Its almost lunch.

”And you are a lawyer, rich, and you don have money to feed your wife? Where are your conscience and mercy? And what kind of husband are you? ” He must feel too sorry.

”How about when we get a child? Do you have any plans to not feed us? You don have a heart attorney! ” I cried with no tears.

I touched my mouth when I realized what I had said, but I immediately changed the topic.

”I want fried chicken and pizza. Order those foods for me, okay? Love you! ” Im making the first move. After that, I ran and entered the room. Why did my heart beat so fast?

Pro tip: You should have a thick face if you want something to happen. If you don make the first move, a baby can form. This is the sign to make the first move.

”Attorney, can I go with you? ” I asked while I was leaning while he was fixing his things.

He doesn want me to leave the condo because we can be sure things are falling into their place. I am not human inside the house. I am done, and I must go outside to explore the world. No one can keep me inside the house for too long. My feet are always aching whenever Im home. The outdoor adventure is always calling me.

”No. ”He said in a stern tone and baritone voice. My world fell.

”Hmmmph!. ” I complained again, and my face was already gloomy. He knows how to turn my mood upside down.

He wore his necktie and fixed it like magic. Hes walking in the door when I ask again and beg.

”Attorney, bring me with you, Please?? ” I blinked. Beautiful eyes. He stops from what he is doing and looks at me blankly.

He smells like sandalwood and dollars. He has a lot of money; I saw the gold vault in his room. Huh, I know where he is hiding his money.

”Tsk. ” And he left me hanging.


I followed him.

”Attorney, Ill go with you, okay? ” I asked for his permission. As usual, I didn get any answer from him.


I followed him in the elevator. I have been following him whenever he was I am present. He didn mind me, and he focused on his papers. Tsk! Attorney is so busy.

”If I am not mistaken, lawyers are talkative and know many things. Then, why are you so silent? You don like noisy… how do you win a case if you are not talkative? ” He didn answer my question again. He walks out of the elevator silently. Its so hard to talk to him. He is so dull. He doesn know how to speak and has a story to tell me. I wanna know how his day is.

”Attorney! ” I called him, and I ran to him. His steps are too big.

He entered into a car, and I did the same. When he looked at me before he started the engine, I smiled at him sweetly. I gave him the sweetest smile in the world.

”Attorney, do you have your own company? Or building? Firm? Where are you working? Are you working or twerking? I giggled. I am making fun of him again. Im having a good time making fun of him.

I pouted when he didn answer me again. So, silent. I must teach him to be talkative. Maybe thats my role in his life and why our paths met.

Okay, maybe I need to fix my question. I should be the one who adjusts. My attorney husband is not intelligent, and I understand it.

”Attorney, here is your twerk place at? She has your own farm? ” I am not sure about the grammar of my questions, but I still smiled widely while asking those questions.

The importance is essential.

My husband is so stupid, so he won know that my grammar is wrong.

I sighed when my husbands attorney was still silent. Hay! What a boring life he has! He is the most silent to all the lawyers I know. He is not like Atty. Harry Roque. I pouted and looked at the road.

I choose to keep silent. My Attorney is not talking to me and answering my questions. What should I do? Talk to me. Or count my hair strands.

I silently followed him. We are here at the destination, and I keep my mouth shut. I feel that we
e going to meet a professional human of the earth.

We are in a judge hall. Woah! What a mesmerizing beauty! Sleeping beautiful.

I am just following him, and he is not minding me. Isn he going to ask how I was? Am I hungry or not?

And at that moment, I realized that he had a hearing today. So, why is he so serious and busy writing papers and reading a book?

I sat on the opposite side, and while he was in front, I noticed that his eyes roamed the rooms four corners. His eyes are searching for something.

All the audience is silently listening, and there is someone who made a scene. Attorneys reaction was firm and relaxed. Maybe he really likes being a lawyer, and it seems he enjoys his work.

May I get the same energy and find my passion. I wanna have work that satisfies me.

He won the case that easy, I mean not that easy, but the way he looks, he looks so relaxed and chilling. I saw no expression on his face. How can he be so comfortable in that kind of situation? We are already in his car, and I don know where we are heading.

Thats another reason why he is more silent earlier because he is focusing something on his head. I feel guilty that I keep on asking questions earlier. His work must be hard.

”Wow, attorney! You are so cool, and that was so hot! You didn inform me that you are a genius in that situation. High five! ” Again, I talk to the air.

He made me crush him earlier. Im so proud of him because he knows how to fight and what he is fighting for. Hes good at talking and won the case! I must get him as my lawyer and as for a significant discount. He looks confident earlier too.


Our next destination was the tallest and widest building I had seen, and we got inside.

”Good afternoon, Atty. ” I saw him nod at that girl who great taste him.

I wonder while looking at that woman. That girl smiled at me.

”Good morning Maam. ” She smiled at me sweetly.

”Hey, wait!. ” I notice that he is already in the elevator, and the door must be about to go.

We entered a big and spacious room. This must be an office of an executive.

”Wow, wow. Wow, dishes! ” I commented while roaming my eyes at the four corners of this room.

”Attorney, are we going to steal here? ” I murmured to him.

”Yes. ” He straight and without a pause.

My eyes widened. My attorney finally answered me.

I realized something! Wait, he is not an honest lawyer?! He is a fake lawyer who wants to steal in someones office. Oh my!

Why are we going to steal if he is already rich?

He sat on the white leather swivel chair; the table was huge, long, and well organized. Theres also a big cabinet inside this office, but it is not apparent as a cabinet because it hangs on the wall. It looks wall.

”We will be going to be rich! ” I said excitedly and happy.

I open of the drawers, and I felt disappointed. I am expecting gold and jewelry that we can sell. Still, I only saw papers, folders, and envelopes inside it; there were also books. It seems like these papers are essential.

”What are we going to steal here? Papers? ” I guess there is no gold here that we can steal.

”Then are we going to seal those in the junk shop? ” I asked and glanced at him. Hes now busy with the laptop and a folder beside his computer.

I accidentally glance at the long frame on his table in front of his laptop.

Atty. Kienzo Vladimir Velasco.

KVV? Kabibi. Kabebe. Bebe. Bibi. Duck. Quack! Quack! Quack!

I saw three ducks, there is chubby, white and sexy! Wichita! Ah, this office is owned by him. He made me believe that we are gonna steal something important. I am ready to be a stealer.

”You have a lot of papers in life, huh, ” I commented.

He didn hear what I had said because he was too busy with his work. I go out into his office. What should I Stay there knowing that he won talk to me?

I roamed the building and noticed that it has a lot of lawyers, and they are busy with their different businesses. How does it feel to become a lawyer?

Who owns this firm? Its so minimalistic, and I like the color, a nude palette. I feel so relaxed. I sat on the vacant chair and didn know what floor this was and where I was in this building.

I sighed. Maybe my attorney will find me; everyone is busy talking to someone with coffee on their table. Hmm, it wants coffee too.

”Good afternoon Maam. Im sorry Im late. I had an emergency. ” I stand to accept his handshake. Woah! Who is this man?

I stand to accept his hand shaking.

”Good afternoon too, hehe, ” I said shyly.

”Take a seat, Maam. ”

I followed him.

”By the way, whats your name again? ” He asked me while he was looking at something on his iPad.

”Princess Claire Zhu- Ay No! Alcantara! Ay No! ” He looks at me suspiciously when I am not sure about my answer.

”All I know is I am a princess who hides from our kingdom because I am tired of being a princess, ” I told him.

He laughs at my story. He thought I was joking. Well, thats true.

”Im Atty. Glavienca Rodriquez. So whats your concern? ” He became serious.


What is my concern? Nothing, I guess. My problem is already solved, and an attorney will handle my situation. Hmm, I must think of my other problem.

”This is how it is like Attorney Rodriquez; my husband is not talking to me. ” He listened carefully to my problem, and I continued.

”I do not know what he is a problem. We are newlywed. ”

”What about your husband? ”

”I don know to him. I am talking to him, but he is not answering my questions. He won have a speaking problem, but why is he not talking to me? He can do that for the whole day. He is good when it comes to ignoring me. He is such a bad husband. Then, why is he not talking to me? ” I asked him curiously, hoping that Ill get an answer from this man.

”Uhu, you want to file a case against your husband because hes not talking to you? ” He cleared.

”No! Atty. ”

His expression became confused.

”Then what is your concern, Maam? ”

”I already told you my concern. My husband is not talking to me. ” I repeated. He looks at me and how he looks at me as if he is asking if I am okay.

”Mas, Im consulting a case, not a love life problem. ” He chuckled.

”You can talk about your concern to your husband. I can you give a advise if you want. Maybe your husband is just tired or dealing with something. Let him rest and approach him when you feel he is ready to talk about it. If he is still not like this, maybe he has another woman. ”

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