Love Is…..

Love Is Different

I walk over to my fourteen-year-old sisters bed.

Her skin is dry, her eyes watery and dazed, her figure looks petite, and weak. She looks dead… If not a million times worse.

Her red curly hair, however, still somehow looks ample and healthy. Its one of the many things I begrudged her for.

Her eyes are half open, and I know she heard all that mother said.

”Im sorry Belle. ” I softly whisper as I sit on the bed with her.

”Li… Lili… ” She struggles to speak, her voice coming out dry and incomprehensible.

I reach out for the glass of water thats almost empty, and carefully make her drink.

”I… Want to… D— Die. ” Her words make my heart clench in fear and unspeakable misery.

”P— Please Li— Lili. ” She begs.

I stare at her, unmoving. Only a few years ago, Id envied her more than anyone. Shed gotten all of mothers love, attention, and care while I… I was practically non-existent. I envied her so badly… From her dark-brown eyes, right down to her curly red hair.

I remember being thirteen years old, and asking a friend of mine, Reeve, to get me brown contact lenses, and red hair dye. Id watched a tutorial video, and had dyed my hair at his house.

When I went home that day, I faintly recall my mothers appalled scream, then the murky and disgusting basement. Shed accused me of wanting to replace her perfect Belle.

Shed said I only resembled Isabelles psycho-demonic twin.

After that, every cell of my body disdained my sister. Most times, I found myself wishing her suffering and… Death.

”I can do that Belle. ” My voice wavers.

”Please… ” She uses what seems like her last breath to beg… Beg for her end.

At this point, I do want her to die. Death would be a rightfully deserved reward for her now.

But I can give her that. If I did, I wouldn be moms perfect daughter. Im sure Mom wouldn want a murderer as a daughter, would she?

Of course not.

So I stand, and leave the room, disregarding Belles pleading expression.

Mother went out again, and dads at work, which means… I can visit Reeve.

I stand outside Reeves house, contemplating. What if his parents are home? Mother detests them with every fiber of her being. At least, thats what she told me once. I should most likely leave. She wouldn approve of me being here—

My thoughts halt as the front door opens.

”Oh, Lili. ” Reeves smile is warm and welcoming.

”Come in. ” He ushers me inside.

”Are you alone? ” I ask, hesitating as I scan the areas my gaze can reach.

”I am. ” His smile is reassuring but wavers a bit.

”Can I get you something? ” He asks once Im seated.

”No thanks. ”

He sighs. ”Not sure why I even ask anymore. ”

”So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit? ” He takes a seat beside me.

”I— ” Im cut off by the sound of someones hurried footsteps down the stairs.

”Hey, Reevie? Do you happen to have— ”

The stranger also goes quiet upon noticing me.

”I thought you said you were alone. ”

I give Reeve an accusing look.

”Sorry, I thought you meant whether my parents were in… And he… Is not staying long. ” Reeves gaze at the stranger seems cold.

”I might now. ” The corners of his mouth lift in a smirk.

”Aren you going to introduce us Reevie? ” He takes a seat very close to me, already reaching for my hand.

”Or you know what, never mind. Im sure this beauty can tell me her name hersel— ”

My eyes barely catch sight of Reeve as he quickly stands, roughly grabbing the stranger by the collar of his shirt.

”Don cross the line Daemon. ”

Reeves antagonist voice catches me off guard.

”I… Should leave. ” I stand and head for the door.

I hear Reeve call out for me, but I don stop. Soon enough however, I hear someone running behind me.

I turn, and see Daemon.

He walks over, a serene smile on his face as he takes my hand in his.

”Wait, Im really sorry you had to see that. ”

”Its fine. ”

His gaze on me lingers. I notice the alluring blue color in his eyes.

”So, do you live nearby? ”

I nod. ”Uh, yeah. ”

He beams jovially.

”Great. Then Id love to get to know you better… If you don mind of course. ”

He seems apprehensive, which is a bit odd to me.

”Really? ”

His smile softens.

”Of course. I know its too early to say this yet but, I… Uh, think I like you. ”

His cheeks are tinted red.

”You don even know my name though. ” I fold my arms.

”Exactly. ”

I frown, not quite understanding him.

”How about… You tell me your name once you
e comfortable enough with me? ”

I nod. ”Alright then. ”

”Well, may I get your number then? I promise Ill find a memorable name to save your contact. ” He looks away in thought.

”Maybe something like… Emerald Beauty. ”

”I, uh, can do that. ” I look away, not willing to admit to him that I don have a cellphone.

Electronics are sort of forbidden in the house for Isabelle and me.

”Oh… Alright then. I guess Im walking you home then. ”

I say nothing to that, and we start our short walk back to my house.

”Okay, well uh… See you soon, hopefully. ” He seems reluctant to leave, but ultimately, he does.

The house is eerily quiet.

I open the door to Belles room, and Im greeted by the sight Id somewhat expected.

”Shes dead. ” Mothers deadpan voice startles me.

I turn my head and see her sitting in the corner of the room.

”Shes finally dead. ” Her eyes are teary as she looks up at me.

”Im sorry Lilith. ” She calls me by my full name for the first time in forever.

”Im sorry… I should have loved you instead. Your minor shortcomings couldve been fixed… I should have loved you instead my dear… Im sorry… ”

She continues to mumble, but Im no longer listening.

Right then, I realize shes doing what I once dreamed she would.

Shes regretting loving Isabelle.

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