I Transmigrated in Another World

Chapter 6: Fight to Death

”Girl, are you willing to be my disciple? ”

Devi gently asks the girl in front of him. After looking at this girl he found that she has a Phoenix body so he asked her directly to be his disciple.

Aliya looked at Devi cautiously and said. ” who are you senior? Why are you willing to accept me as a disciple? ”

She thought that Devi was taking advantage of her beauty so he covered up his intention by accepting her as a disciple.

Devi glanced at her coldly and said.

”Girl, be careful of your thoughts, this seat is the sect master of Nightmare sect. Are you willing to worship me as your master or not?

Aliya was stunned and looked ashamed because she thought that Devi was interested in her. She became shy and lowered her head and said in a low voice while pointing at the group of Evil people who planned to escape.

” Senior if you help me kill them i will join your sect ”

Devi looked at the evil cultivator and nodded at albros.

Albros immediately understands what Devi wants to do so he waves his hands and all evil cultivators turn into a blood mist.

”So now, are you willing or not? I don have good patience. ” Devi said coldly to aliya. But in his heart hes laughing in joy because he can accept such an outstanding Disciple.

” ive seen the master ”

Aliya immediately kneels down and bows to Devi and says respectfully.

After seeing the strength of Albros she was shocked because of the means. And she knows that the real big boss is in front of her.

” Good. From now on you are the Second Disciple of this seat. You will meet your senior brother soon because hes out of the mountain. ”

Devi said gently to aliya. He also introduced albros as an elder of the sect.

”This is Elder Albros. The elder of our sect, he is a wizard. a powerful wizard of the peak of the natural realm. And always remember to Love the young and respect the old. ”

After hearing what Devi said, Aliya was shocked in her heart because Elder albros is a strong powerhouse of the peak of the natural realm. She immediately becomes respectful and looks at him in awe.

” ive seen the Elder ” she bowed respectfully and said.

”Hahaha child don be afraid, although sect master is Cold and domenering he is kind to our sect ” albros advice to aliya and said happily.

Albros is also happy because aliya has a good aptitude and a good talent. She will definitely become a strong pillar in the sect in the future.

While albros and aliya were talking with a smile on their face. Devi suddenly frowns and looks in the south direction. He feels that something might happen in his first disciple Colin.

”System , draw the lottery, draw all ” he said in the system because he suddenly remembered that he had 3 chances to draw a lottery.

[Ding, congratulations host for summoning Butcher]

[Ding, you receive an Emperor level weapon called Divine sword]

[Ding, you got 10,000 points in the lottery]

Devi smile lightly after hearing the notification in his head. He finally gains another subordinate and he doesn need to worry because all summons in the system are absolutely loyal.

A void trembled in front of them and a cold murderous intent spread in the air.

Aliya immediately became vigilant because she thought that it was the people of an evil sect. But albros is calm because all summons in the system have intimate feelings for each other.

A middle aged man appeared in front of them covered with killing intent. After he walks in front of Devi the murderous aurawas banish and bow respectfully.

”Sect master! The butcher is here for the order ”

Devi smile gently and said while waving is hand. ” butcher, go to the immediately and protect Colin. But remember you can only act if hes in a life and Death situation. You can sense him because of the sect token. ”

” as your order sect master ” butcher immediately tear the void and left

Albros walked in the side of Aliya and patted her shoulder. ” Calm down little girl, butcher won hurt anyone because he only obeys Sect master order. Only the sect master can command an expert like him ”

”But elder albros hes full of killing intent, so scary. ” Aliyas white face trembled while saying in a low voice.

” hahaha as i said calm down. Hes part of our sect. And its natural that he has a strong killing intent because hes an Assassin. He was born to kill the enemy of the sect master. ”

Albros explain slowly to aliya. He really likes this little girl because of her innocent face.

”Girl, take this medical pill to heal your injuries and take this 2 blood pill to upgrade your cultivation base Remember to take it before upgrading your cultivation base and have a solid foundation and ” Devi gave the pills to Aliya and said lightly.

”Elder albros you can guard aliya while shes healing and cultivating for a period of time and also before entering the sect you two build a valley as an entrance of our sect in the outside world. ” Devi said lightly and walked in the void to return in the sect.

After Devi left. Aliya immediately asks albros about the sect and cultivation.

”Uhmm elder can i ask what is our sect and what is the cultivation base of the master? ”

Albors smile gently while doing magic to the valley and say. ”Our sect is called the Nightmare sect. Its location is in a small world and it has a long history. I don know the specific details about our sect because some information is taboo. But only i can say that our sect is very powerful and you are asking me about the cultivation of the sect master the answer is i don know, and no one in this world knows. Like for example The real age of sect master is hard to guess. Our sect master is powerful. ”

After listening to Elder Albros explanation aliyas eyes sparkled and she was happy in her heart because she actually joined a powerful sect.

”Alright little girl go heal your injury and cultivate and this old man will build an entrance for our sect. ”

”Oh by the way i forgot to tell you that Butchers cultivation base is at the peak of the king realm or higher ”

Albros said gently and aliya who was on the other side shivered after hearing this.

In the main hall.

Devi was sitting on his throne.

”System , show me the panel ”

[Host panel]

Name: Devi Vladimir

Gender: Male

Identity: Sect master of Nightmare Sect

Points: 11 500

Cultivation level: king realm level 1

Body Cultivation: king realm

Cultivation technique: bloody finger(saint level) , three thousand cut (emperor level)

Physique: Unknown

Bloodline : Unknown

Magic: none

Weapon: god slayer sword(above saint level)

Items : 1x deadly strike card, 1x critical block card, 1x sovereign cultivation base trial card 4x blood pill, spiritual liquid 5 drops

Storage: martial king cultivation technique bloody kill, emperor level weapon red dagger, emperor level weapon Divine sword.

Residence: Small World

Teritory: Dragon Forest Mountain


1. Colin Smith : general realm level 9(perfection talent)

2. Aliya David: general realm level 3(perfection talent)

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