Love Is…..

Love Is Depressing

Just two days later, I stand in front of my sisters grave. Mother holds me gently by my shoulders. The priests voice becomes distant as mother whispers,

”Honey, aren you going to commend me on organizing the funeral so quickly? ”

I think back to all those times Id overheard my sister complimenting mother on the slightest things. Like if she changed her hairstyle in the slightest, or bought a new dress, and many other things.

I never paid it any mind, and had even gotten used to it. But it seems that task has now been left to me.

”Yes mother, you… Uhm, did well. ” I whisper back unsurely. Complementing is not exactly my strong suit.

I feel her hold on my shoulders tighten.

”Mmh, well need to work on that dear. Also, call me mom, okay? ”

”Yes, mom. ” I give a subtle smile, just to reassure her that I actually enjoy calling her that.

I get a proud smile back, which instantly disappears once she notices her friends glancing at her. It seemed as though shed almost forgotten she was attending her daughters funeral.

The devastated look returns, and so do all the sympathetic gazes from everyone, except father of course. Sometimes, I do find myself forgetting his existence in our lives.

After the funeral, father and I walk home. Mothers decided to take one of her unannounced trips to who knows where. She doesn tell us shes leaving, just disappears and reapers as she wishes. Its not like theres anyone to question her.

I can help but notice that since Isabelle had gotten ill, her trips increased significantly. Not that I minded that much anyway. This way, I could visit Reeve more often now.

”Hey there. ”

Just as we near the house, my thoughts are interrupted by a familiar voice. I look up and see Daemon, smiling delightfully.

I glance up at my father, but he just walks past us and into the house.

I notice the questions in Daemons eyes, but he doesn voice them out.

”I heard about your sister… Im sorry. ”

The empathy in his tone is notable.

”Thank you. ”

”I know this might be a horrible time, but do you mind going on a walk with me? Maybe itll distract you… ”

I smile, and silently nod. I do need a distraction.

Daemon and I are about to enter the diner when I spot something that makes me halt in my steps. Red curly hair.

I silently take Daemons hand, looking to get as far away from that diner as possible. Im not sure if it was her, but, if it was, I wouldn want Daemon in her line of sight yet. Her reaction is something I can anticipate since Isabelle never had any male company. Or just any friendly company to begin with. Her whole existence was solely being mothers perfect daughter.

I feel Daemons intense gaze on me as I lead him into a nearby forest.

”So, is this you kidnapping me? ” Amusement lingers in his voice.

I don answer until we
e a few steps into the quiet woods.

”No. ”

”Its not that Id mind getting kidnapped by you. ” He adds as we stop at a random spot.

”I just don feel like being around people right now. ” I sit on the surprisingly soft grass.

He sits beside me, his expression turning serious

”Understandable. ”

”Besides, not a lot of people can say they had their first date in a forest, right? ” He smirks.

”Tell me about yourself gorgeous. ” His eyes shine in unhidden interest.

”Theres really nothing to tell. ” I shrug.

”I grew up like any other kid my age. Nice house, good education, a loving family, what else could I ask for? ” My smile is radiant and credible.

”Good for you. ” He remarks.

”So Im assuming you
e on a summer break from school, right? ”

”Yeah, ” I reply. School was the last thing on my mind, though I was curious to see whether mother would homeschool me as she did Isabelle.

”Your favorite subject? ”

”Math. ”

He beams pleasantly.

”Really? Me too. ”

My gaze meets his for the first time that day.

”Who are you to Reeve? ”

”His cousin. ” He answers, clearly not pleased that I brought up Reeve.

”Are you here for a visit? ” I urge.

”No gorgeous. Im just here to look for a better job. ” His gaze is fixed ahead.

”I didn have any luck in my hometown. ”

”Well, are you having any luck here? ”

”Not really. ” He admits.

”Why not go to college? You
e like what… Nineteen? ”

”Bingo. ” He turns to me.

”But my mother can afford to send me to college. I mean, shes having a hard time herself, barely got me through high school. ”

”You love her, don you? ” I find myself asking.

He looks at me confusedly, but answers, ”Of course. ”

”Im sure she does too. ”

His attention is fully on me now.

”Why do you say it like that? ”

”Lets just say I haven had the best relationship with my mom. ” I look away.

”I mean… I know she loves me. Her way of showing it is just… Different. ”

”I know what you mean. ”

”Care to elaborate? ” I implore.

”My… Father left us when I was just twelve. My mother works her bones off. Sometimes two to three jobs. ” He sighs, his expression turning sour.

”As you can imagine, this took a toll on her mental health, and though I know she loves me, I was starved of that parental love most of my life, you know? ” He looks expectantly at me.

I smile. ”Yeah… ”

”I guess we have more in common than I thought. ” The serene smile is back in his face.

”Indeed we do. ” I nod.

He looks up at me guiltily.

”Sorry if I came off as a bit too forward in the beginning. ”

”I won hold it against you, ” I tell him.

”Lilith. ”

”Mmh? ” He raises a brow.

”My name is Lilith. ”

”Lilith. ” My name lingers on his lips.

”See, I was right about your name being as beautiful as you. ”

”Thank you. ”

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