good at picking cloth, they are all suited to me. Wow, fantastic cap stories!

This day wore me out.

When I was done with my things and bathroom things, I went to his room and knocked. ”Mister? Hello?! ” I scream from the closed door, ”mister, can I borrow money?! I gonna pay you when I see my friend! ” I lean my ear in the door to hear his answer.

”Mister?! ” I knocked loudly.

”Im gonna open this, okay? You
e not answering, so Im gonna open this door! ” I warned him, and I am worried about him. He might do something in himself.

I was about to open the door when he came out.

I smiled at him.

”Can you borrow money? I am starving. ” I held my tummy to show him how hungry I was feeling.


”I waited for you outside the hotel for almost four hours, and I haven eaten lunch and dinner. Have mercy on him. ” I acted.

”So what. ” He commented without any heart. He came out of the room, and I followed him again.

e too demanding. I didn know you. I let you come here in my condo, and you keep on demanding and too noisy. ” He said seriously yet softly. His eyebrow creased.

He sounds kind.

”Eh, if you feed me, you won hear anything from me, and you can rest peacefully, right? ” I made him realize my point.

”How can you pay me? Someone is chasing you, and you don have money. ” His voice is so soft and gentle that it melts me.

”If we meet again, Ill pay you or give me your mobile number. I didn say that Ill pay you right now. ” I made it clear.

He tsked, and he did something on his phone. After that, he turned on the TV and sat peacefully. I looked at him the whole time, and he didn bother to look back at me.

I am starving; theres no food in his condo, even bread. He only has water from the faucet.

Minutes passed, and I heard someone press the doorbell, and I opened it with low energy. That man shows no mercy. He is heartless.

I saw a delivery man holding plus food plastics. My face glowed.

”Foods! ” I exclaimed.

I excitedly get the food from his hands.

”They are already paid, maam. ” He smiled at me.

”Thank you, brother! ” I even send a flying kiss through my free hand.

I returned to the sofa and opened all the plastics and paper bags, and there was a lot of food. Delicious foods.

”Thank you, mister! ” I looked at him with shining eyes, ”I will pay you if we meet again. Love you! ” I return my attention to the food.

I stopped taking out the food when I realized what I said in my last sentence.

I looked at him and saw him; he clenched his fist. He turns around to face, and his expression is blank. He is glaring at me.

He didn like what I told him.

I am doomed!

When I woke, he was not in the whole condo, and the good thing was that he left food for me. He is kind, I admit. I ate all the food yesterday night and slept on the sofa.

I still have a fair of clothes they bought for me, and I go out when I am done fixing myself. I need to go, and I only ask for one night. I may have thickened face, but I know my limit.

I won stay any longer and still need to find a full-time job. I do not want someone to degrade me because I don have permanent work.

I forgot that I need to call Welty. Im going to ask a helo from him.


I hid when I saw those chubby ducks looking everywhere.

How did they know that I was here? Do they insert a tracking in my body? I touch my body and feel if theres something suspicious.

They are looking for something to the thing they are holding on to while looking at the whole place.

”There she is! ” Someone noticed me, and he told his duck and friends.

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