Dreaded by Fate

Chapter 2 Open and Shut case

A man went out a door of the numerous doors present in the corridor.

He had a very dignified expression.

But someone was waiting for him there leaning against the wall.

It was the man who previously interrogated Sebastian.

The brown-haired man named Marcus greeted the black-haired man.

” Hey, are you done with your work? ”

” ….. ”

But his greeting met only silence.

The black-haired man started moving towards the entrance passing Marcus without batting him an eye.

But Marcus was not discouraged instead started following him and trying to strike up a conversation with him.

” So its already morning doesn a diligent man like you requires a little rest? You always seem to work whenever I meet you and your colleagues also seem to agree ”

”…. ”

” sheesh how can someone work so much without taking a break for so many years I heard that you were like that from the moment you became a cadet ”

”….. ”

Even if his enthusiasm was reciprocated with disinterest he didn stop and kept on talking.

”Don you feel the need to take a break, if I were in your place I would have already taken a few breaks ”

But unlike last time this statement received an answer.

”Sgt.Elidys return to your post and submit a report on the criminals caught ”

Marcus brows frowned.

”Lieutenant sir, they are not criminals they are the heroes of the empire. They caught a spy of the enemies how can you treat them like this ”

” It will be upon me to judge whether the boy is a spy or not and also remember those two aren heroes they are criminals we just need conclusive evidence to prove it ”

Marcus got infuriated.

”THEY ARE NOT CRIMINALS!!! And as their leader, I have the right to defend them against such false accusations ”

” Lieutenant Steelroot, do you think you can bear the consequences ”

Marcus threatened the man.

The man stopped in his steps.

Marcus smirked seeing the man halt.

He continued speaking

”Even if the Steel root family has some great achievements they are not among the 5 jewels of the empire and besides your grandfather was the one who brought the Steelroot family to prominence its just a single generation of recognition. Velor Steelroot it is better to leave them alone and declare the boy a spy and the murder case can be handled discreetly no need to punish two hot-headed knight apprentices you know how they can be due to the nature of training ”

” Its an open-and-shut case ”

”Sgt.Elidys ” Velor opened his mouth.

” You have been warned, insubordination to a superior, trying to manipulate the investigations while pressuring the victim to accept the false accusations and openly using the family name to threaten a superior ”

” Since you belong to the Elidys family I won suspend you but it is suggested to take a leave until the investigation is concluded and the criminals are judged ”

Marcus gritted his teeth and shouted

” Do you think your family will be safe and do you still think that the army will move at the cost of angering one of the Five jewels of the empire ”

” You don have to worry about that my family will be safe and the army will move if given the cause ”

Saying that Velor went out the door leaving behind a red-faced Marcus.

Few hours or a day has passed Im not sure this room doesn even have a window and I heard only two bell tolls Sebastian thought.

I shouldn have taken a nap

The room got a new edition in the form of a small table in which food was already served.

He didn even hear any sound of

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