Classroom Of The Elite Y2V4.5

Chapter 4: The Growth in Each of Us (Part 1)

Everyones Days Off

Living on a cruise ship like this came with the problem of deciding where and what to eat for lunch every day.

Breakfast and dinner were provided by the school in the form of a buffet and were free of charge. We were free to decide whether to use it or not, but not only was there no charge, it was also delicious and thus very popular with the students. It was so popular that admission was divided into three intervals between 7am and 9am to avoid congestion. The service was limited to 60 minutes or less, and you could make a reservation for your preferred time slot from your phone.

I usually ate breakfast at 8am, but due to a late reservation, the 8-9am time slot was already fully booked for August 6th, so I had to eat a little earlier at 7am. Because of that, I was feeling strangely hungry despite it only being noon. Perhaps it was because my calorie intake was minimal during the uninhabited island exam, but my body was craving energy.

The café terrace was a popular place to dine, but the food prices were especially expensive. If you wanted to buy a lunch set that came with a drink, youd need to spend at least 2000 points. If you wanted to eat while having fun with your friends, that might be fine, but I was alone today. In this situation, it was natural to want to save as much money as possible.

That was why I was grateful for the existence of the store. It was a place where one could easily purchase rice balls, sandwiches and other snacks, just like a convenience store.

I promptly went to the store and bought a rice ball and a small bottle of tea for 250 points, and, carrying the plastic bag in my hand, went to find a place to eat.

Any adequate rest area would do, but most of them were already occupied, and I was firmly against the idea of sharing a small space with someone else. When I think of places where I wouldn mind it even if there were a certain number of strangers in the vicinity, most of them would be outside.

After much searching, I found myself on the deck nearest the bow on the sixth floor, overlooking the ocean. Naturally, it didn cost anything to use this area, so it was the perfect place to eat snacks bought from the store.

I thought Id have a quick snack whilst taking in the magnificent view of the ocean, but I seemed to have chosen a bad time. There were a lot of students who had come here to enjoy the view, so it didn look like Id be able to relax.

It was a spacious deck, but there were a lot of people using it, so it would be difficult to find a good spot. I looked around for a vacant space to sit and found one empty bench and Nanases back sitting alone on the bench next to it. A sandwich, probably bought from the store, as well as a small carton of milk lay beside her. It was funny; it was the opposite of yesterday, where she was the one that found me.

In addition to Nanase, I also saw my classmates Ijūin and Okitani, Sakayanagi from Class A, and Nakaizumi and Suzuki from Ryūens class. It seemed that many second-year students wanted to have lunch whilst looking out to the ocean, just like Nanase.

Ultimately, people tend to think in the same way.

I didn move from the spot and looked towards the ocean. Certainly, a meal eaten with this kind of view in front of you must be delicious.

But…just as the number of students from the second-year was very high, this was also the case for the third-years.

Although it was still only a few, the third-years that noticed my arrival immediately began keeping an eye on me. However, if I instantly walked away, it would prove that I didn like the stares and would be seen as running away. Doing so would risk encouraging the third-years as they would judge the strategy effective.

Now that I think about it, Nanase seemed like she had something she wanted to talk to me about yesterday. I remember that we were interrupted by Kobashi at the time, so I decided to call out to her. It would give me a good excuse to stop by this place if I were to talk to her.

”Nanase. ”

When I called her name, she turned around in surprise.

”Ah, senfai. ”

It seemed she had just taken a bite out of her sandwich, and, taking great care not to let the contents spill out, she looked at me.

I felt a little bad when I saw her hurriedly start gulping down her food. I was just using her as a means to counter the third-years, but I seem to have made her panic unnecessarily.

”Oh, sorry. Should I come back later? ” I said, but Nanases personality would never let that happen.

”Howd om, pwease waihd a bihd ”

She couldn spit it out after putting it in her mouth, so she started to chew.

”Gulp…Um, Im sorry, but actually…I was eating lunch. ”

She spoke like she was confessing a secret, but I could tell she was eating lunch just by looking at her. If anything, I knew it from the moment I saw her back.

”Um, is there something I can help you with? ”

Nanase was still looking somewhat flustered, which left me feeling a little strange. Her gaze was restless and she looked as if she couldn concentrate on her conversation with me.

”Ah no, you seemed like you wanted to talk to me yesterday. I was just wondering what it was about. Back then, I was approached by Kobashi and you kind of drifted away. ”

”Ah… ”

Her thoughts were a little slow and the words didn come out right away. After pondering for a moment, Nanase shook her head from side to side.

”Im sorry, but Ive already solved the problem myself, so could you just forget about it? ”

”I see. If thats the case then its fine. ”

If Nanase had a problem, I was going to offer advice since she had helped me in many ways, but if shed already solved it, then I didn need to worry about it. Rather, the main reason was that I got a sense that this was something that just didn matter right now.

”Im sorry for calling out to you so suddenly. Then Im going to head back. There are more people than I thought thered be, so I can relax. ”

”Is that so? Then Ill see you later, senpai. ”

I left as soon as I had finished my business.

When I turned to look back at the deck one last time, Nanase was facing forwards and had resumed eating her lunch.

Translators ramblings: Here is the translation for the associated short story for this part by Cinnamon. Technically it spoils a minor plot point from Chapter 5, but if you don really care, then feel free to read it now for Nanases POV.

In the end, I made my way to the stern on the fifth floor, where there were fewer people, to have lunch. This was where I spoke with Himeno last night, and Id already confirmed that it was a place that people rarely went to.

For the next few minutes, forgetting my original goal in coming here, I just stared at the rough waves created by the ships movement.

At that moment, an unexpected person approached.

”Are you going to eat lunch all on your own in a place like this? ”

”Sakayanagi huh? You just here by coincidence? ”

She shouldve been on the same floor as Nanase until just a moment ago.

”It was a coincidence. Or so I would like to say, but Ive been chasing after you, Ayanokōji-kun. ”

She chased after me? But Sakayanagis legs were so bad that she shouldn have been able to keep up with my walking speed. That being said, there was no indication that she had someone follow me ahead of time.

”Its a simple deduction. You showed up on the deck by the bow earlier to have lunch, but gave up when you saw how crowded it was, right? With the snacks in your hands and the fact that you were looking for a view of the ocean, it wasn too difficult to predict where you would go to eat next. ”

So she was saying that she completely read my behaviour patterns and therefore arrived here.

”So even you want to eat with a nice view, Ayanokōji-kun. ”

”Unlike the one by the bow, I can exactly say the view here is first class, but its not every day you get to see the ocean like this. ”

There was no guarantee that thered be another uninhabited island exam this time next year. There were other events planned for our second year, including a school trip, but I didn know the details yet. This may well be the last time Id ever be able to see the ocean.

”Im sure you will experience many more sights that you have never seen before, just like this ocean. In that sense, I think you made the correct decision in choosing to come to this school, Ayanokōji-kun. ”

”Yes, thats right, I think so too. However, I did actually see the ocean once before entering this school. ”

Sakayanagi unexpectedly looked a little surprised. No, it wasn unreasonable that she was surprised. In truth, I didn leave the facility even once until I was 14 years old, when I shouldve been a third-year middle school student. If she had a rough outline of what the White Room was like, it should be common knowledge.

Id only seen that view once. When I was transferred out of the facility, I had a chance to go outside for a little while. Ive never been in direct contact with seawater, but I have walked along a path with a view of the ocean.

However, the first time I saw the ocean, I didn think anything of it. I was just walking around in the outside world, completely emotionless.

”Have you heard of Beneath the Wheel? ”

”Its a novel by Hermann Hesse, right? ”

Of all the novels he wrote, it was the one that was most well known in Japan.

”The protagonist of that story, Hans, was a genius blessed with incredible talent. He goes to an elite school and is expected to have a bright future in higher education. However, after living only in the academic world, he begins to have doubts, and then, in trying to live up to expectations, he fell short and declined. ”

The protagonist Hans Giebenraths end was tragic, and he ended up falling into a river and dying.

”What does that matter? ”

”I don think he was a genius. Because a true genius would never fail. Not to mention, to choose death at the end of it all would be the height of stupidity. ”

Sakayanagi seemed to have interpreted the death as a suicide, rather than an accident.

”I once said People learn of warmth when they touch each other, and thats a very precious thing. The warmth of another human is by no means a bad thing. Do you remember? ”

”You did say something like that. ”

It was at the end of the third semester of our first year, just after the special exam.

”Hesse, the one who wrote Beneath the Wheel, was troubled and frustrated, just like Hans, the protagonist. However, he said that it was his familys presence that allowed him to look forward and not take his own life. ”

The author, Hesse, and the books protagonist, Hans, seemed to share very similar backgrounds. It could be seen that the story was a projection of his own struggles.

As Sakayanagi gazed out to the sea, a strong gust of wind blew for a moment.

”Ah… ”

Her hat floated up in the blink of an eye. Seeing that, I immediately thrust out my hand and caught it.

”Oof…that was close. ”

If my reaction in reaching out had been even slightly delayed, the hat would have flown off into the ocean.

”Thank you very much. ”

”Its dangerous to wear it on the deck, you know. ”

”Fufu, thats true isn it. However, this is my trademark. ”

Sakayanagi held her hat in her hands and hugged it close to her chest as if it were something precious to her.

”Just now, I suddenly remembered something a little nostalgic. ”

”Something nostalgic? ”

”No, its not a big deal. Its just that I also have a few memories of the sea. ”

Even though it looks the same to everyone, each of us have different memories of the sea.

”By the way, you never told me why you chased after me. ”

”Would it bother you if I chased after you without a reason? ”

I was wondering how she would respond, but she said something I hadn thought of.

”You don have a reason? ”

”I just wanted to talk to you, Ayanokōji-kun. I could have tried to talk to you back there, but you wouldn want others to see you talking to me, right? ”

I was grateful for her consideration. However, I wasn a very good talker, so I didn have anything in particular to say to Sakayanagi.

”Do you mind if I just chat idly about one thing? ”

”Sure. Can I eat while I listen? ”

”Please do, don mind me. Just listen to what I have to say and that will be enough. ”

I took the rice ball out of the bag and peeled off the wrapping by hand.

”Yesterday, Ichinose came to see me. ”

”Ichinose did? ”

”Yes. ”

Recalling the events of yesterday, Sakayanagi spoke up as she looked back.

Translators ramblings: So it was totally Ayanokōji in that Sakayanagi SS from volume 8 right? The only thing I don get is that he says he has no memory of Sakayanagi when they meet. Maybe he just wasn looking carefully? He does say he was just walking around like an emotionless zombie so I guess its possible.

”Um…Sakayanagi-san. Could you give me a moment of your time? ”

After lunch, I was resting in the café on the ships deck when Ichinose-san approached and called out to me. I was just having tea by myself, so I had no reason to refuse.

”What can I do for you? ”

I knew what she was going to say before she started speaking, but I dared to tilt my head curiously all the same.

”Its about the special exam…I just felt like I had to apologise. On the last day, I did something really selfish…so, Im really very sorry! ”

Probably having prepared herself to some extent after knowing that I was not someone you could make excuses to, Ichinose-san bowed her head as hard as she could.

No, I don think she would have given a poor excuse, no matter who it was.

It would be no surprise if her actions had angered me, as Class As leader, and caused the dissolution of our partnership. I was sure she felt that that was the least she had done.

”Please raise your head, Ichinose-san. Im not angry about anything. ”

”…Eh? ”

”Rather, I recognise that you contributed more than enough to our group. You scored highly in all of the tasks you took part in and organized groups of allies who were all over the place. Despite the harsh conditions on the uninhabited island, you played a central role brilliantly. And as a result, did we not finish in an admirable 3rd place? ”

”B-but… ”

”Certainly, its true that you acted a bit selfishly on the last day of the exam, Ichinose-san. However, that cost the group a few points at most. If I compared it to your contribution, its not something deserving of reproach. Now if we had fallen into a close 4th place, then you might have taken some of the blame, but that did not happen, right? ”

”But thats only when looking back on it with hindsight… ”

”Sometimes its good to look at the results with hindsight, isn it? Things don always work out the way they
e supposed to. In fact, if you fought as hard as you could and came in a close 4th, you would have suffered a great deal of psychological damage. ”

It was possible that the fact that I didn try to blame her at all had caused Ichinose-san to be doubly sorry. The remorse would not go away.

”You have a look on your face that says you feel you need to take responsibility somehow. ”

”Uh, its not like that…or maybe it is. ”

”If that is the case, I can punish you for it if you like? ”

Ichinose-san was pressured by the fearless look on my face, but gave a small nod.

”Yes. I think that would make me feel better. ”

”Fufu, you
e a strange person aren you? Well then…yes, please sit here. ”

I urged Ichinose-san to come in front of me and sat her down. She became as meek as a lamb, and I had the staff prepare a menu.

”Go ahead, please order whatever you would like. ”

”Um…the punishment? ”

”You have to keep me company right now and spend 30 minutes with me for afternoon tea. ”

”Eh, t-thats my punishment? ”

”Thats right. Im going to take up your precious 30 minutes, Ichinose-san. This is nothing but a punishment. ”

”I wonder if thats true…but if you say so, Sakayanagi-san, Ill agree to it. ”

Ichinose-san didn quite get it, but she followed my instructions and ordered a drink.

”You really are very honest, aren you Ichinose-san? You were humiliated by me once, but you don show the slightest trace of it, even being willing to accompany me like this. ”

”I don feel you humiliated me. In the first place…its because its true that I made that mistake in the past. ”

”At the very least, its natural that youd want to hide your guilty past, the past you don want people to know about. Even if you say its the truth, Ichinose-san. ”

Up until now, Id seen many excellent people, both children and adults, up close and personal. Of course, there were many that knew they were the best and recognized their own talent. On the other hand, Id probably seen dozens of times as many incompetent people who were completely useless.

And then, regardless of whether they were excellent or incompetent, Id never know anyone who could be called purely good. It was the same for my own mother, father, and also Ayanokōji-kun.

e a hard person to describe. Thats why you seem so scary to me at times. ”

”Im…scary? ”

I am sure she has never been told anything like that before in her entire life. However, I am certain that there are more than just one or two people who have been afraid of the person named Ichinose Honami-san.

”Every person in this world has a more or less evil part to them. But I don sense that from you in the slightest. You
e like a mass of goodness. ”

e overestimating me. Just like in middle school, Ive done bad things in my life… ”

Her shameful past, which she could never boast of, remained an inescapable reality that could never be erased.

”The goodness Im speaking of right now has nothing to do with those kinds of things. In the first place, even if you were involved in some wrongdoing that one time, your motive was the precious love for your family. ” In the eyes of the law, it was undoubtedly bad, but it could also be seen as an act of good depending on how you look at it. ”Your goodness is both your strength and your weakness. Please be careful not to let others take advantage of it. ”

”Are you referring to Ryūen-kun? ”

”Its not just him. I too, as well as Horikita-san, will take advantage of your goodness to win. ”

After taking a deep breath, I continued in order to tell her the most important thing.

”And that goes for Ayanokōji-kun too. ”

All of this applied to the leaders of each class, including the one she just mentioned, Ryūen-kun. The sudden mention of Ayanokōji-kuns name made Ichinose visibly agitated.

”On the last day of the uninhabited island exam, it was probably thanks to you that Ayanokōji-kun was saved. ”

”W-wait a minute? Um, what do you mean by that? ”

”This is just a guess on my part. To be honest, there were a lot of parts that I was not involved in, so you may take it as a soliloquy and ignore it. ”

I could easily imagine Ichinose-san would shed some light on some of the more unclear parts if I pursued her here, but I avoided it. It would be so boring to hear it that way after all.

”Looking at you, I can already somewhat guess that your feelings for Ayanokōji-kun are different from those you have for other students. ”

”E-e-ehh!? N-no, um, I mean…thats…! ”

”Thats good isn it? Its a human instinct to have special feelings for a particular member of the opposite sex. But…if you get too attached, it may come back to bite you. If the other person is Ayanokōji-kun, then even more so. ”

”I don really understand the meaning of what you
e saying, Sakayangi-san. ”

What I told her today was a warning. I would not say anything more here.

”Lets end the conversation here. Its time for afternoon tea. ”

When Ichinose-san took a sip of the tea that had been brought to her, she probably couldn taste it very well. Im sure she couldn forget what I said, and it was currently stuck in her head.

It was a little bit of my meanness, my mercy and also my strategy.

Sakayanagi finished narrating her interaction with Ichinose.

Id just finished eating and drank what remained of my 200ml bottle of tea.

”To win the heart of Ichinose-san, one of the most popular girls in the school, you are a sinful person. ”

It may seem like a frivolous statement, but it couldn be taken as being even one millimetre in a positive direction.

”Thats harsh, Sakayanagi. ”

”Fufufu, its in my nature after all. ”

As if to get ahead, she was trying to protect Ichinose whilst also making preparations so that she could use her.

”If I do something to hurt Ichinose here, shell put her trust in you. ”

”If I can gain her trust, Ill have a much easier time getting around in the future. ”

Sakayanagi had a side to her that was my ally, but naturally, she also had a side that was my enemy at the same time. They were two sides of the same coin, and she was making good use of it.

”But why are you telling me all this? ”

”What I just told you was about Ichinose-san, but thats not important right now. In this school, the number of people who know about you is gradually increasing, Ayanokōji-kun. And they hold a very strong interest in you. ”

It was true that if my relationship with Ichinose hadn been so close during the uninhabited island exam, she wouldn have come running to me, causing trouble for her friends.

”And to go along with that, youve been getting a lot of strange looks from the third-year students, right? ”

I see. Im sure she chased after me because she wanted to chat, but this was the main topic she was after. It meant Sakayanagi was able to realise I was being watched by the third-year students from just that short period of time. As expected from her.

So the earlier conversation was just a preparatory step to bring up this topic.

”Are you in trouble with the third-years? ”

”Well, trouble would be one way to put it. I seem to have made an enemy of a nasty opponent.

”A nasty opponent…the Student Council President? ”

Nagumo was the only one who came to mind when considering a potential strong opponent among the upperclassmen.

”I had a dispute with the Student Council President on the final day of the uninhabited island exam. It seems he missed out on first place because of it, so now they
e looking at me like Im the enemy. ”

”So he was tripped up by trying to stage a dramatic late victory. ”

”You were aware of that much? ”

”I think the majority of people in the uninhabited island exam hold the opinion that Kōenji-kun was an unmatched lone warrior. But I knew from early on that the Student Council President was deliberately holding back on scoring points. If they made the difference too big, it would be blatantly obvious that the entire third year was trying to make a particular group win. I saw the stream of cards in his possession, and therefore also saw his strategy. ”

Although I thought I was already fully aware of Sakayangis ability, she still exceeded my expectations. It was proof that she had a perfect grasp of everything that went on during the uninhabited island exam.

”Is there anything I can do to help? ”

”No, Im fine. Nagumo can make any fancy moves lightly either. Besides, you were already a great help during the uninhabited island exam, Sakayanagi. I can rely on you even more than I already have. ”

”You really don have to mind it. I was glad that you relied on me, and I also took full advantage of your proposition. ”

”Took full advantage? Meaning? ”

Sakayanagi giggled and stared out to the ocean with narrowed eyes.

”As we neared the end of the uninhabited island exam, we knew it would be difficult to take first or second place. The pace at which Kōenji-kun and the Student Council President were gaining points exceeded the maximum score that our group would be able to obtain. ”

Well, those two groups were fighting on a whole other level.

”I was aiming for third place, but one of my rivals in the final stages was Ryūen-kuns group. He was only in a small group of two with Katsuragi-kun, but he showed exceptional tenacity. So I asked him for his help and decided to let him and Hōsen-kun clash. ”

”I see. So thats what you meant. ”

”Whatever form it took, if Ryūen-kun were to stray from the main focus of the exam, his scoring would slow down. As it turned out, he was forced to retire, which was the best possible outcome for us. ”

So she was able to help me while crushing her rival, Ryūen, at the same time.

However, there were still some parts that I didn understand, even after hearing all this. Ryūen had been working hard for two weeks to get on the podium, but he readily cooperated with Sakayanagi. It wasn hard to imagine that he wouldn come out unscathed if he were to confront Hōsen.

The only thing that was clear was that some kind of promise was made. If he had to give up the possibility of third place, it would have to be more than just a small transaction.

”Considerable compensation…For example, he didn make you pay a massive sum of private points did he? ”

If Sakayanagi made good use of the Bonus cards belonging to her classmates, she shouldve brought in a good bit of income. It wouldn be a surprise if shed made an offer to Ryūen, who was trying to collect a huge amount of private points.

”I haven paid a single point, and I don plan to in the future either. ”

”So you
e saying its not money. ”

In this school, the exchange of private points was the standard method used for transactions.

”It sounds like a riddle, but I can tell even you the details right now, Ayanokōji-kun. This is an agreement made between him and myself. Until he tells me to fulfil my end of the deal in the near future, that is. ”

”That wish will end up strangling him soon enough, ” added Sakayanagi.

With that in mind, it was no wonder she didn pay him back with money such as private points.

”Anyway, please be careful, Ayanokōji-kun. Youve solved one problem, but the White Room students are still around, and now youve also got to deal with the third-years. ”

”Its a long list of problems, but Ill be careful. ”

I heard a ringtone come from Sakayanagis person. Sakayanagi gave me a light warning and answered the incoming call.

”──Is that so? Ill be right there. ”

Without speaking for even five seconds, Sakayanagi ended the phone call and let go of the railing.

”I have an appointment with someone after this, so Ill take my leave now. ”

”Okay. Ill see you later. ”

”It was a pleasure speaking with you. Then, see you. ”

After watching Sakayanagi slowly depart, I decided to look out to the ocean for a little while longer.

On that same day, Amasawa was wandering around the ship alone with no particular destination in mind.

Sometimes her classmates would talk to her, but shed just show them a friendly smile and leave it at that. Shed not once done anything like go out in a group and hang out.

”I want to go see Ayanokōji-senpai~ ”

Stepping out onto the deck, Amasawa muttered in a voice that was lightly drowned out by the sound of the wind. For Amasawa, who had no interest in other students, the only time she felt delight was when she was meeting Ayanokōji, the one person that could move her. However, because of his current position, he was deliberately refraining from contacting her right now.

”Ahh~, Im sooo bored I feel like Im gonna die… ”

”Good day, Amasawa Ichika-san. ”

The one that approached Amasawa, who was alone on the deck looking out to the ocean, was second-year Class A student, Sakayanagi Arisu. Not especially surprised, Amasawa only turned her gaze towards her.

”And who might you be? ” Amasawa tilted her head curiously as if shed never seen her before.

”I am Sakayanagi Arisu from second-year Class A. Pleased to make your acquaintance. ”

”Sakayanagi…senpai? Do you have business with me? ”

”Fufu, no need for any monkey business. I hear you are a White Room student, right Amasawa-san? Of course you know who I am as well, don you?

White Room student. When those words were heard, there was no choice but to understand.

”Fuu, I see. So it was the chairmans daughter that Ayanokōji-senpai relied on. You seem to know a little bit about the White Room, so I suppose you could say it was inevitable. And so? ”

Not surprised, Amasawa asked Sakayangi what she was after.

”Its only natural that Id want to see how good the White Room student he was so worried about is. ”

”Its okay that you
e so motivated to do this, but does that mean you have permission from Ayanokōji-senpai? ”

”Permission? I have no need for such a thing. My being here is my own personal decision. ”

”Youve got an awful lot of self-confidence, haven you, Arisu-senpai? ”

”Im proud to say that I have at least that much ability. ”

”So cool! ”

Amasawa, while praising and applauding, seemed somewhat preoccupied.

”But Im sorry. Im feeling a little sentimental right now. Could we do this some other time? ”

”I don mind. Today was only supposed to be a mere face-to-face meeting after all. ”

Satisfied with just saying a quick hello, Sakayanagi bowed softly and turned to leave.

”Oh, and by the way, Arisu-senpai, could the surveillance youve had me under come to an end here? ”

Sakayanagi found Amasawa after using several students from Class A to keep track of her location and waited until she was alone.

”I had instructed them not to let themselves be seen, but it seems you noticed. ”

”Ahahaha, that was supposed to be hiding? Thats cute. ”

”I apologize if my actions made you feel uncomfortable. But as you can see, Im crippled, so it wouldn be easy for me to locate and go to see you otherwise. Please forgive me. ”

”Ah, I have one question~ Im the kind of girl who can hit a cripple without hesitation, is that okay? ”

”Violence is one of the stronger cards available in the deck, but it is not always the strongest. ”

Saying this, Sakayanagi lightly tapped her cane against the deck two and then three times. As if it were a signal, her classmate Kamuro appeared in the distance.

”Shes the upperclassman thats been following me around, right? Is it possible that she can compete with me? ”

”That is not the case. I just mean that uncivilized conduct can be easily detected. ”

”So you want to have a battle of wits with me? You make me laugh. ”

e very short-sighted, aren you? Please don go drawing your own conclusions. After all, even if you are a White Room student, other than Ayanokōji-kun, you are all failures. I don have excessively high expectations. ”

At this point, Amasawas gaze sharpened for the first time and she looked at Sakayanagi.

”Ill give you a win or a loss in any setting, is what I mean. ”

”Oh, really? Even if we were using violence like you were just talking about? ”

For the first time, Amasawa became interested in Sakayanagi, and licked her thumb.

”Yes, of course. You can use any means you like. ”

”Ill make sure to remember you, senpai. ”

”If its etched into your hippocampus, I would be glad to hear it. Then, have a good day. ”

Sakayanagi slowly walked away, and Amasawa took a deep breath on the now empty deck.

”Even without Ayanokōji-senpai, I might be able to enjoy myself a little. Play around a bit with Kushida-senpai or enjoy watching Arisu-senpais crying face…? Under normal circumstances, Id be in an excited mood.. ”

She softly placed her hand on her aching abdomen and thought about what was to come.

”…Ill wait and see for now, I guess. ”

It would take some more time before she was back in perfect condition. Besides, Amasawa couldn make a move until she saw how that side fared.

Sakayanagi, on the other hand, left with Kamuro and returned to the corridor.

”That first-year seems dangerous. ”

”Oh, you could tell? ”

”Its just a feeling. I guess after being around you for so long, Ive developed some kind of strange sense. Honestly, I don want to get involved any further. ”

”Please cherish that feeling. That said, it would be better to continue surveilling her to some extent. ”

She was warned not to monitor her, but Sakayanagi had no intention of listening to her. Amasawa wouldn be able to ignore her if she knew that she was still marking her relentlessly. If that happened, it wouldn be a surprise if she tried to provoke her.

”She noticed that I was following her, didn she? Will you use Hashimoto? ”

”If its him, he might be able to get through it even if he were seen, but… ”

If he wasn careful and came into contact with the White Room students, it was possible it could become disadvantageous later on.

”For the time being, thank you for your hard work Masumi-san. ”

With her role already over, Kamuro left the scene immediately. After that, Sakayanagi took out her mobile phone and made a single call.

”Could you continue for me please? ”

She asked the person on the other side to continue monitoring Amasawa, and then added one last thing.

”As I thought, it seems that you are the only one I can rely on from the class, Yamamura-san. ”

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