” What did he say, milord? ”

” I thought you were asleep, its late, you should go to bed now. ” He walked closer to the bed where she lay on, he sat down close to her, he gave her a peck on her forehead.

” I couldn fall asleep, I was waiting for you milord. ”

” From now on, don wait for me. You need to get enough rest for you and our baby. Ive told you to stop worrying, the emperor only wants us to have dinner tonight. ”

” Dinner? Since when does the emperor invite you for dinner. Milord, he is up to no good. ”

” I don think he meant any harm, besides, it just dinner. I think he wants us to friends. I know my love, we don get along with Shebians and the other tribes. But it doesn mean we
e enemies. The forestians are peaceful beings, we want nothing more than to leave in peace and equality with our brothers. weve prayed to the gods to help them change their minds, they should see us as equals. We shouldn be degraded because of our dark skin, we
e humans and not devils, brothers and not enemies. ”

” You and I know milord, they would never see us as equals, no matter what we say or do. It is better we stay away from them, at least we
e happy here. we may not have all the good things they possess, but we have the forest, our home. And well protect her with our lives. ”

” Yes, we
e happy here, but it is not about us, how long will our kind be considered less. My dream of a united nation, where both blacks and whites, are considered equals. This might just be our chance to may a difference. ”

” I have decided to honour the emperors invitation. We will set out for Sheba before dawn. I want you to take care of yourself and our baby. You don have worry about me. I will take care of myself. Ive instruct Callisto to take care of you while Im away. Elder Dera will help me handle any matter regarding the kingdom. ”

” How long will you stay over there? ”

Hele chuckled. ” I will be back a day after tomorrow. Do you miss me already? ”

Hazel rolled her eyes. ” Of course not. Just stay safe for me. May the spirit of our ansestor guide you and shield you from every evil. ”

” Iseeee( meaning Amen) ”.

He pulled the duvet over her. ”You should rest now. We will talk tomorrow. ”

” Lord Derek, do you think he would go back with us? ”

” He has no choice. If we
e not able convince him, I gifts will. I saw it in his eyes, I saw his craving for brotherhood. He really believes that the emperor wants to befriend him. So naive, if only he knows whats coming. I almost feel pity for him. It was too easy to convince, too easy. ” He chuckled.

” Send words to his majesty, tell him we will be there before sunset tomorrow. Take this later, give it to king, I repeat, the King. ” He gave the later to the guard.

” Yes, my lord. ” He nods before leaving the room.

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