Xiang Feng was incandescent with rage when he saw his family being so accommodating to Qi Zhen. He had barely contained his emotions, his fists clenched tightly and his jaw clenched as he struggled to maintain his composure. He tried to block out the conversation taking place in the room, but no matter how hard he tried, it was impossible to ignore. After a few moments, he decided that he had had enough and, without uttering a word; he took to his feet and marched up the stairs to his bedroom. His family watched in confusion as he stormed off, but none of them dared to follow him. He slammed the door shut behind him, leaving them to ponder what had caused his sudden outburst.

Qi Zhen saw this moment as an opportunity to present himself in a positive light to Xiang Fengs parents. He spoke with a tone of earnest sympathy. ”Lets not be too harsh. We all have our bad days, and perhaps this was one of those days for Xiang Feng. ” He hoped his words would soften the mood and give Xiang Fengs parents a more favorable impression of him.

Xiang Feng was in his bedroom, mulling over various plans to rid himself of Qi Zhen before he became a problem. He was aware that the man had done nothing wrong at the moment, yet he knew that in the future he would be. His gaze fell upon his own hulking frame, musing that if he could use his size to intimidate, it may just be the simplest way to ensure Qi Zhen caused no further disruption.

The hours had flown by as Qi Zhen engaged in pleasant conversation with Xiang Fengs family, and the sun had begun to set. Xiang Feng remained in his room, listening attentively, until Qi Zhen was on the verge of departure. With a fond wave goodbye, Xiang Fengs sister returned to the living room, and Xiang Feng seized his chance—hastily leaving his room and rushing off towards Qi Zhens departing figure.

Xiang Fengs looming figure trailed after Qi Zhen until they were a safe distance from his home. Xiang Feng stood mere feet away from Qi Zhen, Xiang Fengs body tensed and his eyes, hard and penetrating, fixed firmly upon his target. As the two moved away from the safety of Xiang Fengs home, he suddenly spoke with a menacing undertone, his voice barely audible in the stillness of the night. ”Qi Zhen, ” he asked with a touch of disdain, ”would you mind if I had a word with you? ”

Qi Zhen was taken aback and quickly straightened himself. ”What do you want? ” he replied.

Xiang Feng advanced, his gaze as sharp and menacing as a blade. ”Let me make this clear, ” he said in a low, threatening voice. ”If you dare to harm my sister, or do anything out of the ordinary, I will not hesitate to take your life. Do you understand what I am saying? ”

Qi Zhen swallowed hard, his expression betraying his fear.

”What the **? Why do I— ” but before Qi Zhen could react, Xiang Feng was seething with rage as he glared down at Qi Zhen, gripping his shirt tightly in his powerful hands. He lifted Qi Zhen off the ground and then threw him away with a shake of his arm. ”Do you understand? ” Xiang Feng demanded again, his voice rising to a menacing pitch.

Qi Zhen was terrified, so much so that he lost control of his bladder; a puddle of yellow liquid forming around his feet as he nodded his head in submission. Without wasting another second, he ran away as fast as his legs could carry him.

Xiang Fengs lips curled into a satisfied smirk as he surveyed the handiwork before him. He was confident that his efforts would be rewarded with success, and his confidence was reflected in the subtle upturn of his mouth. ”This should do the trick, ” he murmured, his voice tinged with a hint of triumph.

Xiang Feng plodded determinedly along the meandering path, his noble strides conveying him ever closer to his parents abode. A pleasurable feeling of accomplishment blossomed within him as he reflected upon the occasion that had recently arisen. Qi Zhen would no longer be an obstacle, for he had no-one to back him up.

The crisp night air seemed to whisper its approval as he retraced his steps, and the tittering of the nocturnal animals in his wake seemed to herald his progress. The darkness of the night sky hung heavily above him as he ambled, but the stars twinkled bright and inviting, reminding him of what he had already achieved. Taking a deep breath, Xiang Feng paused briefly to relish the moment, feeling a strange sense of contentment wash over him.

As he slowly trudged forth, a steady beat of his bootsteps began to form in his ears—his own personal melody that gradually increased in tempo, guiding him ever closer towards his destination. Gradually, the recognizable sights and sounds that he associated with his parents house grew louder and louder; the rustling of the trees, the distant chirping of the birds. All of these sights and sounds were a signal that he was nearing his home. His heart began to swell as he walked up the pathway, a feeling of pride and anticipation radiating from within him.

Xiang Fengs tentative fingers grazed the door handle to his familys home, the familiar shape of it sparking a gentle pang of nostalgia within him, when suddenly he felt an unexpected, cold blade pressed against his back.

Stiffening in shock, Xiang Feng slowly spun around, his gaze landing upon the repugnant figure of Qi Zhen and his unmistakable smirk.

”Intimidating me will never work, you stupid bitch. ” Qi Zhens snarky grin widened, his beady eyes glinting with a malicious triumph. ”This will show you whos really in charge! ” He retorted, tightening his grip around the hilt of the knife. Xiang Feng felt the blades edge dig further into his skin, and he shuddered, reluctantly conceding to his dominance.

Xiang Feng, never betraying a hint of the cold blade wedged between his vertebrae, whipped around to confront his attacker. Against an opponent two heads shorter, armed with a gleaming knife, Xiang Feng was undaunted; his fists and feet moved with a confidence born of piercing intuition. Qi Zhen, the shorter man, had barely registered the intensity of Xiang Fengs gaze before a flurry of blows had already begun raining down upon him. With a speed and viciousness altogether unexpected, Xiang Feng pummeled his assailants body, his fists and feet a blur of motion, while Qi Zhen hadn yet recovered from the shock of being so unexpectedly attacked by the wounded Xiang Feng.

Qi Zhen, who had been expecting his predicament to drop dead to the ground, instead found himself on the receiving end of a savage beating, unable to put up any effective resistance.

Xiang Feng, seemingly oblivious to the knife lodged in his back, had used his fists and feet with a lightning quickness to overpower Qi Zhen.

Xiang Fengs rage had sent him over the edge. He descended upon Qi Zhen with such ferocity that the latter was rendered unrecognizable; if not for his clothing, he would have resembled a blasted hog. No sooner had the last of Xiang Fengs blows landed than he heard a sound echoing from the entrance to his home. All of a sudden, his parents frontdoor parted, revealing a ghastly sight; there stood his parents and his sister, their eyes and mouths agape in a state of utter shock, and Xiang Feng clutching a knife in his back.

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