When Sarah reached home she saw that Her parents were leaving and going at their place leaving her all alone with her grandparents. She started crying and said to her parents ”Mom and Dad, you told me that you will live with me here, don you??

Her mom replied ” Yes Princess, We know we said but theres an important work we have to do so we have to go ”.

Her dad hugged her and comforted her.

She without even saying anything to her parents went to her room.

Her grandmother said to her parents ”See what you did? ”.

Her mother said ” What will happen she will not talk to me for 1-2 days then everything will be normal. I know my daughter ”.

She said to her husband ”Lets go, leave her alone ”.

They left and then her grandmother also went out to see her friends.

Sarah went to her room and she started throwing the things on the floor then she got a call from Sophia.

She picked up and in a low voice she said ” I cannot join you, Im sorry ”.

Sophia asked ” Did something happen Sarah? Are you fine? ”.

She replied ” Yes and Im not in the mood to talk now , Im sorry Sophia ”.

Sophia said ”Its okay, no worries ”. The next day when she went to the school in her car everyone was shocked to see her as her grand parents came to drop her. Sarah didn knew that this was her grandparents school so she thought that by seeing her grandparents everyone was shocked.

When she went in the class Sophia asked ” Sarah… But Sarah without listening the question said her ”I don live with my parents , I live with my grandparents so they came to drop me, now lets stop talking on this topic ”.

She went and sat with Lucas and then he asked her ” Why you didn came yesterday? ”.

She replied ” ”As I said now I don live with my parents from this year so my parents promised me that they will live with me here but on the very first day they broke the promise and went back to our home ”.

Lucas replied ” Its okay , they might have some work ”.

She said ”Yes ”.

Olivia asked her ” But your grandparents..??

Sarah said ”Can we please don talk about my grandparents ”.

They said ” Yes, if you don want then we won ”. Lets do fun together Sarah.

Now they were in the library and Sarah was looking for the book and then she got a book and then she went to take the book but there was someone else who has her hands on the book.

First Sarah politely asked ” Can I borrow this book first ”?.

The girl replied in anger ”No, I took this book first now I won give you ”.

Sarah didn like the way she talked to her so she also started talking in anger tone. Sophia and olivia watched them and then they both took Sarahs side and they asked her to give the book as they know she didn want to read the book she was just irritating them.

Olivia said ”Leave it Sarah, well buy the book , we don even need to borrow when we can buy it ”.

Sophia said in anger ” keep it with you only ”.

After leaving the library Sarah asked Sophia and Olivia ”………. ”.

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