I run fastly, going back to the condo.

”Sorry! ” I apologized to someone I bumped, and I heard her say something.

I entered the elevator and pressed the floor button many times.

”Make it fast! ” I told the elevator.

They are near me, yet this elevator is slow to close. I close my eyes intensely. Maybe I need to accept my fate?

I breathed when it finally closed, but they rode another elevator; these chubbies knew where I was going.

The feeling is still here. I feel scared, fear, and nervous again. I can have my freedom anymore.

When the elevator opened, I rode, the other one opened too, and I ran without them noticing.

I entered the condo, and they tripled. I locked the door, so chubbies wouldn be got in, and I closed all the windows. I stilled when I heard a knock.

”Miss, get out of there if you don want us to break this door and make a scene! ” They warned me from outside.

Their knocks scare me the most.

”Get out of there, miss. Come with us peacefully. ”

Their knocks are getting louder and louder.

I entered the room for them not to hear and even put heavy things in the door for them not to join and break it that easily.

I stayed the whole day in that room when the door opened. I step backward.

They have a duplicate key, and how do they enter this condo?

”No! ”

My eyes widened when they were all there.

”Nooo! ” One of them got near me and held me. I struggle from his hold, but he is more potent than me.

”Don touch me ! ” I yelled and trying to scare them. The way he holds me is so tight.

I tried to kick him, but I got near this icy cold man and hid behind him.

He let them in. He betrayed me.

”Please, don give me to them, ” I asked, almost crying, and hugged him. My whole body is trembling. I know these chubby ducks; he is going to do something terrible to me. Thats why his subordinates are here.

They knew that I was here because this icy cold man told them.

”No! No! No! Please! ”

They came near me, trying to release me from this icy cold man.

”Don give me to them. ” I am almost begging. I hug him tighter. ”Please, no! ” I scream at the top of my lungs.

These chubby ducks are trying to get me with force.

”You always tricked us. Now, lets go! You can hide no more! ” The older man said, forcibly got me from this icy cold man. He let me get by them. This is the end of my life.

We are at the door of this condo when I hold on to the door, trying not to go with them. The danger is waiting for me in the hands of that influential businessman.

”If you didn go with us peacefully, we don have a choice but to hurt you. ” They warned me.

”Please, don get me. I can triple your bosss payment to you. Have mercy! ” I am begging, and I am willing to kneel down.

”Stop being dramatic! ” Their leader scolded me.

They forcefully got me, and I bit their leaders hand, and the small one, I kicked his ass.

”You! I already lost my patience with you! ” Before I could run, they pulled my hair, and their leader punched me in my tummy. This hurts so much. I just wanna die than experience hell in their hands. I do not want to get involved in their illegal business. I am okay with sleeping on the street and eating the food in the trash.

”What the ** did you do! ” A severe cold baritone voice echoed in the hallway. His voice is scary as it seems he can kill.

My eyes are getting blurry. So, this is the feeling of being punched in the stomach. This hurts a lot, and I feel numb. Because of losing energy, I sat on the floor lifelessly.

I saw an icy-cold man punching the other one, and suddenly he had a backup. He has subordinates at his back, and they beat those chubby ducks.

”All of you get lost. Leave this woman alone, ” My soulmate commanded without any expression.

”That can be. We would be dead ass meat to our boss if we didn bring her with us! You let us enter your condo, yet you punch us! ” Their leader said while aching from the punches he received. Icy cold man subordinates are holding them so that they can move and can do extreme action.

”Im Atty. Kienzo Vladimir and I can sue you and your boss. I can file a case for hurting her. Anti Violence for women. ” The icy cold man stated coldly, and his expression remained profound and mysterious. I can read his eyes and emotions.

”I will be back! ” Their leader stated and stormed out with a black eye. They can even walk properly. They are no match for this man. Huh, deserve!

”Thank you! ” I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

”Does it hurts? ” I don know if he is concerned or just wanna know how I am. He touched the part where they punch, and I reacted. It really hurts. I heard him cuss.

We rode the elevator, and it took three minutes to open. We get inside.

”Why are they chasing you? ” He asks while heading to the kitchen.

I wiped my tears. I shouldn cry. Huh, I am a strong woman! I am used to life struggles.

He came back with a first aid kid in his hands. ”Let me. ” I tried to get those from him, but he didn let me. He insists.

He looks kind, or maybe hes pitying me?

”Women in our family destined in fix marriage or theyll sell us. And I do not want to follow their tradition, and I do not want to get married to their chosen man for me. Those men they chose for me are smelly fat men, and I bet they are not taking a bath. They only want money and business. I run and hide, and they chase me. That ugly old man owning a bar is selling women, and I know that will be my life in his hands. ” I faced him. He is seriously listening to me, making no reaction or move.

I swallowed.

”Please marry me. ” I eagerly said. He stilled to what he said, and his eyes contrasted.

I held his hand tightly, and I swallowed again.

I will try, or I will forever regret this.

Weltry can hide me, and they know him.

Maybe destiny brought me to him because he is the key to my freedom. Im gonna grab this chance that this universe gave to me.

”I need your h-help. ” I heard a while ago that he is a lawyer, and I am sure he has a lot of connections and money and is an influential man.

”I know my wish is complicated, but please, can you help me? Im gonna pay you in return. I won bug you anymore when they know we are married and will pay you after that. I know you won agree without getting anything to my proposal. ” I wiped my tears.

That man is brainy, and hard to trick him. He will investigate if Im married, and this icy cold man is a lawyer, so we have a fight.

I am too exhausted to hide; this is the only way I know.

He didn speak and looked at me blankly. Did I scare him?

He didn blink. ”We don know each other. ” My shoulder fell. This man is hard to trick and convince.

”Please? ” My last card.

”I won marry a stranger. ” He said hardly, and he continued with what he was doing. His voice is full of finality.

How can I convince this rich man? He looks like he doesn need anything because this man already has everything he wants, from his career and job.

”I already introduce myself! ” I said, frustrated and whined in annoyance.

”Marrying you? How does it help your situation? ”

”If we get married legally, they won bug me because every one of us is meant to marry a man they choose for us or sell us. If they found out that I did this, they won do anything about it, and I am no longer part of that family because I break the rules, culture, belief, and tradition. ” I explained slowly.

I shocked his shoulders. ”Please? Please. Ill do everything. I won complain, and I won bug you! We don need to stay under the same roof. I will leave after we get married. I just need your surname and the legal documents to show them. ” I begged. I am really desperate.

Im waiting for his answer.

His looks don look convincing. He seems not to agree with my proposal. And who will gonna agree to marry a stranger? He has finished school and is a lawyer, so he won agree with my stupid idea.

His answer shocked me, and I didn expect it. I cried. My life is really gonna change according to his response.

Early morning he gave me some papers and a ballpen. I signed in those papers.

”Ill pass this and don go anywhere. We still can be sure of your safety. ” He reminds me, and I just nod my head at him.

”Ill go first. ” He went out with the papers that we signed. He had already signed in it before he gave me those papers.

I was about to go when someone knocked again on the door. Don these people know how to press the doorbell? I open the door, and an ugly woman welcomes me. She raised her eyebrow at me, and I did the same.

”Yes? What can I help you? ” I ask respectfully.

”Who are you? ” She asked me while still raising her fake eyebrow.

She entered without letting her. What a woman! Where did she get the confidence to enter? She even bumped my shoulder.

”Hey, trespassing you! Did you know that what you did was rude? You entered without I letting you in! ” I nag

”Im Atty. Kienzo Girlfriend. ” I stilled when she introduced herself.

Is she his girlfriend? That lawyer doesn have standards and taste for a woman. She looks like an ugly duck. She has bangs that don suit her and a big mouth.

I look at her surgical butt. I laughed inside my head. What kind of butt is that? Its so pointed.

”Eh, you don look like you are his girlfriend. Hmm, you look like his auntie. ” I provoked her.

”What?! ” She seems offended.

I acted like I didn mean what I had said. I put my palm on my mouth.

”Ops, I spilled it. ” I did mapping on the condo.

”Who are you, huh?! And what are you doing in his condo?! ” Her eyes are giving me a dagger look, and her teeth are gritting.

”Hot-headed… do you want a judge juicy? ” I grope my pants to look for a juicy one and give it to her when I find one.

”What the hell?! Who are you, huh? Are you his maid? ” She looks at me from head to toe. Her head is too hot. She keeps on yelling wherein in I am in front of her.

Hey, you look maid than me. ” I mocked.

I admit that she is beautiful, but I am beyond beauty with a heart. I am beautiful with my pimples. My flaws and insecurities are not a hindrance to making me feel that I am beautiful.

I don believe that she is an attorneys girlfriend. She looks like a duck.

”Get out! ” Huh, who is she to shoo me away? She is not my boss, and she is nothing.

”Your mother, get out. ” I cross my arms.

I rolled my eyes before I left her standing there. Ill just go somewhere; I do not want to have fights with that ugly duckling woman. She is wasting my time.

I was about to call an attorney when I remembered I didn have a phone. I pouted; why am I stupid? I always forgot essential things.

I rode the bus, and I had plans to eat outside. I look out while I am sitting on the bus. Im thinking about my life. It feels good to do things alone, too, and I have one dear friend Bolat that I can go to anytime and who is always there for me. Many people may have a lot of pride, but I am proud of my friend because he never leaves my side and is always to the rescue.

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