”System lets draw the lottery ” Devi suddenly remembered that he has a chance to draw so he quickly said to the system.

[Ding, congratulations host you summon The wizard Albros]

Devis eyes lifted up when he heard the system.

It seems that i will have a powerful ally so no need to be afraid anymore.

Suddenly there was a magic circle that appeared in front of Devi and colin who saw this almost scared to death.

A person appears after the magic circle banished. He was an old man with white long beard. He has the appearance of an expert.

The old man immediately bowed to Devi and respectfully said.

” Meet the sect master, albros is late ”

Devi smiled gently and said ” Elder albros get up. Its good that you
e here. ”

Albros respectfully stands on Devis side while stroking his beard.

[Ding, because of the same function the system offers the host an idea. Would you like to listen?]

”Alright , let me know ” Devi said lightly.

[You can combine the Galactic eyes into the system and the system will provide information to the host. After that the host will receive points. You don have to worry because the function is the same]

Devi fell in deep though after hearing this. But he thinks that the suggestion of the system will be a good deal.

After thinking for a while Devi said in a low voice.

”Alright system do it. ”

[Ding, congratulations host for merging the galactic eyes in the system. You can scan the person or item you want to scan whenever you want without deactivating and activating it. ”

[Ding, you receive 2000 points by combining the function]

Devi wants to try the new function of scanning and he looks at albros beside him and uses the scan.

Name: Albros White

Race: Human

Cultivation base: Natural realm level 9

Technique: White magic

Position: Elder

The wizard albros is a powerful wonderer Wizard mage. By having a peak of the natural realm he can fight the level 2 king realm by using his magic.

In the sky land continent there are many different races which are normal in this world. Such as Human, elf, Witch, Dragon, Ape, Phoenix, Demons, angels and etch. But some of them you can hardly see because they are hidden or Vanish from this world.

While Devi was thinking how to get many members if the sect colin approached and cautiously asked.

” Master who is this old man? ”

Devi glanced at Colin and seriously said. ” Brat, he is Elder Albros , the elder of my sect. You must respect him ”

Colin immediately changed his expression into respectful expression and bowed in the direction of albros and said.

”Ive seen elder albros ”

Albros Smile and kindly said. ” what an interesting brat hahah ”

”Lets go, its time to return. ” Devi called the two of them while holding a crimson token in his hands.

Hes also curious about the small world mention by the system. But he still needs to pretend like an unfathomabol expert infront of his disciple.

”Master where are we going? This place is our sect right? ”

Colin stand up and doubtfuly said.

Devi just smirk and mysteriously said. ” you will know soon ”

He just toss the token in air and chant the word ”open ”. The space seems to be crack and an open way appeared in front of them with a red aura in the surroundings.

Colin who has see this have an incredicle face and his jaw almost fall in the ground.

” common! What are you waiting for follow this seat. ” Devi was please in colins reaction.

”Yes , yes master is the best. ” Colin said like a chick pecking the rice.


After entering the passage a magnificent view appeared in front of them. It was a huge and almost like castle paradise.

There has a big word written in fron of them called ” Nightmare Sect ” which contain the avenue of sword.

Devi was overjoyed because of this. For the first in his life it seems that his inlove with the system. There so many different peak in front of them, small and big. The aura of this small world are almost 10x Compared to outside.

On the other side. Colin look at the surroundings and almost burst into tears. It seems that hes dream of become a strong powehouse can nake come true. He look at Devi with an grateful look because he was lucky to be accepted as an disciple. In Smith family he often get bullied because of his weak strength and his mother was only a servant of their family.

”Alright brat don stand like a statue. You go pick a resident and cultivate. Remember to be hardworking. If you need anything come to the mainhall and ask me or the elder. ” devi said seriously.

He also give Colin a sword cultivation manual and a grandmaster level and a high level sword which he buy in the system a while ago.

”System, show me the panel ”

[Host panel]

Name: Devi Vladimir

Gender: Male

Identity: sect master of Nightmare sect.

Points: 1500

Cultivation level: grandmaster level 7

Body Cultivation: grandmaster

Cultivation technique: bloody finger, three thousand cut

Physique: Unknown

Bloodline : Unknown


Weapon: god slayer sword

Items : 1x deadly strike card, 1x critical block card, 1 magic pills

My magic delete from the list because of merging in the system and also my points have deduct because of buying earlier. Devi thought for a moment and took the 1 magic pills and sit to cultivate.

After 2hrs.

Devi inhale a mouthful of qi aura when he open his eyes. He succesfuly level up on his cultivation. And he also realize that the higher the cultivation level the longer he needs to level up.

”I finally breakthrough to Level 2 natural realm. Compared to the last one the process seems to be different depends on realm level. ” Devi smile lightly and said.

Suddenly he punch into the air and the blow has contain a strong power.

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