I Transmigrated in Another World

Chapter 7: The Forces in Sky Land Continent

Azure Dragon country, Black Market Town. Southern part.

A white cloth young man runs in the middle of the night while holding his Sword and storage ring.

This young man is Colin Smith, the first disciple of Devi. After wandering outside in 5 months he experiences a lot of things. He is now a matured teenager.

Hes strength was also raised into the Level 7 martial master realm. But now he was unlucky to chase by a strong cultivator so he had no choice but to run.

”Boy, lets see where you can escape this time ”

A black clothed middled age man chases after Colin at an incredible speed.

This man is Jerry Lim the Vice head of the merchant Guild in the Black market Town. He was happily playing a poker game on the gamble site but suddenly a group of people reported that his son was beaten to death by a strange young man.

After hearing what his subordinates say he became furious and a vast aura spread in the surrounding. He disappeared in the place and tracked the murderer of his son until he found a clue and chased after Colin.

”Hmmp, you nowhere to go. Dare to kill my son im going to hack you into pieces. ” Jerry said and cold voice while hos aura of level 5 natural realm pressure colins body.

Colin greeted his teeth and wiped the blood stain in his mouth. He glanced coldly at Jerry and said.

” don deceive people too much. Your son deserves to die he wants to kill me so i killed him ”

He uses his full strength and slashes his sword to jerry. He knows that he can no longer escape so he wants to fight until the end.

Jerry just slapped him viciously . ” stop struggling. This is the price because you provoke someone you shouldn provoke. ”

” After I kill you im going to kill your whole family and feed them to dogs. ”

Looking at missirable colin who covered with blood jerry sneered at him and added.

after hearing what he said, Colin looked at jerry with an angry expression and his face and decided to burn his blood to fight to death.

He uses his all remnant strength and attacks Jerry fiercely but no matter how he tries he still can defeat him. Its not just a matter of experience but also a gap in the realm.

He vomits a mouthful of blood and tries to stand up straight.

Jerry was about to give a final blow to colin but his head became separated in his body. He was confused and didn know how he died until the last moment.

Colin was shocked because of what happened in front of him.

After a while he saw a middled age man walking in front of him with a killing intent in his body.

But before he opened his mouth to talk he suddenly lost consciousness because of injury.

In the main hall of Nightmare Sect.

There was a cold atmosphere in the surroundings and people present were silent.

” My disciple was bullied. My majesty was challenge. What do you think i should do? ”

Devi looked at his own people and said seriously.

”Master don be so fierce you scaring me ” Aliya said in a sweet voice while holding the hands of colin.

After 5 months in the sect. Aliya gets along well in Devi. She became the little princess in Nightmare Sect.

He also bought in the system and gave Aliya a Grandmaster martial arts technique and Divine sword to practice.

Devi just looked at her and flicked her forehead and said coldly.

” your senior brother was injured, you need to behave. ”

Aliya just smiled while raising her small fist and said. ”Why don i go down the mountain and avenge my senior brother? ”

After hearing what she said Devi just shook his head and closed his eyes for a while.

”Miss although your strength is reach the level 2 martial master realm if you go to revenge you will get beaten ”

Albros said slightly in aliya in a gentle voice.

After hearing what albors said. Aliya snorted coldly while raising her sword and said. ”Hmmp elder im strong you know, i will chop them to death.

The little lady was unconvinced when Elder albros said that she will get beaten.

After a long silence.

Devi opened his eyes and said coldly.

” Butcher, elder albros you two go to the south and destroy the Merchant Guild. Remember to Destroy it completely and also raise the majesty of our sect. ”

”As you order Sect master ”

”Yes Sect master ”

The two replied in unison and immediately disappeared in the hall.

”Alright Girl you continue to cultivate and try to breakthrough in 5 levels of the martial master realm. ” Devi tosses 1 blood pill in Aliya and closes his eyes.

After Several hours. A flood of notifications sounded in his mind.

”Fuck system you finally show up. ”

[Ding, the system completes the upgrade you can check the new function. ]

[Ding, you receive a Saint sword Martial skill called Blood Lust]

[Ding, because of the system upgrade you receive a heavenly Fruit ]

[ Ding, you receive an emperor weapon called The Judgement]

[Ding, congratulations host for upgrading your cultivation base into Martial king peak. You receive a 2x Deadly Strike card, 3x critical block card, 2 chance lottery draw and + 5 luck]

[Ding, your subordinates destroyed The Merchant Guild and completed the task. You receive a 2x Divine medical pill, and a Divine abilities called soul Binder ]

[Ding, your sect becomes famous you receive 100 luck points]

Damn! So many rewards. It seems that Butcher and Albors have done a good job. I should reward them after they return.

”System please show the panel ” Devi smiled in his heart and said.

[Host panel]

Name: Devi Vladimir

Gender: Male

Identity: Sect master of Nightmare Sect, Ancestor of all Vampire

Points: 4,500

Luck points: 105 /1000

Cultivation level: king realm level 9

Body Cultivation: king realm

Cultivation technique: bloody finger(saint level) , three thousand cut (emperor level), Blood lust(saint level)

Physique: Blood devouring body

Bloodline : primoginitor of the Vampire

Magic: Soul Binder

Weapon: god slayer sword(above saint level)

Items : 3x deadly strike card, 4x critical block card, 1x sovereign cultivation base trial card 3x blood pill, spiritual liquid 5 drops, 2 times Divine Medical pill, heavenly fruit,

Storage: martial king cultivation technique bloody kill, emperor level weapon red dagger, emperor weapon the judgement,

Residence: Small World

Teritory: Dragon Forest Mountain


1. Colin Smith – Master Realm level 7(perfection talent)

2. Aliya David- Master Realm level 2 (perfection talent)


1. Butcher- King Realm level 9


1. Albros White – Natural Realm level 9

[Ding, congratulation host for learning the blood lust swordmanship. You receive An unlimited enlightenment tea]

”Wow system you become more generous huh? ” Devi said in a teasing voice.

[You deserve it host.]

The systems cold voice rang in his mind.

Devi just smiles slightly and look at the void in front of him.

Butcher and Albros walk in front of him bow and respectfully said in the same voice.

”Sect master we complete the task ”

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