Sarah replied ” Why not, lets be friends ”.

So they sat with each other. Sarah and Lucas, Olivia and Oliver and John and Sophia as usual as they used to sit with each other. .

Now the other students came in class and then the teacher arrived and asked Sarah to introduce herself to the whole class.

After introducing she started teaching English. So Sophia asked Sarah ”Whats the name of your previous school? ”.She replied ”Oxford World School ”. Sophia replied ” Oh, then why did you came here? ”.

Sarah replied ” My family wanted me to take admission here so I took it ”.

Sophia said ”Oh, Okay!!! ”.

Then the next lecture Maths sir came and he started teaching them. They all got busy in their studies in class.

Now it was lunch break so they went to the Cafeteria to get the lunch as they used to get it from school. They were eating lunch and getting to know each other. They asked her ”Do you want to join us after school? ”.

She replied ” Why not, I would love to ”.

The school was over and then they promised to meet at the cafe and went home.When Sarah reached home she saw that……

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