Does that attorney have another woman? Is he crazy? Why he didn tell me?!

”Attorney no!. ” I disagree again; why he doesn understand my point? Hays, the lawyers here are stupid.

”He is mean to me. He married, but he didn give me a ring and did not even propose to me. ” I think more of the lawyer doing to me, ”he even told me that we are going to steal something, but the office is to him. He is making fun of me. ” I rant. I need to release the tension before I choke that lawyer.

He laughs at me, but I know deep inside it is not funny, ”then I guess he doesn have any plans to have us a honeymoon. How about our marriage? A boring marriage, huhu. ” I cried without tears.

This lawyer in front of me laughs again.

”Atty, I am not joking. I am serious about my situation. ” I said seriously.

”I need to get watered to remove all of my pimples because the dermatologist in our place; I need to get semen if I want my pimples to vanish because…. ” I hadn finished my sentence when I saw someone.

”Wait, attorney time first, ” I inform him and stand up.

I ran to him and called his name.

”Atty, wait! ” I shouted, and I got everyones attention on this floor. I bit my lower lip, but he continued to walk and didn mind me.

”Attorney Kienzo, if you didn look at me, I am going to spread your nudes and post them everywhere in this building, ” I shouted and didn mind the other looking at me. I am in the middle of the floor.

He stood after walking, and he faced me.

”Hi? ” He smiled. It felt like I was going to melt in his smile. His not-so-perfect teeth are yellow-is,h but his smile is very welcoming and cute.

”Did we meet before? ” He asked confusedly, and his eyebrow furrowed.

”Are you blind?! ” I harshed and neglected him.

”Yes! A while theres something happen between us! ” I said loudly and proudly. I look around, and they get back on their business, but some are still looking at us. I am making a scene.

His face couldn paint, and his eyes widened in shock.

”Wait! Why did your outfit become different? You were wearing black a while ago and when it became blue? Or I am color blind.

Oh no! I remember those coats I saw in the office. Of course! He changes his jacket, and that is not my business anymore.

He isn able to answer me when someone interrupts us.

”hows your case, Atty? Vladimir? ” I looked back and saw the lawyer I was talking to a while ago.

”You know each other? ” I interrupted them, and I pointed to the two of them.

”Yes. ” They both answered in chorus. Huh, thats not obvious that they really know each other.

”How about you two? ” Atty. Rodriquez pointed at this lawyer in front of me.

”Hes my husband! ” I stated proudly with a wide smile.

They were both shocked by what I said. Whats the shock on it? I am gonna show later that looks of surprise.

”So, the one you
e referring to that your husband is Attorney Vladimir? Am I right? ” Atty. Rodriguez Asked, and he laughed.

Whats going on?

”Yes, ” I answered. That attorney, Vladimirs reaction, doesn want to believe me and, at the same, wants to believe me. He is fighting with his thoughts, and his expression shows visible shock.

”Wow. You
e married, man. You didn invite me, huh. ” Rodriquez stated and congratulated us.

I face Rodriquez, ”I apologize, Atty if we didn invite you. We
e planning to, but we
e on a tight budget, and we
e saving for the future of our kids, and taking out food is not allowed. Thats why we decided not to invite friends and strangers. ” I shyly and apologetically said.

Instead of being offended by what I said, he laughs softly.

”Wait, ” Kienzo said when he remembered something.

”What advice? ” He asked confusedly. ” Me? Im not talking to her? ” My Attorney asked Rodriquez.

Rodriquez laughed again. ”Yes, Atty. Vladimir. ” He answered in amusement.

” Shes my client. She told me you were talking to her and ignoring her presence the whole day. Don do that, attorney Vladimir; you are newlywed. You should take a vacation or honeymoon. ” He smiled differently. Theres a message on his smile. What does he mean?

Atty. Rodriquez phones rang. He answered it. He distanced himself from us when he answered the caller and returned immediately.

”Im sorry, so you
e not my client? My client is here. ” He asked, and I nodded at him shyly.

”I sit there to take a rest, hehe. ” I comb my hair.

”Oh, I see. I need to go. My real client is here. ” He bid his goodbye.

”Hey. Miss. ” My Attorney husband sneaked his arm on my waist, and I held on to his chest. He smelled differently. He smelled like coins and carrots. I like his dollar smells because he has a lot of money.

”So, you
e my wife? ” He asked in amusement, and a playful smile plastered on his lips.

”Oo noh! we got married yesterday!. ” I made him remember that event of yesterday.

He smirked at me.

”So, if we
e married, where is your ring? ” He looks at my ring finger.

”You told me you
e going to buy a ring for us! ” I snickered.

”Oh, I see. Did you know I can sue you for telling everyone you are my wife? ” He gave me a sweet smile; thats not a lovely smile. That smile has a hidden agenda.

”Do I look like I am a liar?! I won lie! Your brain has a cough! ” I shouted at him. He is making me mad, and I feel like I will have many wrinkles whenever I talk to him. He made me feel stressed.

He laughs like a crazy mad man.

”Ok. Ok. Im sorry. Lets go to my office. ” He pulled me into his office.

When we entered his office.

Wait, why theres something different? Why the things become different?

”How many offices do you have? ” I asked him as I entered his office. This office is far different from the other one, and it speaks to the personality of the person using this office.

I came to the window part, and I think we are on a different side of this building. I am seeing the beach from here.

”I own this. ” He answered shortly and got something from the rock in the drawer.

I look again at the four corners of this room. Theres another room; why did I not notice it earlier?

I smelled wine. I look at my attorney, who is busy pouring the wine glass.

”Drinking is not prohibited here? ” He pours the two glasses.

”I am going to sit, okay?. ”

He poured the glass.

”A lot of women are chasing me and giving me a motive. So, I can sue you for claiming that you are my wife. ” He gave me the glass of wine and smiled dangerously at me. His aura became dangerous, unlike a while ago.

”Sue? Your support. ” I snickered.

”Hay! Its up to you if you don want to believe me. I don care, and I won force you. ” I rolled my eyes at him and accepted the glass he gave me.

”And I will leave if our papers are okay so I can show them to my family as evidence. ” I drink the wine.

”I want more! ” I demanded, and I showed him the empty glass. He poured my glass without any second thought.

”Whats with your father? ” He sat in front of me.

He crosses his legs and looks at me, intimidating.

”I won repeat myself. I already told you about that thing. ”I drink again and close my eyes deeply when I taste the bitter taste.

”When did we get married? ” He is interviewing me.

”Yesterday morning. We sign papers together forever. ” I answered him, and he stops from drinking. I got his attention.

I don know what kind of drink that, or he put something; I feel dizzy and sleepy simultaneously.

I came closer to him and held on to his strong arm. ”Kiss me. You let me sign papers, yet you didn kiss me. I deserve a kiss. ” I pouted, and I came closer to him more.

He held my arm to stop me from what I was doing.

”Cmonn, Kiss me. Mwah! , mwah! Mwaaa! With sounds! Kiss me, kiss with a sound. ” I Demand.

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